Friday, October 16, 2009

Beastly Men

ok, I couldn't resist this title. Barbara from the Happily Forever After blog used this term in a book review, and it gave me the warm fuzzies. We all know those kind of men, don't we? Those mad, bad and dangerous to know heroes from romance novels and movies. They're kind of the anti-hero, aren't they? You're never quite sure who's side they're on, but you're panting for them anyway. There's something about them that gets us thinking, makes us want to strip away the layers and discover what lies at the center of this man. Of course he's brooding, mysterious, dangerous-- lethal, but sexy, surprisingly gentle with the heroine, and he makes us want to have have him all to ourselves.

Well, anti-heroes are really beginning to make a surge in romance, and my writing buds and I are going to pitch a workshop idea for RWA nationals about creating the anti-heroes--The tarnished hero, shining him up-- just enough!

I love writing those types of men. Lindsay from Addicted was one, Wallingford from Sinful definitely is, and the Destroyer character from Immortals of Annywn series is most certainly one...and you get to witness his fall, too!!! But we need more!!!!

So, we'd like to do some research, and we'd like to include a reading list in our handout for all those lovers of anti-heroes. And who better to come to than our well read, man knowing LIT friends!

So, put on your thinking caps, and recommend your favorite,or favorites anti-hero from any book or movie.
(and you knew I had to put up the pic of Gary Oldman as Dracula...I have a perverse fascination with him in those glasses......)


Anonymous said...

Oh I just LOVE the anti-heroes!!! Sigh...

Okay, let's see now...

Well, I loved Derek Knightly from At Loves Command. But I think I've said that a million times, lol.

Who else...Oh, man, Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. Dude was Judas for crying out loud! And yet, I was salivating the entire movie. *hangs head in shame* I'm so bad.

I also ADORE Eric from Tru Blood. he's just so wickedly sexy! Sookie loves Bill and Bill is just soooooo sweet, and utterly in love with Sookie. But when Eric and Sookie are together, my inner bad girl screams, "Take her, Eric!!"

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Writing these down, Barbara!!!!

Awesome picks!

Kristi Cook said...

Hmmm, trying to decide if Rhett Butler fits into the "anti-hero" category. I guess he sorta is--at least, he appears to be. But since the book is a saga, there's time for his "redemption." Then again, there's no HEA, right?!

Do you think James Bond counts as an anti-hero?

OH, OH....I know!! Richard Armitage's Guy of Gisborne in the BBC Robin Hood!!!! Drool..... Maid Marian had to be an idiot to chose Robin over him.

Kira Daniels said...

Since I don't watch movies or tv very often, I will have to list a couple of book characters.

Anti-hero's are my fave...well, and dark heros. Not too much difference I don't think.

Lets see... Gabriel from BROKEN WING by Judith James.

Zarek the dark hunter from Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Nykerian from BORN OF NIGHT by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Zadist from BDB series by JD Ward.

IMO these are all characters that really don't change that much from start to finish. They may make room for the heroine in his heart, but really he stays the same. The heroine must accept him just the way he is. LOVE this sort of hero.

VampFanGirl said...

Ooooo the anti-hero. *shivers*

Let's see...

The Archangel Raphael - ANGELS' BLOOD by Nalini Singh

Colin Ames-Beaumont - DEMON MOON by Meljean Brook

Judd Lauren - CARESSED BY ICE by Nalini Singh

Grayson of Concordia - THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW by Denise Rossetti

Seth Mackey - BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by Shannon McKenna

Have a great weekend!

;) VFG

Jennifer said...

I've got a major thing for Josh Holloway on LOST. So much so, I named my Mini Dachshund puppy after the character. :) Sawyer is mean yet heroic and just too hot for words.

And I also love Lindsay from ADDICTED. I'm about 5 chapters away from the end of the book, and can't put it down. What a fabulous love story, Charlotte! ADDICTED has a permanent spot on my keeper shelf. I look forward to reading it again and again.

Kristi Cook said...

Oh, man, did I forget Sawyer?! You're right--total anti-hero, and definitely too hot for words. Especially when he wears his reading glasses....

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Great ideas guys! I've written them all down. I can't believe that I forgot Guy of Gisbourne!!!!

And Jennifer, I'm so glad you're liking Addicted. I put up an excerpt for Sinful, if Wallingford interests you at all!!!!

Have a good weekend everyone!

host said...

Hi! The supreme anti-hero for me is Dante from In the Blood and A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix. I just can't decide if I love him or hate him :)

Veronica Bennet said...

But how come I had not seen before this blog?
Here are two actors definitely perfect.
Two different men, yet both fascinating.

Amazin Mr.Depp and alone Mr. Oldman!


p.s: Always forgive my terrible English, please.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Veronica!!!

No bad English here! Welcome. And Mr. Depp, and Mr. Oldman...yumm!

Anonymous said...

All the anti-heroes from the Carpathian series by Christine Feehan. They are mysterious on the verge of turning vampire and absolute killing machines yet they are saved by their true lifemate...YUM.