Friday, October 3, 2008

Inspiration of another kind...

I'm not sure how other authors handle that "debut experience" of their first book. Me? I feel a bit like I've been holding my breath these last few days!

The jury is still out, true, as thoughts turn to the business side of this fun adventure of publishing (sales , etc) but now and again moments happen that thrill, challenge and completely take you by surprise!

Such is what happened today when I was checking my email and found a response from USA Bestselling erotic romance author, Renee Bernard. I had asked her to read Cozette and if she found it "worthy" would she consider offering me her thoughts? Admittedly , I was more than a little nervous. This woman is known for her hot historical works. (In the immortal words of Garth[Waynes World]..."I'm not worthy," comes to mind!)

Here is what I found in my email box this moring, prefaced with-"here is my raw reaction..."

okay, DEEP BREATH... "An intoxicating read! I couldn't put it down! Amanda McIntyre delivers a senusal story, unforgettable characters and an erotic journey of discovery and delight. It's a breathtaking ride, full of heart, and one sure to stay with readers for a long, long time!" -- Renee Bernard, USA Today Bestselling Author.

Bowl me over with a feather.

I also received a quote from a seasoned Harlequin author who writes Presents and Desire, and this means much to me as Cozette is not considered traditional romance... "I haven’t read a book in one sitting in years, but I read yours from beginning to end because I couldn’t put it down. WOW! I loved it!"~Pamela Dalton,HQ Presents/Sil Desire Author.

I fully realize that not all the feedback will be the same as this,(already I have at least one person who didnt care for the book at all) but this makes that first week of "breathing" just a little bit easier.*G* Then mom is reading it this week...that could be interesting!*g*

Now, if you REALLY want your breath to hitch? Check out all the cast interviews of The Tudors over at Youtube!! *Le sigh*



Charlotte Featherstone said...

Kudos on that! I think feedback from readers are so important for writers. I know it is for me. And you know, I don't mind it when a reader writes and says, "I didn't like ____, and this is why." As long as it's not some slashing, flamming hate email, I'm okay with knowing what disappointed the reader. Sometimes, I've used that criticsm from one book and have changed something in another....

But I digress....

Again, congrats on such a fantastic review on your book. I have yet to dive into Cozette, but like I told you previously, this weekend is earmarked for nothing buy the sofa, a warm blanket, a Chai latte, and Cozette!

Kristina Cook said...

I must say, I LOVE feedback from fellow writers--especially honest feedback. One of my best writer friends, Caroline Linden, has read all my books, and we always have such interesting, thoughtful discussions about them. Even better, she gives her opinion on which she thinks are the best, and why--which is good information to know!

And BTW, I'm about 1/3 through COZETTE, and *loving* it! If it weren't for the VP debate last night, I'd probably have finished it already!

Genella deGrey said...

That so rocks, Amanda!

And remember, we can't please every one all the time. I hope that takes the pressure off all writers.

Just remind me I said that later. :D I can't even imagine what's going to happen with mine . . .

Amanda McIntyre said...

How true, Genella!

I had kind of a fun treat this weekend when I was in iowa City to see my eldest son and we went to w Barnes & Noble and found Cozette under the New romance section! 6 copies!

Woohoo! did I bit of networking . but it was kind of a rush ;))


Kristina Cook said...

Amanda, isn't that the *best* feeling?! (as an author, I mean!) To walk into a store, and see your book there 'in the wild', on the shelves?!

A big, BIG hug of congrats!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Kristi! Having never experienced it before this weekend, I have to say it was a rush-though I remained dignified as I stood there gawking at it LOL

I left BN all of my business cards and got the store social directors biz card to send out stuff to him.

One of my target reader audiences has always been College students.I think they tend to be mnore open minded in their reading.

So there in Iowa City (University of Iowa) I was doubly glad to see Cozette on the shelf.
Of course, I would rather see them having to "reorder" LOL

It is quite daunting to stand in the romance aisle of a store of that magnitude and look at all the books and think of your teeny tiny offering among them.

A very challenging and very humbling moment.

also with my last name, I was placed right beside Debbie Macombers new book--that I almost wished I'd had a camera for LOL

Thanks for your kind words~