Friday, August 14, 2009

Blog Tour Postcard:

I may have to take up learning more about Aussie Football!!! Seriously, a delicious site for a wonderful cause!!! I have a new found admiration for Aussie football!

Check out the trailer that goes into the behind the scenes look of this
annual calendar that raises money for the McGrath Foundation Breast cancer Charity.

Aug.14 TORTURED Tour stop: The Romance Studio blog

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Charlotte Featherstone said...

Wow, they certainly do grow them nice down under, don't they! WOW!!!

Wait till the hussies show up, Amanda, you're going to have them salivating.

Lord Craven-Moore is pouting in the corner, you know!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Um...have you viewed the trailer yet on the making of this calendar?

*gulp* you get the sweats like eating a jalepeno pepper...
fanning self*

Had to laugh in an interview this guy was asked."What body part does your girlfriend like best? His answer, "She says its my eyes."


Lord CM, poor darling. There are many gorgeous men in this world, but none compare to the entire package that is you ;)

Then again, I do like what that pout does for your sumptuous mouth....


Charlotte Featherstone said...

OH, hell, yeah, I watched the trailer, and the kidlet wandered by and I didn't get it shut off in time, and she said, 'mom, that's gross, those men are in their knickers." lol! Out of the mouths of babes. All I can say is her dad doesn't look *quite* like that in his knickers!

And the 'it's my eyes' thing. I snorted coffee out of my nose. Yeah...totally the eyes. Im being shallow aren't I????

Amanda McIntyre said...

yeah I guess I should of put a **swallow before you read this* alert, eh?


Anonymous said...

YOW!!! *pupils pulsing* Very nice.

Amanda McIntyre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda McIntyre said...

Revised...muse overheated to note spellcheck....

*Pupils pulsing!*

May I have permission to use that one day?


"He walked across my lawn, viral, carnal. The sun bouncing off his sunglasses, his body built for sin. He reminded me of the great panthers I'd seen in the zoo, looking stealth-like in his gait,his predatory gaze holding mine.

My feet were frozen. My pupils along with other body parts were pulsing wild, out of control.

He slid his glasses down his nose with one finger.

"The ticket here says you have a clog in your pipe. I'm here to remedy that." He said with a lusty twinkle in his eye.

I dropped my toilet brush in the umbrella stand, hoping he hadn't noticed.

I looked him over, head to toe, unashamed at my gawking. He didn't seem to mind.

"You have...*gulp*...beautiful eyes," I spoke with an odd breathlessness in my voice.

"Yeah, thats the part my girlfriend says she likes best, too." He grinned wickedly.


Actually Barb, mine did one of those Looney Toons Roger Rabbit numbers where the eyes shoot out about ten yards and slap back into the head ;))

Amanda McIntyre said...

all fun aside...I will be ordering one of these calendars to be given away here at the LIT blog...


Genella deGrey said...


That kind of Looney Tunes eye popping action?

HEHE! Mine did that too.

Cecile said...

***Wipin the corner of mouth.. drool has pooled on my desk... and some has spilled into the keyboard, sparkes are flying...*** Or sorry, the sparks are coming from my own fingers!!! Wow!!!!!!
Okay, who is up for a trip To Assuie land!!!! I will be buying a calendar... Yea, you know to support the cause! Really.

Lord Crave Morre, Amansa is right.. honey you have the entrie package thing going for you honey... But I really love it when you pout.. makes me want to work a little harder at putting a smile back there!!! **Evil grin**

Thanks for the wonderful treat on Friday!!!! I hope you ladies area having a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was pretty darn good.

But I must admit, the pulsation of the pupils was originally VFG's. Although, her's pulsed as hearts, lol. I read it once in a post of hers a while ago, and thought of a cartoon as well. It gives a great visual, lol.

BTW, I LOVED Who Framed Roger Rabbit!!! OMG, Classic!

Sophie Renwick said...

I have a feeling that A LOT more puslates on VFG!!!! :)

Okay, I'm ducking and running because I know she'll be looking out for me!

Anonymous said...

Cecile, love, it always good to have the support of a female, who has such obviously good taste!


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Sophie you are so bad :P

VampFanGirl said...


Oh my gosh Sophie! You crack me up! *coughs, shifts feet* and you're right. But I can't help it if my body leaves earth for Ecstasytown! ;) And really, who doesn't want to go to Ecstasytown????

Amanda! I'm lovin' your muse girl. That bit you wrote was hilarious. Especially the end. All the women who read that part where the hottie has a girlfriend, have just emitted a long and audible groan of frustration. lol!

You ladies crack me up.

You know I can't remember writing the "pupils pulsing" comment. Sounds like me though.

;) VFG

Amanda McIntyre said...

thats it, Genella! Ah-ooo-gah! LOL


Amanda McIntyre said...

Cecile, woman you slay me...*passing klennex box*
you spoil Lord CM and he laps it up !

Yeah work on that image for a bit ;))


Amanda McIntyre said...

VFG...the muse loves that you enjoyed a little "hussy" fun on this steamy hot Friday!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Barb: Roger Rabbit rocks!


glovin said...

all fun aside...I will be ordering one of these calendars to be given away here at the LIT blog...

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