Monday, October 6, 2008

An Erotic Research Book Review

I've had this book on order for a while now, and finally it arrived on Friday, and what a delight it is. I purchased this book for research for my next historical hero, Lord Wallingford, who's book Sinful, comes out in May '10 ( you will get to see him in Addicted first). Wallingford is a complicated fellow, cold, aloof, with a jaded outlook and a stinging tongue~a bit of misogynist, really. But beneath that facade is really a very passionate man, tortured by a scandalous past and a dark secret. He is an earl, an heir to a dukedom and he is an artist--painter and sculptor and most notorious libertine.

I thought this book would provide some much needed inspiration, and did it ever. I would recommend this book to writers who like to write in the mid-late Victorian period, and also the early part of the 20th century. It has stunning coloured pictures, and very interesting ancitodal text~it is also extremely erotic. I really didn't know alot about the erotic art movement, other than some of Rodin's sculptures. Mistakenly, I believed that the period mostly produced naughtly playing cards, burlesque and erotic literature. How wrong I was. What impressed me most was the art, while erotic, was also very sensual and emotional, something I, myself, like to convey in my writing.

If you're not a writer, and don't require research, I'd encourage you to pick up this book for the lovely plates, and the art alone. Especially if you're a fan of erotic romance, you will find this very intriguining. I certainly found it very inspiring!

I purchased it off the Victoria and Albert museum shop (V&A museum-London) They have a very informative website with a large collection of pictures. Fascinating place, and one I hope to visit soon. If you're not a fan of the era I mentioned, visit the site anyway as they have artifacts from the Dark Ages right up to present day modern furniture. Their 'exotics' exhibit are awe inspiring. India, Middle East, East/West Indies are all there in their colonial slendor.

Does anyone else have any other erotic painters, books, portraits that might recommend for inspiration? Do you have a favorite piece of erotic art you'd be willing to share?


Kristina Cook said...

Wow, that book's cover is gorgeous!! Definitely sounds interesting. As far as erotic works of art...I can't help you there! LOL!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Erotic art is fascinating. if you look very closely for example, at some of the Egyptian artifacts, there is a number of interesting pictures to be found. And isn't India the home of the Kama Sutra?
During the rise of the Pre-Raphelite movement, the male artists views and artwork was considered "erotic" for the period. It became more so as they rebelled harder against the strict social and political norms of the times in London.

I have the statute of Cupid & Psyche here in my office. And the famous statute, "The Kiss" I've always found erotic.

A great many of the famous statutes on Europe have an erotic appeal.

This looks like a great book!