Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TORTURED tour update


Last night I had the honor of making a night visit to Blogtalk Radio w/the effervescent and downright charming Renee Bernard as host. if you missed it, the chat is archived at and can be downloaded to your IPod.

Since it wasn't a stop that allowed for a contest giveaway. I'm stopping by home this morning here at the manor, before I head to Night Owl Romance blog so that I can offer a copy of TORTURED for DAY seven...

Also, For those of you following the schedule, the special interview with Lord CM has been rescheduled to a later time in the month. Watch here for when that will post!

Today chance to win a book at the LIT manor: Everyone has(or should have) a place they think of that reminds them to slow down down the pace, making sense of their lives, take a moment to breathe. For me that is the shores of the Great Lakes-preferably Mackinac Island..I actually used the imagery during child birth to focus--true story;) my second spot? the hammock on my deck out back. Simple, right?

What's your "thinking spot?" Your "happy place?" One winner will be chosen at random
from comments.

have a good one!


Anonymous said...

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Cecile said...

Have fun at Night Owl Romance Blog!!!

No need to enter me in the contest, I already have Tortured!!!

But my happy place... I would love to say that it is a certain location or something like that... but the sad truth is that if I had to be honest... it is my car alone... when I go shopping by myself (which does not happen much ~ try leaving a 15yr girl behind on a shopping trip... yea right!!!LOL) Or in my shower, that is really the place of my thinking spot. NO ONE can bother me.... well, they still try... but i just put my music a little louder.

Have a great day ladies!

Jennifer said...

I do my best thinking when I'm soaking in a hot tub. If I need to brainstorm on my WIP or just have time to myself, I always take a bubble bath.

Judy said...

My happy place use to be the beach. We lived on the coast for a long time and I enjoyed going there with a book or just to think and let the humbug quiet down. Since we have moved where there are no beaches close, I would say any place where I can be along for a hour or so and wind down.

CrystalGB said...

For me, it would be sitting on my deck in the evening.

Heather D said...

Good Morning!

Since I no longer have a beach near by, and by beach I mean an ocean. I would have to say that my special place is my back deck, either in the morning after the kids leave or in the evening (as long as its not too hot&humid). I love sitting out there with my coffee and listening to the sounds of the birds, until my dogs start barking at the people walking down the street. At night it is great to sit out there reading with the sounds of who knows what bugs they are, some say crickets.

Have a great time at Night Owl Romance tonight!

Eva S said...

I live in an archipelago, surrounded by tiny islands and cliffs and my happy place is one of these small cliffs. I love sitting there watching the sunset, listening to seagulls.

flchen1 said...

Very cool, Amanda! Hm... my "thinking" spot? I think either while on a walk (so that isn't really a single place, I guess) or in our family's office, when it's relatively quiet and neat. As for a "happy place"--a clean corner of the sofa with a book in hand :)

I Heart Book Gossip said...

My happy place is my room, other than that its hard to find a place in my house to think.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

chey said...

My happy place is Long Beach!

Amy M said...

For me, it is the tub. After a long day working and taking care of the kids I take a long hot bath and read. I can't say that I think too much, but it would be my happy place. The kids pretty much know to not bother me and I get to have some quiet time.

Oh, and do not enter me into the contest, since I already won one :)

Amy M

Jane said...

The park next to my apartment is my thinking spot. Sometimes I look out my window and watch the people walking by.

Genella deGrey said...

I get more ideas in my bathroom . . . LOL - Usually while I'm putting on my makeup in the AM.

Some of you may remember that song, "Mirror in the bathroom" by The English Beat:

"Mirror in the bathroom
please talk free
The door is locked
just you and me.
Can I take you to a restaurant
that's got glass tables
You can watch yourself
while you are eating."

That'll be stuck in your head for a while -


Mari said...

My sanctuary is running or going bike riding. When I go for a run, it allows me to reflect on everything, plus the endorphins afterward make me feel good.

sarabelle said...

I have one spot on my couch in the living room, that everyone knows is my spot. Its where I read, or watch Tv or just sit and stare at the wall. I love the blog tour and cant wait to visit more places.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Sorry I ve been AWOL folks,I was having a hard time letting this Master and Muses ms out of the door. Sad , but true. Its always kind of that feeling you get when you send your kid off that first day of school LOL

anyway-thank you so much Cecile girl, for picking up TORTURED.
Interstingly, a lot folks seem to hang in the shower. (well, not all in understand ;))

Amanda McIntyre said...

you have a hot tub???? *whine alert* I want a hot tub.*sigh
lucky duck.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Is there any place better than walking a long stretch of beach?

Very little, except maybe walking it with Thomas Rodin...just sayin..

Thanks for sharing Judy!


Amanda McIntyre said...

woohoo! another deckophile (is that a word? I should probably find out huh, before I go calling people that--

I do love my deck;)) especially at sunset or sitting around the campfire thingee


Amanda McIntyre said...

HI Heather! another deckophile-
moring is a wonderful time--I wont lie, I am looking forward to school starting--
there its out! LOL


Amanda McIntyre said...

wow Eva. it sounds like paradise

I love to listen to the seagulls on Mackinac as well--oh dear, now you got me daydreaming ;)


Amanda McIntyre said...

a clean corner of the sofa sounds soooo nice right now...

I wonder if Ihave one of those;)


Amanda McIntyre said...

yeah I HEART we tend to have our own brand of chaos here at the Zoo ;)

but its a chaos we all seem to be relatively comfortable with LOL

makes me think of the Beach Boys song'In my room"


Amanda McIntyre said...

that is really nice for you to share this G!, It makes talking to my book cover so much easier to handle;)

Ive sort of forgotten how to put on makeup these days-gratefully no one has come to the door...


Amanda McIntyre said...

Can you just send me some endorphins fed ex, Mari?

seriously I do admire you, heck im in awe woman!

I will say that I do love to hop on my rowing machine and pretend I'm on a lake some days-im noy as consistent as I'd like but I will say its invigorating!


Amanda McIntyre said...

THAT is having everyone very well trained Sarabelle! LOL

I'll be over at RTBOOKreviews tomorrow. I think they are posting sometime after noon(EST)

hope you all can stop in for a sec!

until then
May the wind be at your back~

glovin said...

I think too much, but it would be my happy place. The kids pretty much know to not bother me and I get to have some quiet time.

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