Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning on the Road

I needed an extra cuppa this moring as I headed out in the 59* autumn morning! It is gorgeous today and I'm actually seeing a few leaves starting to turn color!

Congrats to Larissa Lyons who became a winner of a copy of TORTURED at House of Muse over the weekend! Emil me at to claim your book!

Double blog booking: Aug 25: I'll be dueling blogs at Beth Ciottas blog and Sisters in Sync Beths group blog with a couple of her friends. Be sure to check out both fun sites! Beth is an awesome talent not to be missed and a genuinely cool person to boot!

See you on the road!


Cecile said...

This picture is simply amazing to me!!! I sooooo wish I was there!!
Congrats to the winner, happy reading!!! And good luck on the road!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

It eez beautiful, no? ;))
New dilemma, anyone ever try to write the phonics of emglish words spoken by a french character?

You can hear it in your head...but putting it on paper? a whole other animal! LOL

Have you guys read many books where words have to be translated?

I had a few Gaelic words in TORTURED.