Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wicked Wednesday

Well, it's that time of the week again, when Mistress Charlotte starts trolling her man candy pictures. This week, I've gone with my inspiration for an erotic paranormal series that is at acquistions with Harlequin Spice. It's a series about a prophecy, and a brethren of fallen angels. This particular inspiration is Lucifer. He's quite the naughty boy in my story.

This hottie is a trifle lean, but he certainly has that wicked, devil aura about him.....

So, what's the verdict? Hot devil? Wicked enough for us lusty ladies and our lusty LIT readers?


Genella deGrey said...

In your story, yes. He is way yummy.

However, in my story, Lucifer is a greasy, emaciated, (I've cast Johnny Depp for the roll - I think he'd love to play Lucifer –Tee-hee!) SOB who uses people and circumstances to wreak havoc on humans. Essentially, he's one of the bad guys in “Remember Me.”

That's the beauty of weaving stories, we can create a whole new universe, switching things up to keep it interesting.

:) :) :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

I concure Genella, JD would love to play Lucifer I bet!

For reason I have yet to understand, I always picture Lucifer as this sharp-dressed man. Gorgeous, sleek, coniving, mesmerizing to look at, a voice that slices right through your soul to the deeper faults within...kind of guy

In the movie Crossroads, for example, the Devil is played by a black man who is dressed like a gangster and his entourage also are blinged out--decadent greed.

Interesting the perceptions we have,eh?


Genella deGrey said...

So far, Viggo Mortensen has been my favorite movie Lucifer.

It was a small part, but as they say, there are no small parts, only small actors - Which wasn't the case in "The Prophecy." He was frickin' brilliant - totally stole the show – and creeped me out big-time.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Genella, I LOVE The Prophecy! What a great movie, and Viggo was the bomb as Lucifer in it.

Interesting all the takes on the Devil. For me, I was thinking of Lucifer more as a beautiful fallen angel cast out (the first fallen angel, really). This guy really fit the bill for that!!! My husband was scandalized when he saw the picture on my story board...however, it never fails to inspire.
On another wicked Wednesday, I'll have show you the inspiration for the guys who make up the Brethren of angels in my story....they're mighty fine, too!

Genella deGrey said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the hotties, Charlotte!

Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, according to biblical history. So Johnny Depp would be perfect for the part, as he is both yummy and talented.

Yummy and talented. Can a girl ask for much more than that in an entertainer?


PS: Not roll, but role. Duh, G! : /

Charlotte Featherstone said...

and he does a hell of a pirate, too!!!!

I LOVE Cap'n Jack!!