Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man on Man, Lord Craven-Moore and Gideon

I knew right away when I saw the back cover copy of Charlotte’s Her Ladyship’s Companion, that I would have to meet up with this Gideon fellow. After all, the LIT ladies are forever encouraging me in my endeavours. They say I need to find ways to amuse myself. Little do they know....

So, being eager to please my ladies, I decided to read Her Ladyship’s Companion and discover for myself why Charlotte was walking about with pink cheeks and a familiar glow which I, myself, have put there many times.

Imagine my shock when I discovered the object of her fascination. Gideon.
A male prostitute...upon my word, I was intrigued, and a trifle miffed that Charlotte appeared to be rather smitten with the bloke. So, never one to let opportunity or research pass me by, I set out to Evangeline Collins’ place in search of the hero and the on dits of his past.

Upon first meeting Gideon, I’m rather taken aback. Immediately I feel a trifle ruffled. Gideon, you see, could make a lady swoon at a hundred paces. Currently my swoon worthiness is seventy-five paces! I begin to wonder where else this man might out measure me. But then, I immediately brighten. Gideon cannot claim the affections of the LIT ladies. In that, I am one hundred percent certain.

I take the wingback chair by the fire and reach for the snifter he has filled for me. I must concede, he has excellent taste. The brandy is smooth and a fine vintage, and his clothes, well tailored and expensive, are in the first stare of fashion. Upon close inspection, he is every inch the gentleman. Nothing like the tawdry Haymarket street walker I had envisioned. Damn his eyes, I can see why the ladies pay to have this man pleasure them.
He allows me to study him, but then I suppose he’s used to having his stock taken in and...measured.

With an arch of his dark brow he waits, although I’m aware his patience is wearing thin. I cough. I suppose I am staring. Bad form, that.

“Well,” I ask, bristling under his intense scrutiny, “what thoughts ran through your mind when you were travelling to Scotland to meet Bella?”

“I fully expected it to be the same as every other appointment, but I will admit to a level of curiosity. I was being sent quite the distance to visit a lady who, to my knowledge, had never laid eyes on me. In my experience, women tended to prefer to make their selection themselves. And I was to be this lady’s guest for a fortnight. Definitely outside the realm of the usual.”

Tell me how you felt the first time you ever laid eyes on her?

“She quite literally took my breath away. So exquisite, so lovely, so beyond anything I had expected, yet at the same time, she was exactly what I had expected.”

I find myself wanting to ask if ever found himself in the position to pleasure a lady of less pleasing attributes. What must that be like to be forced to pleasure one who did not stir the blood? While the question burns in my brain, it is rather gauche. And while this man was essentially a hired servant for a lady’s pleasure, he was not tactless. I could not bring myself to ask, even as I pondered the dilemma he must have faced at times during Something told me, though, that this fellow could find beauty in even the most plain woman. Which, of course, made him a very great threat to the rest of the gentlemen out there.

“Bella is a beauty, for certain, but what else did you discover about her upon your first meeting.?

“I did have a few moments to take in my surroundings before coming face to face with the lady of the manor. The grounds, the manor house, and her formal drawing room led me to expect a refined, sophisticated English lady. And Bella is every bit of that, and yet so very much more. I definitely had not expected to find such a beauty tucked away at a remote Scottish estate.”

What made the lovemaking different with Bella than with your other...patrons?

I notice the frown that flickers across Gideon’s perfect lips. Perhaps I have rubbed him the wrong way. I realize that he is trying his damndest to appear unruffled. I wonder why the question would upset him so, and if he would, indeed answer it.

“Bella cannot be compared to another.”

I have, indeed, offended him. Perhaps it was adding Bella into his past, or cataloguing her with the other women who had once purchased him. Perhaps it is that he and I are not so very different in our pasts except for the pesky fact he had accepted money for his services.

The tone is now a bit tense between us and I strive for a question that will set us once again on the right footing.

Evangeline confessed her favourite naughty bit of the book, what was yours?

The frown vanished, replaced with a slow grin. “Sometimes it is better to simply sit back and…enjoy. Truly a rare luxury, and one most graciously bestowed upon me. Though I’m not certain if I’d term it ‘rare’ anymore. And that’s all I will say on the matter. We are speaking of a lady, after all.”

Damned gentlemanly facade! Good breeding was highly overrated. Besides, I could be silent as the tomb when required. I lean forward and demand that he spill the details of the scene, but he merely smiles and sips his brandy. I make a mental note to scour every damn page of that book in search of that scene.

What is your favourite seduction technique?

"Might I ask why? Is it because you require some assistance in that area, Lord Craven-Moore? For if you do, I would be more than happy to offer my assistance…for the sake of your lovely ladies, of course. And I will offer this piece of advice - every woman is unique, and each moves at their own pace. One cannot just be interchanged for another. Therefore seduction is not a static technique. It is more about discovering what a woman desires, carefully fanning those desires…and then fulfilling them.”

Hmmm, I’m trying to decide whether to call him out or laugh at his audacity. Me requiring assistance? Just who does he think he is? I will give him this, though, he’s an intelligent fellow, even if he has too high an opinion of himself. I know women, and especially my ladies. Nothing goes un-noticed by me and I can safely say that I provide ultimate satisfaction. Although, I have quite quickly decided that Charlotte will not be allowed anywhere near this man. He’s exactly the sort she could cause a scandal with.

What is your favourite piece of clothing to remove from a woman?

“Silk stockings. And preferably saved for last. The only sight that compares to a woman in nothing but her stockings, is a woman clad in nothing at all.”

"In that we are agreed. Myself, I do enjoy removing corsets. I have a very great love of them. Now then, tell me which is first for you kissing or touching?

“While touching a beautiful woman does hold more than a certain amount of appeal, the power of a kiss can never be discounted. A kiss reveals a woman’s true nature. And with Bella, her kisses are the very definition of a promise of more.”

And that, darling readers, is Gideon. I tried to ply him with brandy to loosen his tongue but he stayed steadfastly stubborn and the consummate gentleman. He would not say a word against his lady or his past paramours. And while I have every respect for a lady’s reputation, I am not above spreading, or listening to a bit of tittle tattle.

In the end, my opinion of Gideon is this, stay away from my ladies because I feel you are far too smooth and accomplished. He knows women, and more than what they want in the bedroom. If I did not have every confidence in my own sexual prowess, I would be deuced worried about my ladies transferring their affections.

I have a good opinion of Gideon and I think you will too. If you would like an opportunity to win his book, comment, ask him a question, or myself, and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Gideon’s book, Her Ladyship’s Companion. Gideon and myself will be back later this evening to announce the winner.

Hugs and Kisses
Lord Craven-Moore


ranearia said...

Lord Craven-Moore, what a wonderful interview with Mr.Gideon!
I must confess I do wonder what you and Mr.Gideon love to wear when you have seduction in mind for any lady you may set your eyes upon?

booklover1335 said...

I think you have some serious worrying to do Lord Craven-Moore!

My question for Gideon is this, if you had to choose one attribute of a woman as your favorite, what would it be, the eyes, the face, tush, legs, breasts, personality...or something more scandalous?

Anonymous said...

Ranearai, my love, what you prefer to see me wearing if I were to seduce you?

The LIT ladies are quite partial to a starched shirt opened at the throat with a cravat dangling at the sides of my neck. Amazing what romance authors can do with a well constructed cravat.

Booklover, I will not hold it against you that you've fashioned your question for Gideon. In the lexicon of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, he is a worthy male :)

Barbara said...

Lord Craven-Moore *smiles* You're the best. Wonderful interview!

I will say, having read Gideon's tale that he is everything he promises to be in your interview. GORGEOUS, charming, suave and an amazing lover. Yeah, he was definitely quite a hero...sigh.

But never fear, Craven-Moore, your witty charm and sexy badboy ways will always have me smitten ;)

Good luck to all who enter!

flchen1 said...

Lovely interview, Lord C-M and Gideon! What type of outing or activity do you prefer for spending time with the lady of your heart? What's your favorite "date," if you will :)

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Raneria -

As for preferred attire when I have seduction in mind...enough to be appear a gentleman, without there being too much left to remove. It wouldn't do to make my lady wait while I removed my coat and cravat. I will also admit that I find small clothes completely unnecessary, and therefore rarely don them. Why bother with them when I know they will soon be removed?


Anonymous said...


My favorite attribute of a woman is what makes her unique, therefore it varies with the woman. In general though, I will admit a fondness for what hides behind a woman's bodice. Especially Bella's bodice. She does keep them so wonderfully low. Quite the lovely distraction.


Anonymous said...

My favorite past time with Bella involves simply being with her as she tends to her roses in her hothouse. Quiet and peaceful, yet secluded in the event my lady's mind wanders down naughty paths, as it is apt to do.

Evangeline Collins said...

Hi Barbara!! - While I adore Gideon (he is my own creation after all), I will admit that I'm quite smitten with Lord C-M's sexy badboy ways. He's just to wonderfully naughty, yet so attentive to his LIT ladies. :)

And Lord Craven-Moore - Gideon may have been a bit evasive, as he is apt to be when discussing such matters, but I do happen to know that his favorite naughty bit in the book is on page 302. And you'll have to read it yourself, as this blog is PG and I can't thing of a polite way to explain it. ;)

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Wonderful interview Lord Craven-Moore with Gideon!

Thank you for taking the time to answer the musing of few lovely ladies!

My question is what are (both of) you looking for, you personally, that just does it for you? We know you love to satisfy, so what would you like to satisfy your desires?

Anonymous said...

Evangeline, I'm off to my private apartments, HLC beneath my arm and page 302 dog eared.

You are a doll!
Hugs and Kisses
Lord CM

Jane said...

Great interview, Lord Craven-Moore.

Gideon, what's the most interesting place you've ever made love?

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Ahh, I just love it when Lord Craven-Moore comes out to play! Great interview--Gideon sounds just as delicious as our own CM!

Genella deGrey said...

Hey guys -

How about a Genella sammich?


Cecile said...
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Anonymous said...

Genella, you naughty, naughty know you're just my type!

Cecile said...

Oh Lord Craven-Moore, what a wonderful interview you conducted with Gideon. Both of you men have smittem me. ***Still fanning myself*** Lord Craven, you are above and beyond always a gentlemen. But oh sooo sexy. Hands down!!! You hold a place in my **well... lets just keep it PG** I have a question for each of you... My Lord, what would pleasure you the most for a lady to do to you *wink*, it can be anything? And to Mr. Gideon, being the profession you are in... what do you take pride in the most about pleasing a woman?

You two are very desirable gentlemens in both your respective ways. Know that you have smitten the hearts and god only knows what else... the hearts of the ladies!

Karin Tabke said...

LCM? You may have met your match!

Anonymous said...

Dottie - What 'does it' for me, you ask? A lady intent on seduction. To be the object of a woman's undivided attention is quite the experience.

Cecile - What do I take pride in the most about pleasing a woman? Why, making As many times as is within my power to do so.

Jane - The most interesting place? Umm...I would have to say Bella's hothouse. It's like being with a lady on a beautiful summer's day. And fortunately her roses are wonderfully silent, and therefore cannot tell their tales.


Barbara said...

LOL! Genella! You go girl! :D

RachieG said...

**sigh** Gideon just might be a super hottie..."consummate gentleman..."

Feel free to come to Missouri ;)

Lyoness2009 said...

Hi Gideon!

Here's my question for you...Do you have any nice, single cousins who may have their breath taken away by me? wink wink!

lyoness2009 @hotmail . com

Anonymous said...

Alas, Lyoness, I'm not aware if I have any cousins, let alone nice and unattached ones. But if such a fellow did exist in my family tree, I'd happily send him to you. ;)


Pam P said...

Gideon, I can see you're a master at pleasing a lady. With all your prowess, how many times can you make a during the course of the night?

Anonymous said...

Ah, my dear Pam, I can make a as many times as she would like in the course of one night.


Cecile said...

Well then, Gideon... you really are "the ladies man." Oh and are you hired out ***for research prupose only of course***?