Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Those "Bad Boys of Halloween"

Tis the season...Samhain is upon us and our thoughts turn to those mysterious hunks of the night!

They possess our hearts, capture our imagination, arouse our desire with but a simple look or a wicked smile.

You are no longer in control, mesmerized by the heat of passion in their predatory gaze.

Darkness falls, surrounding you in a velvet blanket of sensuousness.

You succumb, a willing participant in the ethereal shadows as your every sense is heightened....

Captivated by their undying charms, you are swept away from reality, floating on a sea of bliss...enraptured, enchanted...

Until at last, they have you just where they intended from the start...forever in your heart, timeless in the dark, secret places of your mind. Rooted, a part of your senses, they will never let you go....

May your Samhain be filled with the passion of the night!



Charlotte Featherstone said...

Cool pics!!!
I see you managed to get Edward in there for Kristina! lol!
And thanks for Johnny!!! I luuv Johnny.
I'm not much for blond guys, but the first pic...well, he's pretty hot!!!!!
Now, if only one of them would come around my house trick or treating!

Anonymous said...

And where the devil am I in this list of bad boys????


Amanda McIntyre said...

Interestingly...the first pic and the last are related...can anyone post how they are related???????

Pardon my lord, these "bad boys" are but sequestered to the my lord, as those of us who have the intimate blessing of knowing you well, are acutely aware that your status as "bad boy" is a character-trait, not simply seasonal.

With a few tricks as your special treat come the full moon ;))

Kristina Cook said...

I'm just happy to see Edward Cullen and some Johnny Depp goodness in there! YUM!

Genella deGrey said...

Yay! That was fun!
I'll have to go back and read the words now.
G. the easily distracted.

PS - Have a blessed Samhain and a Happy Halloween!

I'll be at Disneyland tomorrow.

Amanda McIntyre said...

we aim to please, Kristi ;)

and G you lucky thing!!! Disney on Halloween!!! what fun! come back and tell us about it!!!

Blessed Samhain!

Amanda McIntyre said...

anyone hazarding a guess on the relation between the first and last pics???????

Come, you can do it!!