Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rainy Days and....Tuesdays??

Blech, the weather has been cold, gray, and rainy for THREE days now. Trust me, it does *not* feel like spring here in New York City--especially harsh after I spent those five lovely days in Orlando! This weather really makes me feel sleepy and headachy and generally blue--is anyone else as affected by the weather as I am? I'm pretty sure I could never live in the Pacific Northwest, as gorgeous as it looks (and I'm dying to visit there!).

Since I finished my latest historical manuscript and am taking a brief breather before I begin the next one, I've been holed up inside, catching up on movies and listening to a lot of music. I'm really into the Verve right now--probably because I wrote half my last manuscript while listening to Bittersweet Symphony over and over again on a loop. Pretty strange, because I never used to be able to write to songs with lyrics. But somehow that song just captured the perfect melancholy edge for my book (A MIDNIGHT CLEAR), and it just seemed natural to write to it.

And then someone said "Hey, isn't that the song from the movie Cruel Intentions?" And since I'd never heard of the movie, I looked it up and discovered it's a modern-day remake of Dangerous Liaisons (and who *doesn't* love Dangerous Liaisons?!--or even the other version with Colin Firth and Annette Benning titled Valmont?) with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Reese Witherspoon. I was surprised I missed it the first time around, but it came out the same year that my oldest daughter was born, so I suppose that explains it! I wasn't getting out to the theater much in 1999!

Anyway, I *loved* it! I thought it was a very interesting, stylized version--and while it was hard to believe that they were actually high school kids, it worked anyway. But mostly it was just really HOT! Extremely erotic, especially considering there wasn't any nudity save a naked butt. I've never found Ryan Phillippe particularly attractive in the past--but yeah, he was really rocking those sexy glasses and modern-day frock coat. I admit, I adored his Sebastian Valmont (pant, pant...).

And yes, Bittersweet Symphony is indeed on the soundtrack--the entire soundtrack is excellent, actually. My other favorite songs from the movie (now downloaded to my iTunes!) are Fatboy Slim's Praise You and Counting Crow's Color Blind.

Has anyone else seen the movie?? If so, what did you think? If you haven't, I recommend it--but be warned, it's not remotely kid-safe, so don't attempt to watch with little ones in the house! And I *definitely* recommend the soundtrack!

I also caught up on some reading--another favorite rainy-day activity. I read Julia Harper's HOT (Julia Harper is historical author Elizabeth Hoyt's pen-name for contemporaries), which I really enjoyed (and yes, it was indeed quite hot!!), and the YA paranormal EVERMORE, which was just okay. Actually, it had too many Twilight-like elements for my taste, right down the heroine reading Wuthering Heights for English class.

So...what do you love to do on cold, rainy Tuesdays (or any day, for that matter)?


Amanda McIntyre said...

A bit of trivia to Cruel INtentions, thats where Ryan and Reese met and eventually married. I dont think Ive ever seen the adult played version of "Dangerous Liasions"--I am going to have to chekc that out as well as your music selection;)

I always write to music, if I can pin down the music that pegs the story. Speaking of...of anyone has suggestions for a seedy erotic Victorian that you can almost feel the humidity of summer mingled with the scent of linseed oils and paint...let me know;)

I was listeing to a new CD I picked up the other day when we stopped at Stone wall Jacksons cotton plantation for a tour. Its called "Pavene" Shelly Phillips and friends" one of the songs, "Pavane and Galliard" came on and I almost immediately began to write an entire ballroom scene for the Samhain Celtic Spice novella(not due for a bit) "Master of Desire"

The music was so powerful that I felt I was standing in that ballroom almost sketching this scene as it happened. Weird? Maybe. But I LOVE when that kind of thing happens!

I love to write on rainy days. I enjoy the foggy mornings where it takes forever for the sun to break through. For me there is soemthing very sensual and etheral about impending storms--maybe its the respect I have for the power of nature. Or the anticiaption of seeing it. One of my fav spots is my office with its west window looking out over the rooftops. where I can see the clouds roll in and the lightning in the distance.

It has been a dream of mine since I visited Oregon as a child, to live in the upper west coast--perferably on or near the beach--heaven to me;)

Thanks Kristi! Love that couch too!! Anyone want to share "rainy day " music?


Cecile said...

I loved Cruel Intentions... not only because one of the characters is my name... LOL!! But Ryan was hot in this movie. And I agree with Charlotte, "Extremely erotic, especially considering there wasn't any nudity."

Rainy days... If the rain does not come when I am at work (which I hate because is makes me want to go home!) and it comes when I am home... I love to be curled on my couch with a book in hand, drink (coffee, tea, whatever...) on the side of me, blankets around me (hubby likes the house at 65 degrees at all times of the year ~ yea, I think he must be a shapeshifter to be body hot) and no one in the house; except for the two dogs who love nothing more than laying in my lap and sleeping!!!
Music, I love to listen to anything... I ever name anything specific because I never remember the name of the song or the band... I have to ask my daughter and I get eye rolls because "I'm supposed to know". But there are two soundtracks that I love: The Nutcraker soundtrack and Twilight soundtrack.

Genella deGrey said...

Kristi - I haven't seen that movie - I prefer the ones with the period costumes. Bet you're surprised about that! LOL!

I guess I should live a few hundred miles north of where I am. I love cloudy/drizzly days. :)

I'm listening to "hot jazz" from the early 1920's – Songs my heroine would listen to in my current MS set in 1923.


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Now I'm watching Gosford Park --actually, it's great for research about all that goes on 'belowstairs' even if it's slightly later than the era I write in -- though now that I think about, it's set in *exactly* the same era as my Beltane-themed novella for BELTANE FIRES!

A half-hour left--no one tell me whodunnit!

Jane said...

I haven't seen "Cruel Intentions," but I love The Verve. Watching some dvds and reading is the best way to spend a rainy day.

Barbara said...

Yeah, this NYC weather is killing me. So depressing. I LOVE Bitter Sweet Symphony from Cruel Intentions. I loved that movie if it hadn't have been for the ending.

ranearia said...

Send the rain down here to Texas!

Right now it's 95+, it feels more like summer then spring *fans self*

:) I am a heat wimp btw

On any day am stuck inside, I usually work on my artwork. I sit down at my desk and let the character form themself on paper while playing music on my ipod

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Raneria, are you serious? 95+? YIKES! We still need the furnace on at nights and sometimes in the afternoon up here. It's still quite damp and the trees are just beginning to leaf out.

I love the movie Cruel Intentions and really like the Verve. Wow, everyone on this blog has such good taste!

On rainy days I like to day dream, and nap. I'm a BIG fan of the afternoon nap. You just ask Amanada about Kristi and I and our naps in our lounging pj's!!!

Too many grey days makes me depressed and lethargic. And as lovely as the Pacific Southwest(that's the 49th parrallel version for you lol!) it's very lovely, but too many rainy days for me.

Great post, Kristi. Sorry to be jumping in late...that dreaded day job, ya know?

Amanda McIntyre said...

Its true those women love their naps;) Just the same its not like I've stood there watching them..really, nothing so kinky for me..really
now Sally McKenzie..there's a wicked woman. She only looks innocent and unassuming....

who is glad for email, cuz I have no voice at present...