Monday, August 31, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

I have the image of that Staples commerical, with dad pushing the shopping cart, dancing around to the Chistmas tune while clicking his heels! It always makes me laugh whenever I see that! And it reminds me, that for me, it is the most wonderful time of year.

The picture above, while not from my backyard, looks identical to what I see. In fact, when I found the image I tried to find information on the photographer because I'm certain its one of my neighbors. This is exactly, my backyard--except the Crown Forest is not quite ablaze in color yet-- but it's coming!

Fall is, for me, the most wonderful time of the year! Not just because the kidlet is back in school (which, today is the first day....yeah!!!) but because of the colors, the crispness in the air, the smells of leaves, and corn. 'Fall is in the air' is a saying that is put to use here in Cowville! lol! The scent of fall is definitely sprinkling the air. The cornfield which is beyond my backyard fence is sounding very fallish. In the summer, the stalks sound supple and silky brushing against each other. Now they're sounding crisp, rustling. The green is slowly fading, too. And the Crown Forest beyond the corn is beginning to turn as well. Signs for Apple Fest are already being posted, and the local paper is pleading for entries for 'get your best apple crisp recipe ready for the contest'. It's fall here. And I can't wait to go pick apples, while eating a caramel apple--oh, and a still warm, sugar and cinnamon donut followed by some apple cidar!!! That's a mainstay!

Not only do I love the physical changes of the season, but also the food, the comfort of digging out a cozy, well worn sweater, or sweatshirt. One of the things I relish about the fall is the return of routine. I am a creature of habit, and too many lazy days makes me...well, exceedingly unmotivated! I like routine. I like to know what I'm doing. I'm much more productive that way.

Every fall, I make new years resolutions. It seems fitting. The school supplies area all fresh and new, and there's new hopes and expectations for the year ahead.

Every year, the resolutions are the same. Be more organized. Especially in my writing. Find time to balance writing and family. Cook more and quit eating out so much.

Basically, that's my resolutions for this year, with one addition. Weight Watchers. Yeah...groan....(and you know damn well, I'm still having my caramel apple and donut at Apple Fest! :)

I want to find more energy and motivation, and perhaps losing a few pounds and eating better will help me. So today is D-day. The first day of Weight Watchers. I'll keep you informed about how it's going, and I'll beg you for support when it's not going so well!!!

Today it's chilly--65 degrees. I can hear the corn stalks through the open kitchen window, and I'm in my favorite rag-tag hoodie! I've got my coffee, and my 'to do list'. I'm feeling fresh and motivated. So how about you? Does anyone else make any plans, set goals the beginning of the fall? Anyone sorry to see summer go and the autumn breeze blow in?


Amanda McIntyre said...

My dh and I took a drive along the winding country backroads to my daughters yesterday afternoon. The sky was overcast with gunmetal grey clouds that shrouded the sunlight, but the effect made all the colors seem more vivid. It was a crip, 57* for a high yesterday and I was in "hog" heaven. (as they say around these parts)

Making resolutions...I think I'm always searching for the best way to organize my life and my

But to me, I do embrace the changes--seeing the process of Mother Earth beginning to close down, preparing for her winter silence.

Even though it will be anything but-at my house;)

and thats ok,I'll have enough quiet one day that I won't be able to stand it! I sort of relish the chaos;)

good thoughts!


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I think kids here in NYC are the last in North America to go back to school--not until next week. So fall still seems far away to me, even though it's a little cooler out now (mostly because of the never-ending rain!).

I actually love the lazy days of summer, but like you, I've suddenly found that it's harder to be productive and I guess I am starting to crave routine--which is SO out of character for me!

I love so many things about fall, but lately it seems as if fall is nothing more than a quick blip--more and more, we seem to have two seasons, hot and cold. The leaves change in a week's time, and I basically turn off the AC one day, and flip on the heat, instead.

I miss those long, drawn out falls in Atlanta from my late childhood/teenage years. Months of crisp weather, where a light jacket at night would do. Fall festivals, bonfires, apple picking, pep rallies, football games....

But these days, at least up here, blink and you miss it, tossing us headlong into my least favorite season, winter. Blech!

Cecile said...

Since I am an October baby, I have always loved fall. Down here in Louisiana, it does not last long. I love the smell of fall. For us, the sugar cane is at its peak, which means they cut it down and being burning the fields to prepare it for next harvest. And that is one of my favorite smells. College football games (Geaux Tigers) being watch at home with friends. Me & daughters birthday... Planning and preparing...
But there is something magical about fall. With the changing of everything, I love the atomsphere, the air, the change of people, the temperature change... My hubby hunts, so I have weekends to myself (with daughter).
But fall is my time... A renewal of sorts.
I will have to take those kind of pictures too!! Thank you for sharing that picture. I loved it!
I hope ladies had a great weekend!

ranearia said...

I'am PRAYING on my KNEES for Fall, am so tried of this record breaking heat around Texas of late, the cooler weather I think everyone is looking foward to!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Hey, Cecile--I didn't realize you were in Louisiana!! I used to live in Slidell, and went to LSU for a year and a half!

Cecile said...

Kristi! Yes ma'am!! Down south is where you will find me. I live in between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Down south... Most of the towns that surround me all end with ville, lol!! But I love it!

Amanda McIntyre said...

how close are you to Storyville?
or does that name still exist?


Amanda McIntyre said...

I love football! I do. I have no idea why-same with hockey.
I think Hockey guys are among the best looking on this planet, IMO.

Our Homecoming parade is a huge deal here and we used to pick apples every fall at an orcahrd nearby. sadly the economy has forced them to close;(

there is a wonderful greenhouse not far that does pumpkin harvesting and has a communal bonfire going continuously-lots of fun.

I just like pulling out my little deck chimmey and sitting out on my deck wrapped in a throw!

anyone ever try hot Dr Pepper with lemon? Yum!

Amanda M

Cecile said...

Hey Amanda, I had to mapquest the location... and it is saying that it is in the New Orleans area. Which is an 1 hour 30 minutes to 1 hour 45 minute drive. Not that far! I will have to gps that location and go pass there to see what is there...

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Amanda, you sure you aren't a Cannuck??? Liking those hockey players! lol!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Kristi, I feel for week???? Oh, man....

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Cecile, love your response. Tell me, what does sugar cane smell like? I've never even seen sugar cane!!!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Oh,'re missing out on sugar cane! One of my fondest childhood memories is buying sticks of sugar cane off truck beds on the side of the road, and chewing on it. Yum!

Cecile said...

Oh Charlotte... if I could bottle it, I would. It is not a smell everyone likes. Brooke, my daughter didn't like when she was little. NOt sure how to describe it, its just fall to me. I will ride with my windows down just to smell it. And to see the fields burning at night, is awesome!!! But Kristi has it pegged... there is nothing like that sugar straight from the stalk!!!

Kristi, I have it in my backyard; from when I was little till now. When I was little, my grandmother would cut some stalks down and shuck it for us... and you chew it, OMG!!! Delicious!!!

VampFanGirl said...

Arg, I'm so jealous of everyone's fall loves and expectations. Here in San Diego, fall doesn’t really exist. We endure blazing heat sometimes right up until Christmas.

Living in a desert also deprives us of the changing colors of the leaves but there are some areas around the city that boast those lovely conifer trees but nine times out of ten you see only palms.

Fall is also a dangerous time of year for it’s the season of Santa Anna winds. These off shore flows can get really fierce and I’m sure you’re all aware of the raging fires that plague southern California.

But, we do love our very mild winters and we pay a LOT for that privilege. LOL! I couldn’t survive in the snow. It’s pathetic really but I’m a born and raised San Diegan and I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else.

;) VFG

Amanda McIntyre said...

Take care out there, VFG! Be safe!

Hoping that you all get some rain soon!

Amanda M

flchen1 said...

I'm missing the ease of summer a bit, but I'm enjoying the transition to fall more than I expected--the kids are settling in to their new routine and enjoying their classes, and I have to say, I am too!

I haven't really set any resolutions but am definitely thinking about some goals for the next couple months. Mainly, clearing out some of the house junk :)

Thanks for the lovely and thoughtful post!