Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Temptation Tuesday: Boxers or Briefs?

The age old question. Let's talk men's underwear, shall we?

To fully understand the history of this battle, one must understand the history of the garment itself.

In 1925, Jacob Goloumb, founder of the 'Everlast' (sports equipment) designed a special loose-fitting leather short to be used by professional boxers. These shorts allowed greater leg movement, which if you are a boxer --you'd want to 'float like a butterfly;sting like a bee'-right?

As time--and underwear--wore on, manufacturers of mens undergarments introduced the jockey-style brief in the late 1930's. But issues beyond their tight-knit comfort began to um...arise.;)

Random studies indicated that the restrictive tightie-whities may create excessive high temperatures and restricted movement which in effect could cause lowering of sperm count. Uh-oh.

Further, there was some indication that consistent and undue genital pressure may have had something to do with testicular cancer risk. Though all of this remains unsubstantiated and simply theory, it was enough to spawn a new age for the "boxer!"

Since around World War II -- the popularity of the boxer came back due to its ease in movement and fabric content.

And so the battle of the boxer vs brief commenced.

 "Underoos" (knit brief) were introduced to appeal to the younger set of males with their cartoons and super-hero design.

For the older male, in recent years,boxers have made a comeback, utilizing patterns and design and well as the introduction of hip hop, which made baggy jeans and showing off your fancy boxers a sort of 'bling' to your butt thing.

I still don't get how that look is remotely comfortable!

Boxer's remain a  popular choice by many men and now, too, more women are reported to wear boxers to allow greater freedom of movement, greater air flow and style.

In recent years, as the popularity of men's undergarments surged forward to compete with the likes of Victoria's Secret (lingerie for women) and other like-minded  companies--designers such as Calvin Kline, Abercrombie & Fitch--even Hanes-- and Hilfiger made men's underwear a fashion statement to contend with.

 Introducing the latest--the boxer brief--a combination of the stylish free-form boxer and the knit comfort of a brief--this has recently become the underwear of choice for many men if you follow the sales. (Me? I kind of  go for the whole visual thing...)

Ads now run as many spots for mens undewear as do womens underwear. Male sports figures are featured predominately wearing their boxers or briefs of choice. *nice

No doubt about it...men's underwear has come onto the fashion scene with a vengence, just as it has with women's lingerie.

 And I have to say... I'm just as happy they have.

What about you? Are you a boxers or briefs kind of gal?

Or is commando your thing?



Charlotte Featherstone said...

Cool post, Amanda!

Well, first, let's get this out in the open. Commando to me is HAWT!!! However, the thought of my husband going commando makes me giggle. Not that he does, but to me, commando has to fit the man..tough, built, tats...you know, the whole package deal (pun not intended!) It takes a special man to pull off commando.

I'm definitely not into the whole gangsta deal with the knickers showing over the jeans. It just looks....odd. And uncomfortable. And the furtherest thing from sexy in my mind.

And I'm not into the boxerbrief either. They look strange to me.

so, for me, it's boxers. I like 'em. I especially love how my hubbie's muscular thighs look wearing them! blush...

So, for the record, this hussy likes commando for romance heroes, and boxers for real life!!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Yeah , Charlotte it's a toss up, but admittedly I think there is something uber sexy about a man in boxers!

The commando thing--well, I could never get past the potential pain of the zipper (ouch) to see it as sexy! LOL

Now,that said-- add in the idea of a kilt or sport pant and thats a whole different ball game ;) (no pun intended!)

As a writer, I dont know that I've ever spent a lot of time offering the visual of the hero in his skivvies from my heroines POV as I have the other way around--interesting.

What do you think?

Would you like to read more about what the hero looks like in his skivvies from the heroines POV?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a boxer brief kinda gal. I actually shop for my hubby, so he has no choice but to indulge my love of the boxer brief, lol.

Commando...I likey, but my hubby wouldn't do it. He says everything is just hanging all over the place, lol. I guess it's like us going bra-less for the day.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Well, from a historical perspective, not sure those 'men' knickers would be sexy! Don't know though.

It always makes me laugh when I think of how women's 'drawers' drove men insane with lust. Cause I don't think they're at all sexy, but supposedly when they first came out, it made men salivate like the Victoria Secret catalogue does now....

Amanda McIntyre said...

Really true on the drawers aspect, Charlotte and hasn't everyone heard the idea of little Timmy hiding out in the bathroom looking at the Sears & Roebuck catalog of womens lingerie? Thats what I remember.;)

What I found (speaking of salivating) and let's not even go to the pic of D. Beckham in his skivvies--is the number of ways manufacturers came up with in deciding the flap front to boxers...

first their was the button closure, then the snaps (one and two) and finally the design of the simple overflap--I surmise for ease...of well, whatever might present itself.;)

Barb, I like the correlation of going braless with things flapping about--good analogy!


Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

What a very thought provoking topic today Ms. A! Whew, had to wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth! And off the keyboard! Now that that is all cleaned up... I shall put in my two cents! =)

Commando is super duper hawt!!! But I agree with Charlotte, it has to fit the man. The WHOLE package deal. Tough, built, tats, dark, mysterious man ~ his whole package *evil grin* And I am not sure I would see a man like that in real life... those are my heros that I can see pulling this off.

When I think of a real man (my man...) NOOO commando!!
Oh my real man, boxer briefs for me. It sculpts to their thighs, drawing attention there.. and **cough** other places.
Boxers are for sleeping...

As far as your second question... reading the description from the heroine... It would be nice, but we get other visuals from her when she sees him naked. **blushes** Such a hussy am I! Or when she describes him with his clothes on. Knowing what he wears underneath would be a bonus! LOL!!
Have a great day ladies...! Off to look at these pictures again! Some one has to do it!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Now , one thing I do find interesting as I thought a bit more on this (and Ive thought Waaaayyy too much on it already today) is that all the men in my family choose the newer boxer-brief.

I've never asked (nor will I) if any of them have ever gone"commando"--I think I would have nightmares--though if anyone it would be Ben. and thats pretty much where Im going to leave that one...


Amanda McIntyre said...

That was my aim to get the old brain started this morning, Ms C;))*cough*

I hadn't thought about the whole scuplted thighs look for boxer briefs--but certainly that is evident in these pics, eh?

With regard to the heroines POV, thats my point-we only ever really read the description once the hero is stripped bare--or when he is fully clothed.
For the hero POV, it can be her clothes, dressing gown, corsette and drawers, or a push up bra and thong--so many variables and if you write historical0good lord..the layers of peeling a woman down to the bare essentials can take up a page and a half!

Unless they are just ripped off! LOL

It would be interesting and I may have to research this more and maybe the Lit ladies can come up with some sample vignettes of seeing a man in his undewear from the heroines POV...

now I have to say, one thing comes to mind and that is in the old west when the men wore those thin one piece sleeveless undergarments and they go to bathe in the watering hole...

that transparent cotton is as equally enticing as would be a wet -t-shirt contest, I suppose.



Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Now to give this proper thought. You are right in the historical setting, a lady in her drawers and man in his breeches... I guess without Victoria's Secret where would I be! So back then, that was the equal. Especially the corset. And we could spend pages stripping a woman down. But a man is always about the bare essentials ~ always. So, there would be no difference with his clothing. With men, they are more visual creatures. The look of the lace on her curves, the look of her breast in the push up bra, the way the thigh highs cling to her thigh. Things like that. We ~ women~ just give me a man without a shirt on!
As far as the old west days, you are right with the transparent undergarments.
Describing a man in his clothing and stripping him down... I think I could handle that, lol!! It would be nice to see a heroine do that to her man. Now that I think about it, I do remember reading parts of the woman watching and describing the hero undress in front of her... Hummm... I may have to go to work with a very short sexy story... When I get home of course, lol!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

You go , Ms. C!!!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

I detest the historical word usage of 'small clothes' or 'smalls' in reference to a man's underclothing. It gives me that rather icky visual of a banana hamock......and I'm definitely leaving off there....

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Charlotte, you are too funny!

ranearia said...

dpends on the man, but am a slik boxer girl myself ;D

Genella deGrey said...

Amanda - What a GREAT post! Hehe!

In an historical, it takes a considerable amount of time to get a woman out of her underpinnings - I think that's why we have our heroes going gaga over them for much of a page. :D

Also - Have you ever stood there in front of a man in your stockings, drawers and corset? I have. It even feels sexy to me.

In my bolder days during historical reenactments, before the events I used to help the other gals dress while in my underpinnings. The men loved it (which is the whole reason I did it. ;) ) Oh the flirting that went on! (And on and on. LOL)

As for men's underwear - Hey, I'm down for anything - as long as they are clean. :D

I dated a guy once who wore black silk boxers just for me - on special occasions, of course. :)


Kristi Cook said...

What a fascinating topic, Amanda! I love how your mind works, LOL! :o)

Real life, give me boxer briefs. I still salivate, just remembering the huge billboard of Marky Mark in his Calvins high above Times Square in the early 90's. Yum!

Historically speaking, though, I picture my heroes going commando under their breeches/pantaloons, etc.

The idea of commando and modern men in jeans, though....yeah, I worry about that zipper, too!

Genella deGrey said...

Oh, yeah - I will never *ever* think that belt below the @$$ thing is sexy.

A little boxer sticking out of the top of the waist line is OK, but the other looks like he is incapable of dressing himself.

WOW! Gettin' down with my snob-self today, baby!

Amanda McIntyre said...

LOL Banana Hammock?

My mind, sometimes Kristi--its a scary thing;)
I do remember that ad of Marky Mark!Seriously hawt!

and ranearia--silk...yes...I can remember a few of those as well--sort of the best of both worlds in terms of "sculpted" and 'free and easy'
*shae says as he mind trickles merrily down the gutter....


OUr Own Ms. C has written a short story and I may have to twsit her arm to let us post it...must read first to check rating.. when Ms. C lets her inner hussy go wold it can get spicey!

stay tuned!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Good lesson on underpinnings G! Visual and all--ahem!
your younger days..you hussy, we know better;))


Genella deGrey said...

LOL - How about an underpinnings party for readers at RT?

Oh, I am EVIL!!!!


Jane said...

I like boxers, but boxer briefs are nice, too.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thank you for weighing in, Jane!

I do find myself in an utter quandry on this topic...perhaps more research is needed on the topic...

yes, yes...more research.


Genella deGrey said...


Who says research is boring?


Jane said...

Are we talking about hands-on research?

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh research... ***raising hand... memememememe*** I love research, especially this kind... Hey, you think I can go research with our very own Lord Craven-Moore!! **evil wink and wick grin**

Amanda McIntyre said...

oh Jane...you little minx.;) I knew beneath that elegant exterior lay the heart of a wild woman.

But of course! Hand on!!
why when you consider the texture of the fabric, how well it launders, its durabilty under pressure...how else could one possible do such research?

Wait a minute...have you done this before???


Amanda McIntyre said...

Of course, Ms. C. speaking of..what does Caleb prefer??

Lord CM, well now there is a man who I would say is commando even though he does not yet bear the tatts on his body--he does in fact, have the "right stuff" so to speak to pull it off.

I have heard he has a special drawer in his wardrobe filled with silk boxers--gifts from admirers since he came to the manor...

Interestingly, each came wrapped with disposable camera and an address to send it back to...

I wonder what that was all about? hum...


Kira Daniels said...

Another fab topic!! I love these posts. I'm a day late, but I gotta comment.

I love men in boxer-breifs. Something about they way it hugs their ass and other parts *winks*.
And I agree about it takes a certain type of guy to pull off commando. A real tough alpha bad-boy. Sometimes I see guys and I just know they are commando and my imagination just takes flight!

And research-- I love me some research. *beg* I have a bulging ART file for just that purpose. ;)

Veronica Bennet said...

Wow Amanda, a difficult choice.
These men are wonderful!
The question we should on real men, the men of every day. Unfortunately, all so not beautiful!
However I'm kind of gal briefs!

Unknown said...

Boxers, Boxers, Boxers!!!

YAY, love a man in boxers!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Dotti/Tink--we don't want you to hold back your true feelings here....;))

Im curious though, what is the fascination??? (it is my preference as well)

But Im not sure I can pinpoint just why???


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