Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun

Congrats again to Caffey! I know she is thrilled beyond belief to have won such a treasure! And thank you, Vanessa again for honoring the manor with your visit, please know you are welcome anytime! We have had a wonderful group of guests stopping in the LIT manor lately, haven't we? And more to come starting on Monday, next week when Charlotte brings a very special guest to the manor!

Friday fun news--I'm officially global now. The other day I received boxes in the mail and discovered inside copies of Diary of Cozette-in Italian. I was told that apparently we get copies of all editions of our books-whatever nationality. Kinda cool! so for fun, I thought I'd share the cover art with you. The Italian website for Harlequin is eHarmony (not to be confused with the matchmaking online service) but you can check it out at

Apparently we Spice authors receive copies of all editions that our books publish in. So, I thought it would be fun to share the cover. To be honest, I do not speak Italian, but it was kind of a trip to go through and read the words.

And a bit of exciting news from my editor today! After seeing the mock ups of my WIP called "The Muses" the powers that be decided to reinstate the original title (The Master and the Muses) to better coincide with the cover art chosen out of several possible mock up covers. While all were beautiful (as I'm certain they were!) one in particular hit the "zowie" factor, off the scale! I, of course, am thrilled and, yes...cannot see it just yet.;) But the news of having the original title back and their enthusiasm is, as it is for all of us, terrific inspiration!

So here's the completely UNRELATED question for your weekend: HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE?


Genella deGrey said...

Hooray for The Master and the Muses!! I'm sooo happy for you!
They do such great covers - Can't wait to see yours!

And wow! Italian! I love it. I secretly aspire to learn that language someday. :)

I have not gone to see the new ST movie - a 4 year-old and a movie theater do not mix.


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Oh, I am *so* glad they reverted back to The Master and the Muses! It just fits the story so perfectly. Can't wait to see the cover! Very cool on the Italian edition--I love foreign editions! I have an entire shelf in my office dedicated to my foreign books--makes me smile every time I look over there.

Okay...Star Trek?? I'm up to 5, and I'm nowhere near finished, LOL! I'm sure I'll go again next week--and then I'll probably drag my mom to see it when I'm in Florida in a couple of weeks visiting, since she hasn't seen it yet. It's one of those rare movies that I can see over and over again and never get bored, plus catch something new and interesting each time.

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Would it be high treason to say that I think the new Star Trek movie is actually better than the original Star Wars movie?? And I'm a *huge* Star Wars fan!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Kristi, I know you loved the original title. I won't lie, I was pretty darn happy to hear the news! After all, without the "Master" the "muses" would have no story!

on Star Trek vs. Star Wars...I think that when SW came out that it was so unique, so larger than life technical achievements--almost more than story.
I think the subsequent SW movies delved deeper into plot/characers/story.

Star Trek , I think, was always about the story. The obstacles, the tension, the survival of this singular crew of the same characters. They are iconic and have been through years of television shows.

I daresay that even George L. himself would admit that the Star Trek TV series had "some" influence on his Star Wars project.
who knows?

I did love watching how these people ended up serving on the Enterprise though.

Kristi so far, has got to hold the record-possibly on a national level. Live long and prosper--

Amanda McIntyre

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Genella;) Im wrangling with the idea of seeing of the twins want to see Night at the Museum tonight with their dad and me. That may well have the same affect;))

I'm, no;) or we mightlet you pay, but we'll see at far as possible from you, hows that?

family bonding at its best;)

Amanda McIntyre

Heather D said...

Congrats on going global!!

I just saw Star Trek 2 days ago. I am not a Treki fan, but I loved this movie!!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I let the kids' grandparents have the pleasure of taking them to see Night at the Museum 2!

Victoria Janssen said...

Italian! Cool!

*is way jealous*


Amanda McIntyre said...

LOL, yeah that used to work Kristi;)

I did love the first Night at the Museum flik. Thought it was clever. But this time I want to see it because we're going there this summer! I didnt realize that there was a Smithsonian castle! Im excited!

Victoria, I imagine all Spice titles end up in some foreign edition at some point!I had no clue. There was quite the selection of Harlequin books over at that site!

Caffey said...

Hi Amanda! I am thrilled! I've been smiling since I found out! Thanks again!

Oh neat on the Italian copy! Do you know what other countries have your book in print? I think that's neat you do get the other countries edition. Any language you can read besides English?

Bummer! Thanks NOT on the tease for the cover of THE MASTER AND THE MUSES. LOL.

I rarely watch movies and never go to them at the theater since I need the closed captioning for the deaf (I heard that some theaters they make an open caption reel and that reel goes around some states for them to show the movie special. I got to find out more, cuz we'd love to be able to go to an open caption NEW movie even if only one or two come here a year. I'll promise my hubby I won't fall asleep in the theater (um, our first date, he took me to a movie that wasn't captioned and I didn't understand and I feel asleep, he married me anyways. By the way our 26th anniversary is June 4th!)

All more than you wanted to know here. :) Looking forward to chatting too next week! Have a good weekend.

Amy C said...

Hi Amanda! That is so neat that you got copies of Cozette in Italian! Oh and I cannot wait to see the cover for The Master and the Muses! heck, I can't wait to read it ;).

I haven't seen the new Star Trek movie once :(. I'll wait til it comes out on DVD.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Congrats Amanda! So cool on the Italian translation! I'm hoping to have a foreign copy on my bookshelf one day, too! :)

I have not seen Star Trek, and don't pummel me...I don't have any plans to! gasp....Sorry!!!!!

Not into the whole space thing, other than Star Wars

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said... I've seen it six times, LOL! Kids and I had an afternoon at the movies (it was only their second time).

Amanda McIntyre said...

Kristi, you are a hoot! LOL
my lord, you now have the whole weekend stretched out before you!

What will you do?

Just as a change of pace, but keeping your head in the sky--I saw pixar/Disney's "UP" tonight and it is wonderful! But I have been a Pixar fan since their short takes . Especially the snowman in the snowglobe looking to get out...

Amanda M