Sunday, August 9, 2009


Startling image of stairs leading out of a real-life castle
Torture chamber. Used as inspiration in writing TORTURED (*found during my research)

Day Five: TORTURED tour winner
JennJ!! Congrats Jenn! Email me at to claim your book!

Next stop: Monday-Aug.10

May the wind be at your back~


JennJ said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm so excited thank you so so much Amanda! I'm emailing right now! WOOHOOO! You made my week!

That photo is cool! And yet disturbing at the same time lol... thinking of all the people that must have passed through that door and then been tortured maybe even killed. *Shivers*

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the super sweet JennJ!!!

I just got my copy last night and should be starting it soon! ::Excited::

Amanda McIntyre said...

I got the same feeling Jenn, oh goodness and your last name is Johnson LOL

Sssshhh(my real name is Johnson;))

Thank you Barb for picking up TORTURED I hope you like it!


Amanda McIntyre said...


Next stop on the 25 Blogs tour:

Ever wonder what Amanda sounds like? Does her voice have an annoying nasel twine?
Does she snort when she laughs? (yes, when I really get going) Just want to hear the actually VERY FUNNY host Renee Bernard have a go at Amanda??
Then tune in cuz its ALL happening Tuesday night -
from the comfort of your little computer in your best comfy chair!

Check listing for : CANNED LAUGHER Tuesday Night, at 8:30pm EST, on

JennJ said...

Thanks so much Amanda! And Barbara awwww *g* blushes You are a sweety too! :)

OOO cool another Johnson! There is a lot of us huh lol. Actually that's my married name but it's much easier to spell and get people to recognize than my maiden name so I'm thankful for that lol!

Anonymous said...

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