Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Samhain!!

Samhain (pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/ translated means "summer's end"-sometimes known as the harvest festival, it is also called "the festival of the dead."   Many consider Samhain as the beginning of the Celtic New Year, ushering in the dark "half" of the year when the earth begins its descent into dormancy and quiet.

Long ago, in medieval Ireland, Samhain, or 'Féile na Marbh' was celebrated with a gathering in the royal court of Tara, or Hill of Tara, near the River Boyne. This is considered to be a sacred place where kingships made their offerings through pagan rituals.

From the spark of a ritual fire of the kings, a  great bonfire was lit on top of the Hill of Tara, where it could be seen for miles, welcoming all of Ireland to gather together and celebrate with rituals, song and dance and light the fires of their homes for the next year. The celebration is still carried out in many pagan sects on this first three days of the month--to celebrate "summers sunset."

It's a quintessential day to begin the All Hallows Weekend! A cold front moved in yesterday bringing with it a foggy , steady rain (hello, you'd think I lived in Seattle!) and this morning, its chilly, grey and the burnished red, gold and orange leaves lay sodden everywhere, clinging to any surface to avert the high winds that have blown in from the north.

Yep, its my kind of day.;)

As the northwest winds spin the leaves into a frenzied quick dry--the Lit Ladies are also ushering in the release of the first in the Celtic Spice mini series--WINTER'S DESIRE releases on Nov 1, but I hear rumors that already you can find it at a few brick & morters across the country! 

Join us November 2 and 3 for a full on--48 hour bash with prizes that you cannot believe--including signed coverflats, special Celtic Spice water bottles, a beautiful necklace, Lorenna McKennit CD and the hunky Gods of Football calendar!!(you might have to pry that out of my hands, just sayin')

We'll be giving you sneak peeks to each of the stories, talking about the legend that inspired this anthology , Winter's Solstice legends, and MORE Celtic Spice anthologies on the horizon!!  Mark your calendar and tell your friends--you dont want to miss this one!

Have a safe and sensational Samhain!

The Lit Ladies & Lord CM


Anonymous said...

Great history on Samhain! I never knew any about it before today.

Kristi Cook said...

Oh yeah, that picture of the three witches....that's us LIT Ladies. Amanda on the left, me in the middle, Charlotte on the right. Bet you didn't know we were so hot, did you?! LOL!

Interesting history--and hey, I've been to the Hill of Tara!! I probably have pictures somewhere. Maybe I should try to dig them out. There was definitely electricity in the air at that place.

Amanda McIntyre said...

oh please post those! that would be so awesome!


and yeah... I look like that every morning ;)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Omg... Thank you for the history lesson. I never knew that before. I love learning new things... Especially things that really hit home!!! And the picture... I love the three witches... Agreeing with Kristina!!! That is my ladies from LIT!!!! You ladies rock... You are going to get tired of hearing me say that... but you all do!!! You are amazing women!! Ones to look up to!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your time, your effort and your talent!!! Happy Samhain!

Kristi Cook said...

Awwww, love right back at you, Cecile!!

Lisa Logan said...

What a gorgeous graphic of the maiden, mother, and crone! Blessed Samhain to all the LIT Ladies. :)