Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wicked Wednesday -I am a loyal subject

I am a loyal subject.
There. it is done.

The only thing better than my debut release has got to be word that The Tudors series continues on Showtime. I have not before found need for paying extra for certain channels as I do not watch TV. But after buying the first season on DVD, I am captured/entranced/smitten...a most loyal subject, as it were.

Be that as it may...
were I to envision my hero, Mr. Coven in DIARY OF COZETTE (imagine an eye patch and a bit of a scar on his cheek, please) this would be him. To use Cozette's own words, " Ernest, your eyes are what I loved first about you. They are what kept me going each day. Whether you have sight in one or both, I will cherish them. And most especially, when you look at me."

Indeed, can you not too be smitten by his look?



Kristina Cook said...

That actor looks *so* familiar--what's his name??

Amanda McIntyre said...

actor is Henry Caville. He plays Charles, on The Tudors. HOwever, he was also Trisitins half bro in Tristin & Isolde!
I think he's hot.*grin*

Charlotte Featherstone said...

And, um girls....he's ALL mine!!!
I nearly fell off the couch last night when I was watching the Tudors season II premiere. When he was shirtless laying in his bed with a sexy little smirk on his, yeah, I was pretty much rendered speech, and as Mr. Charlotte so eloquently declared 'all eyeballs and teeth'....
Truly, I'm smitten, and ADDICTED!!! LOL!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Like Hades, you say!!!!!
Addicted! Clever girl!!!
Yes I could see where staring too long at Henry would have the same effect as your opium indiced hero!
that said....

Few are the times I would go to the pulling of hair and scratching of eyes, but for this one I would!
Cat fight!

Poor Lord Craven...where is he?
I think he has retired from the screeching of us slobbering over Cavill! Perhaps his pride wounded?
Or per chance, just getting into the juicy parts of Diary of Cozette!

Let us sneek up on him and see what he is doing!

Kristina Cook said...

Ah, yes....Henry Cavill. When I was working on a YA manuscript, I had a picture of young Mr. Cavill taped to my desk for inspiration! He was 'playing' my dark, brooding young hero!

Definitely hot! I forgot he was in The Tudors.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Good lord! Must you all fight over him???

I have heard nothing at all this entire day but , Cavil this, Cavil that! Does not my shadowed beard suffice, my ladies? Do you not wither into a pool of liquid delight when I but turn my smokey gaze toward you?

Drat! And it is mild in comparison to the bitterness in my bones when I think of how this young Cavil has snatched you from beneath me!

And you can take that however you mean to!
Tell me , what has this Hollywood rogue got that I don't?

Blasted! I'm going now to sulk and read a bit more of that woman's diary. I f I cannot find my pleasures here, then I shall have to live vicariously through the eyes of her suitors!

Expect that I shall not bejoininig you for dinner this evening, ladies. I have made arrangements with one of your guests...Genella I believe was her name...

~Lord C.M.