Tuesday, August 4, 2009

25 Blogs in 25 Days..the TORTURED tour!"

August 4, 2009
Day one of my blog tour~

I begin as we all do from home. The LIT manor was built from pure inspiration. We were three historical writers who could not at one time, find a home for those who amp up the steam a bit in their historical writing. Charlotte and I were already writing for Harlequin Spice and I knew Kristi from working with her through the RT (Romantic Times) convention Genre program. (She is my Historical captain and a brilliant one to boot!) We were soon able to convert her to the steamier side of historical writing and soon she discovered not only is she good at it, but enjoys it as well!

So it began, with fertile minds, an enthusiasm unleashed, and a goal to create a place where readers and authors could settle in and chat together about any number of subjects including, but not limited to, hot, sweaty, heart-pounding historicals!

We then decided that we needed a male figure…a manor "mascot" so to speak,(heavens , don't tell him that!) who could keep his eye on things when we were away, interject his male viewpoint now and again, and basically serve as balance to the three females living in the manor! He’d have to be breathtakingly handsome (of course!) a bit irreverent, confident, flexible (yes, physically and attitudinally) let’s see…available for all types of research, able to carry on a conversation with many types of people (though women are his favorite guests) dabble in the culinary arts, sharp dresser, and have knowledge of history. The fact that Lord Craven Moore (dubbed by a reader most eloquently) has a particular passion (and expertise) for women came as an added bonus. He keeps us in balance, offers himself at all hours, and has a smile that will melt the flesh right off your bones.

Note: Never underestimate the power of three fertile author minds;)) Taking the perfect fantasy male from each of us—we breathed life into Lord Craven-Moore. It is a good thing that he is fictional, or else we’d all be in trouble, I think.

I hope some of you will be able to come along on my journey across the Internet highways and by-ways, as I visit some very interesting sites along the way!

I will be giving away a copy of TORTURED at every stop chosen at random from those who leave a comment!

So tell me what fun place have you visited this summer?

I’ll also be blogging about my true-life 19-day road trip I took recently! Next stop-August 5- EYE ON ROMANCE! (*see the full schedule below)

See you on the road!

“25 BLOGS in 25 DAYS…the TORTURED tour!”

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http://www.novethoughts.wordpress.com -- August 7
http://www.mechelearmstrong.blogspot.com -- August 8-9 http://www.CoffeetimeRomance.com/CoffeeThoughts -- August 10
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http://www.blogtalkradio.com -- August 11 7:30* PM
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http://unusualhistoricals.blogspot.com--Aug. 13 (excerpt)NEW*
http://www.theromancestudio.com -- August 14
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http://www.myspace.com/amandamcintyre -- August 17
http://www.freshfiction.com/blog -- August 18
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http://www.mcintyreshouseofmuse.blogspot.com -- August 22-23
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Jane said...

Hi Amanda,
Congrats on the new release. Can't wait to hear about your road trip. I haven't gone a real vacation yet, but I did visit my cousin in Michigan about a month ago. We went to a hot air balloon festival.

Amy C said...

Hi Amanda!
And the tour has begun! I'm also looking forward to hearing about your road trip. I would love to plan something like that with my son in a few years.

Devin and I have done a few things this summer. I think the funnest thing so far was our trip to the Strong Museum last week! We had a really great time there.

Jane, I have never seen a hot air balloon up close but I have seen them littering the sky from a distance out in Nevada many years ago. It must have been a festival or something, but it was really neat!

sarabelle said...

Hi Amanda. SO glad that I could be make to your first stop on this wonderful tour. Cant wait to follow you to all your destinations and hear about your trip. THe book looks fabulous. The most exciting thing this summer was giong to an amusement park with my Family and extended family. It was a fun trip for the kids. I know as a reader of your blog I want to say thank you for your very wonderful creation of Lord Craven Moore, he is everyones dream.

Anonymous said...

My, I do thank you, Sarabelle for worshipping my birth! At least someone around this manor appreciates me!

I've done bugger all this summer. Charlotte and Kristi have all but ignored me and Amanda has me out toiling in her garden like a common peasant! I torment her by taking off my shirt and showing off my glistening chest and back!!!! But alas, not much is able to persuade them to leave their desks and their books they must write.

so, my summer has been rather disappointing. I vow, I'm beginning to think that I need to return to my time for some love, affection and admiration!!!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Congrats on the book release, Amanda! And good luck on the driving tour.

I've not done much this summer. Just taking it day by day. We've gone to the beach a couple of time,and our favorite little
1950's drive-in diner (with car hops to boot!) They make the best Boston Coolers!!!!

I'm looking forward to fall, it's my fav time of year!

Lord Crave-Moore, phooey on you for saying I ignore, but really, we cannot be acting like debauched heathens when the children off of school!!!!! Soon, school will be back and we can be positively hedonistic in our pursuits!!!

sarabelle said...

Oh Please dont go anywhere Lord CM. I would seriously miss seeing your sexy self on this blog. IM sure there are plenty of us that would be glad to take up the slack of these extremely successful yet a little bit busy ladies. I know I would be glad to show you a few things. lol :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Jane! Friends have been contacting me with "sightings" in bookstores hither and yon. My favorite so far is placement next to Fern Micahels on a New Romance releases shelf-I deeply admire that woman ;)
I love hot air balloon races! We have one In August each year and the sight is breathtaking to see them lift off at sunset or at dawn.

I can remmebr being very pregnant with my eldest son one year and feeling very akin to the bevy of inflated balloons! ;)

Hope you took lots of pictures!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Good morning, Amy!
I loved reading about your trip on your blog to the Strong Museum with your son! It sounds like such a fun place! I'd love to viist there one day!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Hi Sarabelle
boy you guys rise early!Thanks and I hope you'll give TORTURED a try. Its not your traditional romance, but it wallops a punch in emotion passion and hot scenes! I wont give away the ending, Amy gavea brilliant review on her blog at Bookwyrm recently(thanks, Amy!) She really nailed the bones of that book!

I LOVE amusement parks! In Northern Iowa there is one on the lake that is so fun to go to . I think its been there for over 75 years (maintained of course) but sports on of the last remaining wooden roller coasters, ferris wheel, bumper cars, fun house. Its a very old-timey fun park--..and you can take a twilight boat out on the lake and see all the lights from offshore.

Amy M said...

Hi Amanda-
Congratulations on the new release. It sounds so good! Can't wait to hear about your trip. We did take a small trip this year. We went to Kings Island and the Cincinnati Zoo. It was my husband and I, all 4 kids and the in-laws. We had fun and it was a good way to start out the summer!

Amy M

Amanda McIntyre said...

Like I hadn't noticed those rippling pecs , glisteing in the heat of day?

My good Lord CM...whereever do you think I came up with the title of...TORTURED?


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Charlotte! One of my favorite things is finding mom and pop diners and fifties car hop drive ins! There is soemthing wonderfully nostalgic about them--maybe reminding me of simplier times..not sure;) Heck I bought myself a pink princess phone for my office for the exact reason! LOL
and I have an abiding adoration for Converse sneakers as well.

Weekends at a beach, I assume Lake Erie? That to me is nigh on to heaven! I have this strange draw to the Great Lakes like no other!

My dh swears I was a lighthousekeeper in another life ;) LOL

We must discuss what to do about Lord CM's pouting...


Amanda McIntyre said...

I know I would be glad to show you a few things. lol :)>>>>

And so early of a morning?!! ;)

We should perhaps hide this epistle from Lord CM's eyes or he'll be packing his bags for his own summer fling!


Amanda McIntyre said...

What fun Amy M.!! I love to go to zoo's!! But tell us more about "Kings Island?" It sounds fun!


Jennifer said...

Hi Amanda,

I'm very intrigued by TORTURED, and look forward to reading it!

I'm taking a mini vacation this weekend to the Oregon coast to visit family. And I'll be camping on the San Juan Islands in WA later this month.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Oh Jennifer! The Oregon coast! One of my all time favorite places ever! The beaches up there , with the rugged mountains and the ocean--the lush forests--rich with visual splendour! Please be sure to send me a pic and I'll post it here on the blog! Safe travel and have a WONDERFUL time!!


Lea said...

Good Morning Amanda!

Congratulations on your new publication and your blog "road trip", what a unique idea... :)

Thank you for providing a history as to how the LIT blog was born and the etiology of Lord Craven Moore. I have to admit to a previous curiousity with respect to his "essence" as it were.. lol

I've read so many wonderful things about "Tortured", and would love to read what sounds to be a facinating tale of love.


Lea said...

Oh, I forgot to answer your question! YIKES...

Probably because I haven't been anywhere too exciting this summer.LOL

In my dreams, I've been craving a winter holiday in Hawaii though... lol


Amanda McIntyre said...

Good morning to you as well Lea!
Thanks you for the congrats! It was a highly emotional book to write to be sure!


Amanda McIntyre said...

I've never been to Hawaii, Lea. Anyone here ever visited the Big Island state?

My problem to getting there would be that flight over water...

and they havent figured out yet how to build a bridge that long...;)


Heather D said...

Hi Amanda,
I am looking forward to hearing about your road trip. It must have been exciting. We took one a few years back. My husband, myself, and my two kids drove from Atlanta GA to the Grand Canyon. I was a little concerned at first, my son was only 3 and we had normally done all travel at night so he could sleep instead of sit with the pent up energy of a 3 yr. I keep telling myself that we need to do it again, but I think I will wait for my son to get a bit older!

My family just got back from a beach vacation. We spent a week in Ponte Vedra FL and St. Augustine. It is always a fun and relaxing vacation!
Congrats on your new release and have a wonderful time on your blog tour!

housemouse88 said...

Hello Amanda,

Congrats on the new release. We haven't traveled anywhere this year. Probably won't. Have a great day.

house_mouse88 at yahoo dot com

Charlotte Featherstone said...

yep, Lake Erie! YOu can really get some rocking waves on that lake, especially anywhere near the point. No swimming at the point though, BAD undertow there.

The day we where there, there was cross winds, and the waves were just crashing in--able to knock me over, in fact. My daughter and her friends were screaming and loving it! We came home with about 10lbs of sand in our suits! lol!

Next weekend it's Sea Cliff park in Leamington. that was my old haunting ground when I was a teenager. We used to jump off the Leamington dock-in the dark! Stupid, immortal teenagers! As a parent, I can now realize why my mum took hissy fits whenever we'd jump off the dock, day or night! lol!!!!!! My other favorite thing was to swim from sandbar to sandbar. Once onthe sandbar we'd walk until we just dropped off. What a rush. And my mum, who can't swim would be ashore watching us, and then we'd just disappear and pop up on the next sandbar. Now that I think about it, we were demon kids, weren't we!!!

ranearia said...

Congrats on your new book release Amanda and good luck on your road trip!

I adore coming to visit the manor and seeing what the LIT ladies are up to and catching glimpes of Lord CM "at work" ;D

I've been on a tight budget this year so I haven't been anytwhere someone would call "thrilling" I have been exploring small towns near me checking out thrift stores and flea markets finding deals and some cute deals!

CrystalGB said...

Congratulations on the release of Tortured. Haven't been anywhere interesting this summer. Hoping to take a trip this fall.

tetewa said...

I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. An amusement park with some of the best roller coasters in the states!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hi Heather! Thast does sound like a fun road trip! But I can see the 3 year old dilemma completely! LOL

I was glad that my troops were old enough to appreciate such an endeavor. The last time we did anything remotely of that magnitude was taking my FIL and MIL to Disney world with the kids to celebrate his retirement!
Loads of fun, but a different dynamic when you have little ones.

still wouldnt trade those memories for the world!!

St Augustine is gorgeous!!Stopped there on my way home from an RT convention a few years back! Lovely place!

thanks for stopping in!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks for stopping by the manor housemouse! it took us the better part of 30 some years to finally make this trip ;) better late than never, eh? Thats the wonderful thing I like about reading though--its a ready escape to just about anywhere your imagination wants to go!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

What a fun post, Amanda--and a *great* way to kick off your blog tour! Don't worry about Craven-Moore, though--Charlotte and I will take good care of him while you're on your travels (LOL!)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Charlotte, why am I not surprised that you gave your mum a few more of her grey hairs ;)

But that sounds like soooo much fun! and think of all the memories those girls wiil talk about one day! Priceless!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Ranaria, we always seem to get a draw when the CM putters about the lawn.. the mand is better than a lemonade stand I think...
perhaps we should place a jar at the gate entrance?

I absolutley love flea markets, and antiquing! The inspiration is astounding!!


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I've been to the Big Island, Amanda (as well as Kauai and Oahu), and it's definitely a *must do* trip! The Big Island was particularly fascinating--some parts looked almost like the moon, while other parts were nearly alpine. Mongooses (mongeese?) skittered across the roadway. There's a remote beach with green sand (really green!), and a then a gorgeous crescent cove beach with the most beautiful cream-colored soft sand.

Kauai is simply a lush, tropical paradise, and the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor is truly a spiritual experience.

Oh, how I want to go back!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I was not at all concerned that Lord CM would be left in capable hands, Kristi!

I've seen the glazed look in CM's eyes as he emerges from one of your study discussions! ;))


Amanda McIntyre said...

Crystal- I love to take trips in the fall, it is my favorite time to travel--especially up north--again to the Great Lakes area--the lakeshore lined with brilliant colored leaves and the winding roads-the windows open and that lake air pelting your face!

Breathtaking. Have a wonderful trip and thank you for stopping by!


Amanda McIntyre said...

tetewa said...
I went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. An amusement park with some of the best roller coasters in the states!>>>>

Really? It almost sounds like there are alot over in that area! Is that near a lake area also?

thats for stopping by, be sure to take a peek at Lord CM sweating in the garden!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Wow, Kristi it sounds fantastic!
I've not heard about the green beaches !? Lush, tropical, paradise...who wouldn't want to go back??? LOL

There are so many places I would love to visit!! *sigh


Alexa said...

Congrats on the new release!
Like every year, I went to Massachusetts, but it was still really fun because we had great weather and the food was to die for.

booklover1335 said...

Hi Amanda,
I love the LIT manor, especially Lord Craven Moore. I think it is all very clever, and have enjoyed it ever since I discovered it.

Unfortunately, I have not gone on a vacation, or trip anywhere it what seems like forver...so for me this summer looks like the only traveling I'll do is vicariously through your 25 day blog tour :)

Congrats on the release of Tortured, hope it sells BIG!

Genella deGrey said...

Day One . . .
Awesome! I loved Tortured!
I'm in awe of this bold blog tour, Amanda!
Can't wait to follow you on the tour - Where you blog, so shall I also post.

Genella deGrey said...

Oh, yeah. I haven't gone anywhere except RT this year. :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Alexa said: Congrats on the new release!Like every year, I went to Massachusetts,>>>

wow , thats another dream of mine and then toddle on up to Maine--I bet it was breathtaking!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Booklover;) We're glad you feel at home when you stop at the manor!

I'll try to make my diary accounts as stimulating as watching Lord CM with his long handled lober!

Okay..maybe, marginally as stimulating..


Amanda McIntyre said...

G, Im humming "thats what friends are for," ;))

Check out Genellas special inclusion in this months issue of Rt magazine!! Fiction of the early 20th centruy--are readers ready for it?

ONLY RT???? Thats was phenominal!! Not to mention you had to travel cross country!!


Zeek said...

What a great way to pimp a new release! Looking forward hearing more about the road trip!

No overly exciting stops for me this summer so far- just the beach in Deleware- but there is a big possibility I'll be heading to South Africa next spring- now THAT I'm looking forward too!

Eva S said...

Congrats on your new release! The book looks great!

No fun places this summer, my only trip away from home has been a 24 h boat cruise.

Judy said...

Hi!! Congrats on your new book release. It sounds fantastic!!Have not done much this year! My oldest granddaughter graduated from high school and threw a big party for her and her boyfriend. My husband is retiring the end of August, after so many years of working. We have been trying to do everything there that needs done. So, next year, we will be able to travel some:)

I Heart Book Gossip said...

Hi Amanda!

This summer I have been to the circus. Other than that I am bombarded with work and cannot take off.

Please count me in.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

Genella deGrey said...

I didn't mean 'only' in a derogatory sense! Tee-hee! I meant that this was my one and only trip this year!

Dude. If RT wasn't so freakin' awesome I wouldn't spend my one and only vacation there!

An annual repeat performance is quite in order here, madam.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Genella. I know what you meant!Dude. I feel the same way! You just meet the nicest folks at RT!!;))


Amanda McIntyre said...

Zeek- thanks for stopping in! South Africa! What an amazing opportunity! I hope it happens for you!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Eva S....only trip away from home has been a 24 h boat cruise.>>>

Thanks Eva! Thast sounds romantic!
Ive always wanted to do the steamboat down the Mississippi or the short cruise they take in the New England states in the fall?

sounds like fun!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Judy ,
Making memories...my boys used to say when they were little and we couldnt understand what more they had to talk about at the end of the day.(These are my twin sons)

and admittedly after the trip to Disney, so Im thinking thats the heavy influence. The saying , though remains--"making memories"

Enjoy retirement! Though I hear you're reallu busier than before !;))


Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey Cindy
thanks for stopping in...sorry that Lord CM is standing so close, dont let him intimdate you with that hose...he's only going to give the peonies a drink.

But he heard the word "circus" and well Lord CM has a particular affection for the female trapeze artist...
what can I say.


kalynnick said...

The books really good. I can't wait to read it!

Anyways to answer your question, this summer I went Sea World in Orlando, FL. It was SO fun:)

Mari said...

The funnest place I have visited this year is the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. MY BF and I are devoted Harley riders, so it was like a trip to Mecca for us!

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I have been hearing great things about Tortured! Love, love the cover :D.

I was lucky to visit a friend in England this May. Went to Cambridge and London and rode on the Eye. Good times :D

Amanda McIntyre said...

Katiebabs (love that name;) you lucky thing!!!! Where did you go while there?

better still, how did you manage the flight? do they wi-fi on planes now;)

*we were just discussing this today! weird!


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

Amanda: I stayed in Cambridge with a friend and went into London for a day. It was so much fun and anyone who hasn't been to London you must!

I was able to survive with no Wi-Fi on the place. My flight was very nice. Continental is the way to go! Love the individual tv's with movies, tv shows and games :D

Amanda McIntyre said...

HI Mari
thanks for rolling by! Out here we have this little thing called Sturgis in South Dakota and it is simply amazing to see all the bikes on the road!

I think it would be fun to take a road trip via bike one day!

Oooh...Lord CM in leather chaps?


Amanda McIntyre said...

kalynnick said... this summer I went Sea World in Orlando, FL. It was SO fun:)>>>>>

Hi Kalynnick! I concur Sea World is awesome! I loved feeding the dolphins ;) Orlando is just a mecca of fun--ask our Kristi how many times she rode The Mummy ride at Universal???

was it the Mummy?

thanks for stopping by Kalynnick!

Armenia said...

Hi Amanda,
Congratulations on your release.
Die hard fan I am to follow you on your blog tour. Yup, something fun this summer...I spent all day with family at Sea World San Antonio today. Swam all day in the Lost Lagoon, and we are fried to a crisp but so happy. I brought my laptop, snuck it in my luggage so I can email from the hotel. Can't wait to read TORTURED. Lovely cover, too.

RachieG said...

Congratulations AMANDA!! :) Woot Woot! So glad to be here on day 1...Tortured looks won-tastic. Can't wait to read it.

See you on the rest of the tour!!

rachie2004 @ yahoo dot com

Kytaira said...

Oh No! I haven't visited anywhere this summer! I received an offer of a new job (promotion) just before the kids got out of school. So I've spent my summer working out notice at my old job and starting the new one. I really don't think I can take any vacation this summer.

I did go for training (with my last job) up in Bremerton where we ate crab on the water. It was a beautiful day for that.

congrats on the newest release!

Cecile said...

I am late getting here, but my wishes are the same to you Amanda!!! I wish your tour goes absolutely wonderful!! I can not wait to read my copy of Tortured ~ that I have to say was at Border's early!!! YAYAYAY!!!
I know this will be a wonderful experience for you!

I went to wonderful places... in my mind. We did not do a vacation this year. I was switching jobs and the company I was leaving owed me vacation, and on short notice.. it was hard to pull something together. But my 15 yr daughter and I hung out and that was awesome!

And I can not come here and not mention a hello to the wonderful, absolutely adorable, tasty treat of a man my Lord Craven-Moore. Oh, to see that man in my garden... Damn!!! The things that man makes my mind wonder of doing to him... He is quiet a treat to have though!!!!
My hats off to you ladies for "creating" him for this manor and allowing me be a part of it!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!

Lyoness2009 said...

I havn't been very many places this year...wish I had! Been to the mall a few times and I went to visit family in Illinois a few weeks ago. Hoping to get farther away in the coming weeks.

Congratulations Amanda!! Tortured looks GREAT!

lyoness2009 @ hotmail . com

flchen1 said...

We just got back from a week in Philadelphia--very fun for all of us, especially because we were visiting with friends :) Congrats on Tortured and the start of your tour!

Maija P. said...

Hi Amanda!

This summer I went to my parent's summer cottage. I'd been there before, but it was a first time for my boyfriend. He liked the place, swan in the lake... Really nice holiday!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Maija P. said...
This summer I went to my parent's summer cottage.>>>>

Wow, Maija, I dont know if it can get much better than that..
lakeside cottage? Yummy!

Thank you for stopping in!

Amanda McIntyre said...

flchen1 said...
We just got back from a week in Philadelphia-->>>>>

Wasn't Philly awesome? We only got to spend two days there But I'm blogging about it on my tour!
Love that city! What did you see?


Amanda McIntyre said...

Cecile: you know sometimes the best thing ever is hanging out with one (or more) of your kids!

I dont even ask for "stuff" for Mothers day or my birthday anymore when they ask--I just look at them and they say," Yeah, all of us around the supper table, right?"

and I nod.

Enjoy Cecile!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Kytaira said...
Oh No! I haven't visited anywhere this summer! I received an offer of a new job (promotion>>>>

Congrats on your promotion! These days that can provide much relief from stress as a vacation!!
Thanks for stoppinn in!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Rachie G! See you on the road!!

Armenia hi! I LOVE San Antonio! Sea Worlds the bomb! Such a beautiful city! Have you done the river walk? *sigh

Hey, girl take your sunscreen, that Texas sun is brutal!

Thanks for coming by!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Lyoness2009 said...
I havn't been very many places this year...wish I had! Been to the mall a few times and I went to visit family in Illinois>>>>

I think folks for the most part are staying closer to home! We went to Chicago (love the windy city!) for a family reunion.

Thanks for stopping in!

Anonymous said...


The comments were closed on there, so I thought I'd throw a comment over here instead.

The question you had was: "What fear have you had to face that made you realize the strength you have inside you?"

I used to be afraid of heights. Then I did a tandem jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet. Cured that fear REAL fast! LOL!

That's my two pence...
Arial ;)