Friday, May 22, 2009

A Safe and Simple weekend to all!

Here in the States, this weekend is traditionally the unofficial start of summer. For me it means, cleaning off my deck and unrolling the hammock. A ritual well deserving of a trumpet fanfare though Ive not yet been able to convince either boy child to accompany me on Tuba or Trumpet, go figure;)

In a more serious vein, it is also a time of remembrance-not only for veterans , but for all who have touched our lives in some way. It is marked by a visit to my dads grave, where I place the first baseball of the season amid the flowers there.
You see, my dad worked as a rep for a New York publishing house for books and magazines when I was growing up. One of my most cherished possessions is a paperback dedicated to him by an author friend he helped to critique. My dad passed away long before I began writing, but I often wonder what he would think knowing his daughter had become an author. The influence of his life, his profession may or may not have affected me directly, but its something I ponder now and again.

"Gratitude," is one of my favorite words. I think its one of those words that you learn to appreciate with time and experience. Just taking a moment to think on this word can put life into perspective rather quickly. For me that's what this weekend is all about.

So to all traveling, to family get together, to all those we remember this weekend, or if you're just rolling out that hammock for the season--may your mind and heart be touched by gratitude.
What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be on the road? Is it a big camping weekend? What are you grateful for this weekend?


Sophie Renwick said...

Well, being Canadian, our big holiday, Victoria Day w/e was last week. It's also known widely around here as the 2-4 weekend. That's because it's usually around the 24th of the month and with it being the unofficial summer launch off, it's usually a drinking fest. So 2-4 refers to a case of 24, and being Canadian, guess what the 24 Yep. So, I spent my 2-4 writing. Blech. My husband spent with it a case of 24....:)

To everyone travelling, stay safe and remember to just relax and take in the sunshine.

Pam your post was lovely and the pictures beautiful. The lilacs...I could almost smell them.

Be well everyone!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

What a lovely post, Amanda--and a wonderful way to pay tribute to your father!

We're staying close to home this weekend--going out to dinner (to our favorite Spanish restaurant in Greenwich Village) with friends, and probably hosting folks for a cookout on Monday.

I'm hoping to get to see Star Trek again today (which will make 4 times!). And maybe we'll get to the new Terminator this weekend, too.

And in between all that, I have copyedits on my Harlequin NASCAR book to work on!

Amanda McIntyre said...

oh Sophie;) you Canadians know how to celebrate a long weekend! LOL

Im hoping the sunshine holds out this weekend!
DH is on back up call, so we're here in town. Hope to check out Night in the Museum this weekend and maybe a bit of playtime in my garden.

I had my lilacs for about one week and that was it. Now I'm on a mission to grow those 9 ft hollyhocks that Mackinac Island is so famous for!

That pic, btw, is taken at Mackinac during the Lilac Festival time. I havent found a season when Mackinac isn't absolutely magical!

Kristi-have to chime in here to say I was sad in a way that Gilles (sp?) didnt win on Dancing, but how can I complain when AWESOME little Shawn Johnson --our little OLYMPIC queen from IOWA won??!!WOOT!

Have a good one all!

ranearia said...

I'am grateful for two loving parents.
At the moment we're going through a rough pacth with jobs, but we'll pull through.
This weekend we'll be having a nice big BBQ and enjoy the nice weather we've been having and be grateful

Amanda McIntyre said...

Raneria, sounds like a lovely weekend. Glad to know that your family is the kind that hangs in theire together to weather the unexpected storms.

When my dad turned ill at an older age, and wasn't able to work,our family experienced that "what are we going to do?" dilemma. Somehow we made it through.


Sophie Renwick said...

Raneraia, hope everything works out with your family. Money matters can be so stressful! Enjoy your cookout!

Kristina, you really need an intervention for your Spockitis!!!! Let's stage one everyone....:)

Amanda, enjoy your garden. You wouldn't flying here and tending mine would you?

Cecile said...

Well, ladies as always, the post was wonderful Amanda. I love the flowers and the story you shared. Thanks for sharing that. I am sure your Father is very proud of you... Probably telling everyone up there that they need a damn library so he can get his hands on your copies! Somehow, yes, I can truly see that.. dont ask how.

For us, it means we are off Monday! Yay! BBQ, get-to-togethers.. I have no clue what we are doing... We are not your average family... hubby loves to sleep on his time off and I love to read and shop... and daugther loves to shop and drive... lol! So, while hubby sleeps, Brooke will drive, while I read, to the mall (or Borders **if I am good passenger), where we both shop and then we retire back home... Seems like a plan to me.. lol! But the weather is not suppose to be nice this weekend for us... a front from Florida is coming our way... So we shall see.

Amanda McIntyre said...

thanks Cecile, LOL That sort of sounds like my dad, actually ;) He was an avid reader as well.SCi-Fi variety, but I like to think he's pleased.

Have a great weekend, even if you're staring out the screen door at the rain:)

in from the first round of weeding

I forgot how gratifying weeding can be for the soul;) LOL

Barbara said...

Wonderful post, Amanda! I agree with Cecile, I'm sure your father is extremely proud of you now.

Plans? I have a birthday party, a wedding shower and most likely a BBQ to got to. So, yup, it will be a busy weekend for me. Which makes me think that hammock looks MIGHTY comfortable, lol.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend as well!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Hi Barb, that sounds like a typical Memorial day weekend for many! But a good one with lost of memories potential! ;)

Yeah, my dad would defintely have something cheeky to say about WHAT I write! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend!


Caffey said...

I'll be home this weekend! We always love the comfort of being home during the holidays. Hubby and son going to work out in the garden more. I think hubby has Monday off, I hope! And we'll just cook out here and I'll read in the shade too! Just one that we'll be together as a family and enjoy!

Thanks for these beautiful pics! I love to open the back door on a breezy day and let the lilac scent in! Have a wonderful one too!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Nothing big planned, but we'll probably take in a movie. Relaxing.

Dottie :)