Sunday, October 12, 2008

Found my inspiration!

I'm working on LOVER'S DAWN, my first erotic novella for Harlequin SPICE right now, and really trying to get a visual in my mind of my hero, Will Cooper.

The novella is set in Edwardian-era England, and Will comes from a dubious background--his mother is a washerwoman, and no one knows who is father is, though it's assumed that he is a (probably married) gentleman. Someone (likely his father) has paid for Will to attend university, and he's now a botanist working at Cambridge's Botanic Garden. So he's that interesting mix of rough-around-the-edges working class but educated and artistic. He's a reader and thinker, but used to using his hands and working hard.

Because I'm a very visual person, I generally look around for a photograph--usually of an actor--to inspire my current WIP's hero. When I find *just* the perfect picture, I print it out, write my character's name on it, and tape it to my computer desk. In essence, I "cast" the character in my mind.

Anyway, I hadn't yet found my picture for Will. Then, I caught one of my old favorite movies on cable--Desperately Seeking Susan. Oh, how I *love* young Aidan Quinn in this movie (and I love Aidan Quinn in general!). So, I did a bit of searching today, and VOILA! I've found my Will! To me, this picture of Aidan perfectly embodies the character and all his subtleties.

Thought I'd share....

Pretty nice, huh?!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Oh, very nice, and I wouldn't mind him using his hands on me....
And this is cool, because now I can visualize Will!!

Genella deGrey said...

I just love the color of his eyes - so dreamy . . .

Amanda McIntyre said...

oh Aidean Q. lets see, I love him in Legends of the Fall and Practical Magic--those gorgeous eyes showcased so well in both flicks! and that smile! Le sigh!

lovely visual!!