Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Evangeline Collins and Her Ladyship's Companion in the Manor!

Hi everyone! I'm so pleased to bring you debut author, Evangeline Collins! Her hot historical, Her Ladyship's Companion has just released from Berkley, and I think you'll find it a great read. Hot, angsty, with a hero to die for it's everything I look for in a romance!

Months ago I came across this book and knew it would be a must read for me. So, I asked Evangeline if she would like to come blog with us because I knew that this book would be of interest to our LIT readers!

I read this book over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was totally worth shoving aside looming deadlines for! What a fabulous, sexy read!

So, without further ado, I give you Evangeline Collins and her super yummy hero Gideon!

Hitting a Man Where it HurtsHi everyone!! :)

My thanks to the lovely ladies of Lust in Time, and to Lord Craven-Moore (mustn’t ever forget him) for having me as a guest on their fabulous blog. Charlotte graciously gave me leave to chat about whatever I wanted, so I decided to talk about my favorite part of a romance novel. Some love the sex scenes, others the happily ever after moment, some prefer the first meeting of the hero and heroine. Me, I’m an angst junkie. I love the Big Black Moment - where everything goes to hell in a hand basket. All right, I love the sex scenes, too (who doesn’t?), but I just adore running my characters through the wringer, and especially the hero. Things can’t be easy for the heroine either, but I really love to make the hero work for his HEA. To me, a hero’s ability to pull himself from the deep, dark depths of hell confirms just how much he loves the heroine. So in a way, you could say I torment my poor heroes for my heroines’ sake. After all, how else is she to know the hero loves her and only her? Men don’t tend to be very open about such finer sentiments, and sometimes, well, they prefer to hide their heads in the sand for a bit, and deny the truth.

The hero in my debut release from Berkley, Her Ladyship’s Companion, is one those fellows. So I saw it as my…responsibility, you could say….to find a way to make him recognize what was in his heart, and then get him back to his heroine so he could eventually have his HEA. And he did deserve to find happiness. He’s a man whose career involved bringing happiness to women, and he was very good at his job. So it was prime time he had a spot of happiness in his own life. But first, I needed to make him work for it. *g*

The question, though, is how do you make a man work for it? You hit him where it hurts the most, of course! But where it hurts the most depends on the man. For some, it’s money, or take away their friends or their social standing. Others value their integrity above all else, so call their word of honor into question and you deliver a mean blow. You could rip the heroine from him, or have a rival try to steal her away. That can sometimes snap a man to his senses rather effectively. Men are such wonderfully protective creatures – they have this innate need to provide for their own. So if he’s employed, why not take that away from him?

I will confess, I really ran Gideon, HLC’s hero, through the wringer. He’s a working man, a male prostitute (albeit a very high-end one), so he was particularly fun to torment. *g* And I’ll leave it at that and not give away too many spoilers for those who haven’t read the book.

So what’s your favorite part of a romance novel? And when you get a new book, will you flip through it and read your favorite scene, before you’ve started chapter one? I will confess, I’ve been known to do that sometimes. ;)

To celebrate the release of Her Ladyship’s Companion, I’m giving away a copy of the book to one lucky commenter. Just leave a comment and a winner will be chosen at random.

And now the official blurb ---

His job was to please her. Not to steal her heart.

In the Scottish countryside of Selkirk, Isabella, Lady Stirling resides at Bowhill Park, serving penance for a sin that nearly ruined her family. For five years she has been condemned to a loveless marriage and confined to the estate where she does little more than tend her rose garden. With her husband absent for months at a time and few visitors, Bella lives a lonely existence, denying the passions that burn within her very soul.

Then her cousin comes for a visit and makes an outrageous suggestion: what Bella needs is a lover. A hired lover. Despite her need, Bella says no. But soon Mr. Gideon Rosedale arrives – and he is at her service for two weeks. Indulging in what she intends to be a harmless flirtation, Bella is overcome by Gideon’s intoxicating presence. And when she at last permits him to satisfy her desires, she discovers she’s done the unthinkable – she’s fallen in love.

Interested in an excerpt? If so, hop on over to my website - http://www.evangelinecollins.com/her_ladyships_companion.html

Available now in bookstores near you, or through Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Her-Ladyships-Companion-Evangeline-Collins/dp/0425228207

Thanks again!!!
Her Ladyship’s Companion/Berkley Sensation
Lush. Elegant. Sensual Historical Romance.


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Welcome, Evangeline! So good to have you here, and congrats on your debut! Sounds absolutely fabulous--I just ordered it from Amazon!

As to your question, I'm totally with you--I love the 'black moment'--that angsty time when the h/h think all is lost and must face their failure or even 'inner demons'.

I also love the unexpected moment when a hero lets down his guard and lets his vulnerability show, if even for a moment.

But nope, I never skip ahead and read a later part first--unless it's a favorite re-read, of course!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I occasionally skip ahead! Not always, but sometimes I just have to.

It's hard to say what's my fav part. If a book is written well it's all of it. But probably the black moment. That's when you get lots of emotion and pain and the hero is really tormented! lol!

Hot love scenes are right up there, too!

sarabelle said...

Welcome to the Manor. Thank you so much for being here, your book looks awesome and I absolutely adore the cover. Im with Kristina I dont skip ahead either, i just read that much faster to get to the part I am anticipating.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Welcome to the Manor, Evangeline! I don't skip ahead,I too like the anticipation.

My fav part of the book is the first meeting. I love the first impressions that either are enhanced or dissolved as the story moves forward.
I also love the build up toward the love scenes themselves-the push and pull of emotions, the final giving in to the passion.

Look forward to reading this one and continued success!

Amanda McIntyre

Cecile said...

Thank you ladies for having Ms Collins here today!!!!
You ladies ROCK!!
Oh.. and thanks for offering up the book to win!!!
Let me start by saying that I will give anyone a truck load of Dove Chocolate if they let me win!!! Now that the bribery is over for now...
I will just jump in and say that I love the hot love scenes! No... seriously, they are the best part to get to... to build up too... but the best part of the book is when the characters become real... with the "Black Moments." When I can see them as a person I know.. that is when I love the book. When I can myself slapping them for something they are doing or cheering them on.

And no.. I do not skip.. I read Chapter one... But I agree wit Kristina, unless it is a re-read and I know where I want to go ***big chessy grin*** hence the love scenes!

And I am surprised I bet Barbara here this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Evangeline, the ladies of LIT and of course my darling Craven-Moore!

Great post!

I'm with you, Evangeline. There's nothing better than seeing the hero work for what he wants. LOVE IT! It's makes the Happily Ever After and the sex scenes so much better in my opinion!

RachieG said...

HOW pretty is that cover? Jeesh!

I've heard great things about this book, tons of great reviews out there. :)

My fav. part of a romance is when the hero and heroine meet for the first time b/c it's just so much potential...and I'm always excited b/c I never know what comes next! Awesome point in the book! :)

Lyoness2009 said...

Hi Evangeline!

My favorite part of the book is the epilogue...No idea why except perhaps that all the conflict is done and you can kind of see what their lives are going to be like from now on. :)

I sometimes skip ahead too!

lyoness2009 AT hotmail.com

CrystalGB said...

Hi Evangeline. Your book sounds wonderful. Love the cover. My favorite part of a book is when the couple meets.

Maija P. said...

I don't skip ahead. I might check a few pages if wondering whether a chapter is coming to an end, but I don't read what's going to happen.

One of my favorite parts of romance novels is the first meeting between h/h. And by this I mean the first time they're communicating with each other. In this current book I'm reading, the couple meets officially at the altar and get to change words only after the wedding ceremony :)


Anonymous said...

Evangeline, my favorite parts are the dirty bits. Does that surprise you? :) (look, I've learned to make a smiley face! Wonders of technology, and all that!)

Did the LIT ladies inform you that I hire out for research? Bedroom scenes only, sweets. I'm not into rolling out of bed at dawn for appointments over pistols or god above, riding. Well...some riding is acceptable!

What is your favorite naughty scene in Her Ladyship's Companion?

Hugs and Kisses,
Lord Craven-Moore

Anonymous said...

Rawr! That is one very hot cover, and the story sounds even hotter!

I do confess, I adore the black moments in any book, mostly when someone has to eat crow (usually the overly alpha male) but it rates of there with the love scenes

booklover1335 said...

Hi Evangeline,
I have been lusting after this book, since I first read a review for it.

My favorite part of the book is the torture the author puts their characters through b4 the HEA. I too am an angst junkie. I think this is where you really get to see what they are made of, and feel more of their emotions, not just the words.

I always know I am reading a good book when I find myself saying (sometimes out loud), "how could he do/say that to her?", or resolving all of those inner demons. No matter what the drama I like my hero to work HARD for his HEA.

My sister is famous for reading the end of the book before she reads the first chapter. She likes to know how it ends. Not me, I like the journey to the end, so I always start at page one. And knowing the end, does not mean that you really understand the significance of the ending if you don't know what happens in between. Now after I have read it the first time, I may go back and read favorite passages without reading the entire book again.

Congrats on the new book, hope I win, because I can't wait to read it.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Evangeline! I have to say that my favorite part is that whole right-before-everything falls into place moment, and then of course, the "ahhhh" when it all comes together! I rarely skip ahead, unless the book is so awful that I just want to see how it turns out in the end and I have no intention of actually reading the journey.

Evangeline Collins said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! It's great to be here at the manor.

Loved your smiley face, Lord C-M. Um...I just may have to talk to the LIT ladies about borrowing you...for research purposes only, of course. ;) I'm not at all surprised that the naughty bits are your favorite parts of a book. As for your question - my fav sex scene in HLC is about mid-way through the book. The one in the carriage. Not the landeau, but the gig when it's just Gideon and Bella. She's so impatient, and he's so wonderfully indulgent. Gotta love a man who gives a lady exactly what she needs. :)

Anonymous said...

I require the page number, my dear, for quick flipping as Charlotte is continually looking over my shoulder!

Lord CM

Eva S said...

I occasionally skip ahead, and I'm one of those last-page-readers... I have to see the happy ending for myself (even if I know there will be one),that's my favorite part of the book!

Wonderful cover, can't wait to read this book!

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Evangeline and Ladies of LIT,and of course, Lord Craven-Moore!

I just have to say, I never look ahead, I never want to peek, I wait with bated breath for every sexy scene. I want the happily ever after, need the happily ever after. But I don't want to spoil the book.

Dottie :)

Cecile said...

*In Lord Craven-Moore company, Cecile falls to the floor... in a pool of her own drool*
**Gets up, clean self off, takes ice and puts to forehead**
***Okay, can see straight now... apparently not, because there is really totaly HOTTTTT guy standing over me asking if me if I am ok??? thought I was standing***
****Damn, must have fallen again****
*****Lord Craven helps me up... and I stare into those gorgeous eyes of his and he wisks me away... lol yea in my dream!!!*****
Sigh... it can happen!!!
But will have to talk to the Ladies about using him for research!!!

Jen said...

My favorite part is the sexual tension, when the hero and heroine want each other so badly but haven't yet realized they are destined to be together.

I never skip ahead because I like surprises too much.

Raven99 said...

I rarely skip ahead. I do sometimes if I am really impatient to know something that will happen.

My favorite part is usually when the hero and heroine meet for the first time. I love to know if their is a strong attraction right away between the two and what their first impressions are of each other. I also love the sexual tension that leads up to the love scenes.

The cover for Her Ladyship's Companion is gorgeous. I am looking forward to reading this one.

Jane said...

Hi Evangeline,
Congrats on your debut release. I love the part where the hero and heroine begin to realize that they have feelings for each other. I try not to flip through the book looking for the scene where the characters get together. I like to start at the beginning and let the tension build.

Evangeline Collins said...

Lord Craven-Moore,
You requested a page number so here it is - 128, chpt 9. My favorite naughty bit in the book. ;)

Genella deGrey said...

For me a romance novel is like a chocolate sundae - I just gotta dive in.


Caffey said...

Hi Evangeline! I got my copy here to read and so can't wait to read it!! So great to meet you here too!

Evangeline Collins said...

Hi Caffey!

Great to see you here! Hope you enjoy the book :)