Friday, October 24, 2008

What Is Your Fancy?

Well, I thought I was going to be released from my blogging duties today when I saw that Amanda--the darling love--had posted. Not so, said the others. I am most seriously displeased, not to mention quite put out that I have been all but dragged out of my warm bed to do my duty!

However, frowning and sulking gives me facial lines and that just cannot be condoned. So, I fear, I must put away my fit of the blue devils and 'get over myself' as Charlotte is so very fond of telling me.

Now, then, what shall we chat about? I have not had my morning port (I dislike these modern times when one must drink nothing but coffee or tea in the morning) so I will admittedly not be at my most charming or witty. But bear with me...

Yes well, I must stop lamenting my loss of port, and start thinking....what can we chat about? Surely not Viscount Raeburn. I'm sick to death of hearing Charlotte droan on about the poor tortured soul! Give him his opium already and be done with it. I'm playing second fiddle and becoming quite sullen over the thought!

Certainly, I'm not going to discuss deadlines because, frankly, deadlines can go to the devil for all I care. And book covers??? Come now, I am tired of seeing that bloke on every cover. Surely, I am just as (what is the modern venacular, oh yes,) stacked, as Nathan??? And with a better pedigree, I assure you!! But the chap does bring up a quandry for me.

In reading the responses about covers, and perusing my fair share of them on this beast called 'the net' I have come across an alarming trend, one that men in my day would never conceive of as being masucline.

The Hairless torso. The hairless arms. The hairless...well, I've been reminded that this is a PG13 site. Whatever the bloody hell that means.....

However, I digress. Let us get back to the smooth chest. Do women really like them? Would it be offputting to have a little dusting of hair? After all, that is what marks a man. In my day, we lounged about waiting for that first glimpse of black silk. I surely wouldn't have ordered my valet to shave, pluck, or god above, wax it off! And that little line of fuzz from the navel to the well....dark lands, is a pathway of exploration that surely women cannot resist?

So, I, Lord Craven-Moore ask, "Are you into the hairless look, or is a little bit of hair desirable? Is it different in books, then in real life? Pray tell, what is your fancy?

Adieu, ma petite anges!



Amanda McIntyre said...

My dearest Lord C.M.,
Perhaps your duty is better served if you return to your warm bed?


Lana said...

Personally I'm quite fond of the smooth chest on book covers and in real life, though I'm never averse to the dusting of hair or the 'happy trail'. Oooh the happy trail...

But I don't much care for smooth not-to-be-mentioned-for-fear-of-upsetting-the-PG-13-rating bits. That just seems weird to me.

And in historicals, it doesn't feel right if the hero doesn't have some chest hair. Not behold-the-return-of-the-woolly-mammoth chest hair. Not a 'thick mat of curls'. But some hair is nice. And honestly? If the hero is well-written, I don't mind either way. As long as nobody uses the term 'mat'. Because that just makes me think of matted and unhygienic. Ick.

(And I loved the style of this post!)

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Lana...what about pelt??? lol!
That ALWAYS makes me laugh and go ewww at the same time.

I'm with you. In real life hubby has a nice chest, and I like it, but I do like drooling, er, I mean looking at the those book covers with smooth chests!!!!

Tasha said...

I do agree that a hairless man is somewhat ridiculous, but I'm not for the fuzzy look either. A little hair on the chest and the happy trail are just enough to let you know that you're dealing with a man and not a boy =)

Christina said...

There needs to be more hair on men's bodies. That's what makes them HAWT!

Kristina Cook said...

I'm definitely of the 'prefer a little bit of chest hair' camp!! But yes, no 'mats' and certainly no 'pelts,' LOL!

But I can occasionally appreciate a smooth, hairless male chest--Sawyer from LOST comes to mind!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Give me a shadowed jaw, a smooth, gleaming, bronze and ripped torso,so I can watch him sweat~~ (tatts on the shoulder or bicep optional)
Very similar to Lord CM actually...where is that man when inspiration strikes?


Genella deGrey said...

A smooth chest, provided the chest is young and well-built, is quite yummy.

However, a treasure trail I could totally get into.

For a more mature man, say 40's, hair happens. And I'm ok with that, too.

- Who enjoys the delectable man buffet from Heaven.

Christina said...

I should clarify my previous comment (the thought of all these men had my mind going wild!) that a nice, even covering of man hair is good. Not the wooly mammoth look or anything like that.

It's great seeing bare flesh on a guy, but there's so much of that on covers that when I see a nice bod with some hair, it really stands out! Oh, and I love stubble (Yum!)

Amanda McIntyre said...

I am such a stubble fan too Christina! Such good fodder for love scenes..."the gentle chafing of my sensitve skin from his shadowed beard." *sigh


flchen1 said...

I admit I love the look of the gleaming bare chests and abs, but some hair is a good thing, too! I'm just not fond of tons of it--as Lana said, a "mat" just doesn't sound appealing...