Friday, October 31, 2008

Promo Pimp and Contest

I, Lord Craven-Moore would like to announce the unveiling of Charlotte's lovely new website. And no, it is not I peeking through those gossamer curtains at Charlotte! I knew you ladies would think that!

However, I am happy to announce she has a new website, and a newsletter which I understand will contain all her important release news, and it will house those racy excerpts readers of erotic romance love so much.

The contest,I hear you cry? Well, simply sign up for Charlotte's newsletter, and you'll be entered to win an Advanced Reader Copy of Addicted. If we get enough signees, I might actually be able to persuade the old girl to part with more than one copy!

So enter soon! As soon as the box arrives, I'll pick the lucky winner(s) and announce it on the blog. And sadly, no.....I cannot be bribed, as much as I would like to.

Happy Haunting my little goblins!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Those "Bad Boys of Halloween"

Tis the season...Samhain is upon us and our thoughts turn to those mysterious hunks of the night!

They possess our hearts, capture our imagination, arouse our desire with but a simple look or a wicked smile.

You are no longer in control, mesmerized by the heat of passion in their predatory gaze.

Darkness falls, surrounding you in a velvet blanket of sensuousness.

You succumb, a willing participant in the ethereal shadows as your every sense is heightened....

Captivated by their undying charms, you are swept away from reality, floating on a sea of bliss...enraptured, enchanted...

Until at last, they have you just where they intended from the start...forever in your heart, timeless in the dark, secret places of your mind. Rooted, a part of your senses, they will never let you go....

May your Samhain be filled with the passion of the night!


Monday, October 27, 2008

A Lady of Worth

I've been ruminating lately on the topic of heroines. Lately, I've been reading a lot of books where the heroine is definitely blech, and most are meh.

Frankly, writing women is not my forte. Strangely, I seem to write strongly from the male POV. Whenever a new story crops up in my mind it is always from the hero's pov. Strange, then, that I consider myself to be feminine and womanly. By that I mean I like flowers and glam and glitz, high heels and pretty lingerie. I've been known to squeal when excited and giggle when embarrassed. I even cry during anything with even the barest hint of sadness. In essence, I guess I'm a girly girl. Despite all this, I find it very hard to connect with heroines.

Writing and reading the perfect woman in a romance is a daunting prospect. Kind of like the women of old who were considered 'accomplished'. So much went into that word. And so much goes into the character of a 'heroine of worth'. What is it that makes us so hard on these fictional characters? Is it because we see them as 'rivals', or because they make us feel inferior about ourselves? Why are we so hard on these heroines, when in reality we allow their heroes miles of trespasses?

Frankly, I like a heroine who is soft, womanly, with a strong inner core, a backbone when needed coupled with vulnerability. In essence, I want my heroine to be more like me. Because, after all, I'm picturing the hero with me. Stands to reason his lady be like me!

I dislike perfect characters. Both female and male. I can't relate. I want to relate. I mean, I *really* want to relate to these women. But lately, I find it rather difficult. They are either silly or so sexually self confident that I find them off putting. I mean, really, someone who has never looked in the mirror and wanted to change something about themselves? Maybe there are some really super self-confident women out there that LOVE every single fibre of their being, maybe there are women who bring a different guy home every night and get down and dirty without wondering if he finds her hot, or if her rear is too big, or god above, can he see her cellulite. Maybe she's out there, but frankly, she, isn't me. I don't mean to say that I want to read a romance in which the heroine is forever angsting over her looks and has a major confidence problem. I just want a bit, just to reassure me she's human, and so that we connect--woman to woman. I don't like these gorgeous sexually agressive women. They make me feel a trifle inferior. And I don't like feeling inadequate. Which brings me to the next sort of heroine. The scary ones.

I confess that these 'kick ass' heroines don't do it for me. I don't run around kicking ass and carrying glocks. That is SO not me. Even in my wildest fantasies, I do not see myself running into the fray and getting down and dirty with anything that could be remotely termed 'hand to hand'. Nor do I see myself sitting on the sidelines ringing my hands together whimpering with fear. I'm more likely to see to the medical bag, get my stuff lined up, anticipate the injuries, while trying to stem some anxious nerves. See, capability mixed with vulnerability. That works for me. That's believable. I mean, I'm all about suspending reality when I read. I devour really strong, capable heroes. For me, heroes can be a rakish libertine, a fallen angel, a demon, a 280pound vampire, but damn it, his heroine had better be someone I can identify with and like. In essence, that heroine had better share a few of my traits, quirks and desires.

But that's just me. Maybe not all readers feel the need to be the heroine.

So what about you? What's your 'lady of worth'?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Check out this video!!

Kristi's RT Convention spot

As RT Workshop director, I was so thrilled to have three of my Genre Captains talking up the upcoming Orlando convention! And to have one of them be our very own
Kristi Cook/Astor I am...well, decidedly giddy!! Nice job, Kristi, lookin' good!!

Pamela Johnson
aka Amanda McIntyre

What Is Your Fancy?

Well, I thought I was going to be released from my blogging duties today when I saw that Amanda--the darling love--had posted. Not so, said the others. I am most seriously displeased, not to mention quite put out that I have been all but dragged out of my warm bed to do my duty!

However, frowning and sulking gives me facial lines and that just cannot be condoned. So, I fear, I must put away my fit of the blue devils and 'get over myself' as Charlotte is so very fond of telling me.

Now, then, what shall we chat about? I have not had my morning port (I dislike these modern times when one must drink nothing but coffee or tea in the morning) so I will admittedly not be at my most charming or witty. But bear with me...

Yes well, I must stop lamenting my loss of port, and start thinking....what can we chat about? Surely not Viscount Raeburn. I'm sick to death of hearing Charlotte droan on about the poor tortured soul! Give him his opium already and be done with it. I'm playing second fiddle and becoming quite sullen over the thought!

Certainly, I'm not going to discuss deadlines because, frankly, deadlines can go to the devil for all I care. And book covers??? Come now, I am tired of seeing that bloke on every cover. Surely, I am just as (what is the modern venacular, oh yes,) stacked, as Nathan??? And with a better pedigree, I assure you!! But the chap does bring up a quandry for me.

In reading the responses about covers, and perusing my fair share of them on this beast called 'the net' I have come across an alarming trend, one that men in my day would never conceive of as being masucline.

The Hairless torso. The hairless arms. The hairless...well, I've been reminded that this is a PG13 site. Whatever the bloody hell that means.....

However, I digress. Let us get back to the smooth chest. Do women really like them? Would it be offputting to have a little dusting of hair? After all, that is what marks a man. In my day, we lounged about waiting for that first glimpse of black silk. I surely wouldn't have ordered my valet to shave, pluck, or god above, wax it off! And that little line of fuzz from the navel to the well....dark lands, is a pathway of exploration that surely women cannot resist?

So, I, Lord Craven-Moore ask, "Are you into the hairless look, or is a little bit of hair desirable? Is it different in books, then in real life? Pray tell, what is your fancy?

Adieu, ma petite anges!


The Morning After

My apologies, Angel FACE (yeah, not enough coffee this yet today) is a great cover, but not the one I love of Suzanne's--the one I love is The Morning After (also an exceptional story!)

here it is for your viewing pleasure...Christine..look away ;))

Diary of Cozette

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Whole Nathan....

As promised, here's the picture of Nathan Kamp from the TO LOVE A SCOUNDREL cover--this is on the spine, showing his whole face--whereas on the front, his face is mostly cropped out. Nice, huh?!

It's a little grainy, but you get the picture! What I *really* love about this cover art--besides Nathan, of course--is that the bracelet that he's holding plays a *big* part in the story. I'm so glad that the cover artists were able to incorporate a piece of the plot into the cover art. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.

And to answer that age-old question, nope, us authors have no say whatsoever in our book's covers. Some publishing houses do ask the author to brainstorm ideas, or have authors fill out cover art questionnaires, but there's no guarantee that our ideas will be used, and generally we have no 'say' in the final artwork.

It is interesting, though, that trends in cover art seem to go in cycles. When I was first published, 'cartoon' covers were all the rage. Then there was a period where headless women were in vogue, then headless men. For a while there, couples in a sexy clinch were back in vogue. I'm not even sure what the current trend is--actually, I think it might still be the couple in a clinch (which I, personally, love--as long as it's not that cheesy old 80's style with the hero with a mullet and heroine with her dress falling off, climbing up the hero).

Now it's time to 'fess up: Are there any particular cover styles that particularly catch your eye? Or that you really hate?

Diary of Cozette now available on Audio!

This is just for fun!! Give a listen to how DIARY OF COZETTE sounds in Audio ;)

Harlequin Audio sample

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Late night Tuesday inspiration

So I sent this to Charlotte one night for inspiration... wherein she replied, "Where is Mr. Featherstone??" and I didnt hear from her again until the next afternoon.

Trade secret to her torrid scenes is revealed...
think of it as appetizer to tomorrows Wicked Wednesday pic...
Im thinking pirates....


The Debate is on

So is it possible that this new up and coming cover model , hotter than hot is the same one that dons Kristi's upcoming Lords of Desire?????

inquiring minds want to know! what do you think???

The Boys Club

It's past the midway point of October,can you believe it? I feel like its flying by so fast! Reading again this sumptuous excerpt of Charlottes made me realize that I have been remiss in announcing my current free read, THE BOYS CLUB going on right now at eHarlequin.

Celebrating the release of my first Spice Victorian erotic historical, **PLUG ALERT** Diary of Cozette--each Wednesday and Friday HQ offers a new chapter from this steamy Victorian short and a chance to voice your thoughts on what you think will happen next.
and yes...Eric Bana is the LIT poster boy for all things sensual and uber-sexy!!!

That brings to mind perhaps another idea--maybe we should have an excerpt day here at LIT??? what do you all think?


Addicted Excerpt: Meet Lindsay, Viscount Raeburn

I believe that every writer has an opus, and Addicted is mine. For as long as I can remember, I have been lured by the dark side in me. I've always been fascinated by the submersive, and as a consequence, I always wanted to write about the mysterious, and exotic opium dens that littered London in the 1800's.

On a whim, and after a good solid push by my cp (Kristina) I decided to write the book of my heart. The thing with writing the 'book of your heart' is that it can cause you a tremendous deal of angst and fear. Will it sell? Will I get an agent with it? Will readers want to read it? Will readers like him? Will I be trashed for writing such a book?

When one writes such a book, the first and foremost rule is that one cannot be afraid of the book. It is made that much easier when the editor involved sees your vision and supports it. I was most lucky when my editor, Susan Swinwood emailed me to say, 'please bring the opium use to the forefront. Show readers just how messed up Lindsay really is'. That email was most freeing as a writer. The further edits were liberating, and really allowed me to write not only the book, but Lindsay as I saw him.

Lindsay is, the most complicated, and complex character I have written to date. Upon reflection, it is not the opium use that makes him thus (although that's a significant part) but because he is, well...human. He is beautiful and sensual, and sexy as anything, but he is also at times stubborn, short sighted, easily tempered and self-righteous. Everyone is wrong, and he is right. Everyone is against him, and he is alone in the world. In essence, he is everything that we ourselves have been at times in our lives. This made him most difficult to write as a romance hero. And Addicted is a romance. Yes, it is erotic, and the characters are not something you'll find in mainstream romance, but their story is, first and foremost a romance, as well as a journey in betrayal, loss, growth and love.

In my writing, I have grinned, chuckled, laughed, become aroused by characters and situations. I have never cried-- until Addicted. There are three separate places where I balled like the proverbial baby. This sense of emotion really stretched my writing skills. While blubbering like a watering pot, I visualized him so clearly, and felt his and Anais' pain so acutely.

I always saw Lindsay very clearly. And like my LIT ladies, I like to have visual inspiration for my characters. In Eric Bana, I saw Lindsay. The curly hair, the mainly physique, the brooding, the mysteriousness, the ability to laugh. In essence, complex, manly, sexy. Lindsay's hair is darker, his eyes blue, but the rest of him is very much like the pictures in this post. (I hope the visuals don't disappoint!)

Finding a suitable excerpt for a PG13 audience was a bit of a challenge. I wanted to give you a good feel for the book. I wanted to entice you. I wanted you to fall in love with him, as I have done. I'm not sure if this is a good starting point, but I've chosen it because I love the visuals, and I think you'll have good feel for Lindsay's inner mindset.

I hope you enjoy, and please, feel free to comment, negatively or postively after reading.

Without further ado, I give you the beginning of Addicted!

Slave. Minion. Fiend. The others who have come before me have been called such things, but I prefer to think of myself as a disciple; a devout follower of my voluptuous mistress.
They say my lover is a sinister beauty, and perhaps they are correct. But when caught in her heady embrace there is nothing sinister about her. How can she be evil, when she bathes my body in a thousand raptures? How can she be anything but a radiant sorceress when she takes me to heights never before experienced?
No, my mistress is many things, but not a succubus in a gossamer cloak. True, she demands much from me, but I know how to coax and coddle her so that her black flesh responds to my skilled hands. Between my fingers, she melts like a woman in the throes of climax.
I warm her, care for her, wait patiently for her to cloak me in her sensual and supple embrace.
I worship her.
She is here now, I realize, as I see the gray fingers of her arrival begin to swirl up from the altar I have prepared for her. Soon she will be curling her fingers in my hair, caressing my face and covering my mouth with her evocative beauty. I will taste her heady fragrance on my tongue, inhale her bittersweet scent deep into my lungs. My mind will cloud, will begin to wander and float. I will fall back on my red velvet cushion, drunk with anticipation…
Among the gossamer tendrils, my mistress rises up like Venus from the shell. She beckons me and I allow her to take over, her greedy hands swathing my body and mind in a frenzy of orgasmic temptations.
Soon her ethereal mist will begin to evaporate and part like the branches of a tree in the wind, revealing the flesh and blood woman my body desires. The flesh and blood woman who will never be found here in this den of pleasure.
This is the moment I live for with my mistress. This power she has to conjure up my most sacred, private fantasies. The beckoning enchantment she entices me with is the glimpse of the woman I crave, the woman who has ruled my heart for so long that I can see no others except her. Desire no on but her.
Through heavy-lidded eyes I will see my flesh lover, her pale skin tinted the color of cream, her long golden hair glistening like corn silk in the sun as she stands before the candle and brass burner. Through the vapors, I watch her disrobe for me, her breasts spilling from her gown. Unbound, they are lush and full, the pale pink nipples pearled, waiting for my hands and mouth to show her pleasure. Slowly, as if to extend my torment, she waits to reveal the rest of her lovely form.
She is always naked, my angel, and she always desires me. The real me. The man I am. Even though my mistress is there watching, whispering into my ear.
It is always a ménage, this coming together. Always my mistress comes between my flesh lover and me. But in the world of red smoke and dreams, the two who hold me enraptured, live harmoniously side by side. There is no anger. No petty jealousy for my attention. No demands that I give up the other.
For I couldn’t. I need both like I need breath.
One rules my mind and my strength; the other, my heart, soul and body.
The one knows me as a man, an aristocrat with a secret.
The other knows me for what I am. An opium addict.
Slave. Minion. Fiend. I suppose I am. But I prefer to think of myself as a disciple. It is so much more palatable to believe that this path I walk is based on devotion and faith—not the bonds of slavery.
next week, I'll give you a glimpse of Anais, Lindsay's lover.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Well the news is OFFICIAL! Harlequin SPICE has picked up two more of our "Celtic Spice" antholgies!! Celebrating the ancient traditions, legends and myths surrounding Celtic festivals, Charlotte, Kristi and I teamed up to create these unique anthologies based on a legend of the festival and stories set in three different time periods that relate back to that festival.

Its been a challenge and a serendipitous adventure as the muse strikes and somehow we come up with these ideas! Plotting and sculpting a story and helping each other sculpt our stories has been a very fun and rewarding venture!

So we hope that Showtime will see the brilliance of these stories and decide to put them on just after the Tudors--we'd be okay with that!! LOL

Watch for the first in this smash SPICE series coming to bookstores, November 2009 with the first book, 'WINTER'S DESIRE." Based on Winter's Solstice, this anthology brings into play an ancient chant between two star-crossed lovers and their forbiddden love.

Coming subsequently will be our "Celtic Spice" anthologies based on the ancient Beltane and Samhain festivals, with more to come!!

Also watch for the launch of our new sister blog site "Sisters of the Celtic Spice" that will feature Celtic legends and lore as well as special features on how we do the research, music and fun places to visit for inspiration and other exciting events we have planned in association with this series!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Contest Winner of 'Your Personal Hell'

Hi LIT readers! Well, the winner of your personal hell contest has been picked by a very excited 9 y/0 who picked the entries out of a 'Dale Earnhardt Jr' hat! lol!

So, the lucky winner is.....


Who's personal hell was a junk room, and don't we all have that facing us. My entire house looks like one big junk room.

flchen, if you'll send us your name and mailing address to the email addy, we'll mail out your copy of Diary of Cozette by our very own Amanda McIntyre, along with a copy of Master of Surrender, Karin Tabke's VERY sexy medieval.
Let us know how you like them after you're done reading.
Thanks for playing everyone. There's more contests coming up, and more bloggers and interviews lined up for the coming months. Keep checking back with us.

Have a good weekend
oh, and do check back in the next coming days. Lindsay, the wicked Viscount Raeburn will be making his first official appearance!

Addicted~first review!

Well, it's here! The very first preliminary review of my erotic historical set in Victorian England. The proofreader who read the manuscript at Harlequin has posted a review of the book, and it's wonderful, not only because she said really nice things, but because she got the characters and the underlying theme of the book which is always so satisfying to a writer.

So, without further ado, here is her review.

Addicted Book Review created by vickiso on October 5th, 2008, 10:58pm

Lindsay's twin obsessions: the seductive red smoke of opium, and his lust for angelic Anais. He cannot have both. But when an ultimate betrayal drives the lovers apart, Lindsay must drive himself to win back his love...or fall into the arms of his Oriental mistress.

A darkly seductive, heart-wrenching, sexy, stimulating read and a terrific story readers of erotic historicals will love. Lindsay is a beautifully flawed man, paired perfectly with Anais, whose virtue and morals are as questionable as her lover's. A tearful tale about loss, love, addiction, and fighting for the things you want most.

Coming to Spice Books, February 2009.--review by Vicki So, proofreader

Okay, after reading the review, anyone want to read an excerpt? It'd been an exclusive one. I haven't even posted an excerpt on my website yet! lol!

So, if you had a choice of an excerpt what would you choose...

A) an opium scene with Lindsay

B) a PG 13 rated sensual scene between Lindsay and Anais

c)Part of the first chapter

Have your say, and comment a, b, or c and I'll post something this weekend.

Thanks for letting me share!

by the by, I'll be posting the name of the winner from 'what's your personal hell' later on this evening. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Tudors

Yes, I have added shameless promo for one of the best shows out there right now, at least in my opinion. This is the official Tudors site. A brilliant cast for a decadent and alluring time in history.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Found my inspiration!

I'm working on LOVER'S DAWN, my first erotic novella for Harlequin SPICE right now, and really trying to get a visual in my mind of my hero, Will Cooper.

The novella is set in Edwardian-era England, and Will comes from a dubious background--his mother is a washerwoman, and no one knows who is father is, though it's assumed that he is a (probably married) gentleman. Someone (likely his father) has paid for Will to attend university, and he's now a botanist working at Cambridge's Botanic Garden. So he's that interesting mix of rough-around-the-edges working class but educated and artistic. He's a reader and thinker, but used to using his hands and working hard.

Because I'm a very visual person, I generally look around for a photograph--usually of an actor--to inspire my current WIP's hero. When I find *just* the perfect picture, I print it out, write my character's name on it, and tape it to my computer desk. In essence, I "cast" the character in my mind.

Anyway, I hadn't yet found my picture for Will. Then, I caught one of my old favorite movies on cable--Desperately Seeking Susan. Oh, how I *love* young Aidan Quinn in this movie (and I love Aidan Quinn in general!). So, I did a bit of searching today, and VOILA! I've found my Will! To me, this picture of Aidan perfectly embodies the character and all his subtleties.

Thought I'd share....

Pretty nice, huh?!

Friday, October 10, 2008

What's Your Personal Hell?

Keeping with the Devil theme this week (btw, have you seen my Lucifer??? Check him out in the post below...)

Anyway, Devils, demons, hell. It seems the LIT ladies are entering the the subterrean hotbed called 'approaching deadline, and not yet started' hell. Yes, that would be us, in what writers love to call 'deadline hell'.

The three of us are under deadline, try like, three weeks. We're supposed to be writing an anthology that celebrates the beauty of the winter solstice. Kind of hard when you're sweating your baggets off trying to make deadline. However, us LIT ladies work extremely well under pressure~thank God. I think we're all really adreneline junkies, and our best work is usually wrung out of us under duress. So, here's hoping that will still ring true. Our hell is doubly hellish because the three of us have a new editor to impress the hell out of (sorry about the puns).

So, posts could be kind of shoddy around here. We do apologize, we are trying to butter Lord Craven Moore up so he can take over, but the man is brooding and pouting, and frankly, we're all ready to send to him to hell! Anyone take him on?

But, we do have a proposition for you, delurk and tell us what your personal hell is, and we'll draw a winner and send you a copy of Diary Of Cozette, Amanda's steamy little read, Plus Karin Tabke's hot and sexy medieval romance, Master of Surrender.

We'll draw the winner Friday October 17th.

So, tell us...what's your hell?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wicked Wednesday

Well, it's that time of the week again, when Mistress Charlotte starts trolling her man candy pictures. This week, I've gone with my inspiration for an erotic paranormal series that is at acquistions with Harlequin Spice. It's a series about a prophecy, and a brethren of fallen angels. This particular inspiration is Lucifer. He's quite the naughty boy in my story.

This hottie is a trifle lean, but he certainly has that wicked, devil aura about him.....

So, what's the verdict? Hot devil? Wicked enough for us lusty ladies and our lusty LIT readers?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harlequin Spice Cover Artists come through again!

I have never seen a Harlequin Spice or Spice Briefs cover that I didn't like.
And this one keeps the magic going!

It took my breath away. I just received this for my August 09 medieval erotic historical, Tortured. These folks at HQ Spice are incredible , don't you think? Thanks for letting me share~


Monday, October 6, 2008

An Erotic Research Book Review

I've had this book on order for a while now, and finally it arrived on Friday, and what a delight it is. I purchased this book for research for my next historical hero, Lord Wallingford, who's book Sinful, comes out in May '10 ( you will get to see him in Addicted first). Wallingford is a complicated fellow, cold, aloof, with a jaded outlook and a stinging tongue~a bit of misogynist, really. But beneath that facade is really a very passionate man, tortured by a scandalous past and a dark secret. He is an earl, an heir to a dukedom and he is an artist--painter and sculptor and most notorious libertine.

I thought this book would provide some much needed inspiration, and did it ever. I would recommend this book to writers who like to write in the mid-late Victorian period, and also the early part of the 20th century. It has stunning coloured pictures, and very interesting ancitodal text~it is also extremely erotic. I really didn't know alot about the erotic art movement, other than some of Rodin's sculptures. Mistakenly, I believed that the period mostly produced naughtly playing cards, burlesque and erotic literature. How wrong I was. What impressed me most was the art, while erotic, was also very sensual and emotional, something I, myself, like to convey in my writing.

If you're not a writer, and don't require research, I'd encourage you to pick up this book for the lovely plates, and the art alone. Especially if you're a fan of erotic romance, you will find this very intriguining. I certainly found it very inspiring!

I purchased it off the Victoria and Albert museum shop (V&A museum-London) They have a very informative website with a large collection of pictures. Fascinating place, and one I hope to visit soon. If you're not a fan of the era I mentioned, visit the site anyway as they have artifacts from the Dark Ages right up to present day modern furniture. Their 'exotics' exhibit are awe inspiring. India, Middle East, East/West Indies are all there in their colonial slendor.

Does anyone else have any other erotic painters, books, portraits that might recommend for inspiration? Do you have a favorite piece of erotic art you'd be willing to share?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Inspiration of another kind...

I'm not sure how other authors handle that "debut experience" of their first book. Me? I feel a bit like I've been holding my breath these last few days!

The jury is still out, true, as thoughts turn to the business side of this fun adventure of publishing (sales , etc) but now and again moments happen that thrill, challenge and completely take you by surprise!

Such is what happened today when I was checking my email and found a response from USA Bestselling erotic romance author, Renee Bernard. I had asked her to read Cozette and if she found it "worthy" would she consider offering me her thoughts? Admittedly , I was more than a little nervous. This woman is known for her hot historical works. (In the immortal words of Garth[Waynes World]..."I'm not worthy," comes to mind!)

Here is what I found in my email box this moring, prefaced with-"here is my raw reaction..."

okay, DEEP BREATH... "An intoxicating read! I couldn't put it down! Amanda McIntyre delivers a senusal story, unforgettable characters and an erotic journey of discovery and delight. It's a breathtaking ride, full of heart, and one sure to stay with readers for a long, long time!" -- Renee Bernard, USA Today Bestselling Author.

Bowl me over with a feather.

I also received a quote from a seasoned Harlequin author who writes Presents and Desire, and this means much to me as Cozette is not considered traditional romance... "I haven’t read a book in one sitting in years, but I read yours from beginning to end because I couldn’t put it down. WOW! I loved it!"~Pamela Dalton,HQ Presents/Sil Desire Author.

I fully realize that not all the feedback will be the same as this,(already I have at least one person who didnt care for the book at all) but this makes that first week of "breathing" just a little bit easier.*G* Then mom is reading it this week...that could be interesting!*g*

Now, if you REALLY want your breath to hitch? Check out all the cast interviews of The Tudors over at Youtube!! *Le sigh*


Diary of Cozette Book Trailer

My thanks to the talented Sahara Kelly who created this lovely trailer for Cozette!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

New pic!

So I'm working on...or supposed to be working on a medieval (Wales 1284ish) and I need inspiration!! Ive had 2 cups of java, stood in my sweatshirt, jeans and flip-flops on a 35* football field this morning watching a band march for a contest this weekend and still...I need something to rattle my bones as it were...
since my Link Heartthrob is at work, I guess I will have to settle for the Internet...*sigh.

BTW, if you have the chance we've got an interesting thread on this Torrid romance subject going on over at one of our sister blog sites-- Love is an Exploding
if you want to pop over and comment.
bit without further inspiration....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wicked Wednesday -I am a loyal subject

I am a loyal subject.
There. it is done.

The only thing better than my debut release has got to be word that The Tudors series continues on Showtime. I have not before found need for paying extra for certain channels as I do not watch TV. But after buying the first season on DVD, I am captured/entranced/smitten...a most loyal subject, as it were.

Be that as it may...
were I to envision my hero, Mr. Coven in DIARY OF COZETTE (imagine an eye patch and a bit of a scar on his cheek, please) this would be him. To use Cozette's own words, " Ernest, your eyes are what I loved first about you. They are what kept me going each day. Whether you have sight in one or both, I will cherish them. And most especially, when you look at me."

Indeed, can you not too be smitten by his look?


Wicked Wednesday!!!!!

You know its only fitting that the release of my debut erotic historical from Spice should fall on Wicked Wednesday--true it is that to some, my lovely Cozette (heroine of Diary of Cozette) could be considered "wicked" by the norms of her day. But in researching 19th century England, there was a great deal of "wickedness" going on and not all of it on the surface! I confess I stayed awake until after midnight to check the Harlequin site to be sure all was there on October 1!

I want to thank my Lit partners for allowing me the privilege of sharing an excerpt from Cozette here today.

I was thrilled to awaken to a note from a bookseller in South Carolina telling me he'd seen my book come into the store. Wow! He offered that the door was open anytime for a signing and requested bookplates or bookmarks that they might be able to hand out. Hello! On their way! LOL It was better pick me up than a cuppa java!(and thats saying a lot for me!)

For fun, I was asked by Harlequin to write up what they call their "Free Reads". THE BOYS CLUB--set too in England--begins today with one chapter posted each Wed. and Fri. through October. Let me know what you think!

So to celebrate I thought I would give you a glimpse inside Cozette's diary. Here is the scene (the lesser detailed parts and I am afraid edited as well) that led to the contracting of this story. Scene set up: Cozette, washing the linens is approached my Lord Deavereaux,a guest at the home of her Master and this diary entry she remembers her "first time" with a man (Note: EDITED to PG-13 version)

Septemeber 14, 1873

I smile even now when I think of what he taught me that sultry night long ago. A woman remembers the first time she gives herself to a man.

It was long after midnight and I’d changed into a simple frock, in order to wash my uniform as I finished washing the linens from the evenings repast. Mrs. Archibald has specific requests of how her linens are to be laundered. It is my duty to see her wishes carried out.

Mr. Deavereux looked as though he’d stumbled in from a long ride as he staggered into the kitchen. His heavy boots scraped across the brick floor and given his manner, one I’ve been privy to in many men, I speculated he was under influence of my masters private stock of brandy. However, I do not know how he would have parlayed the key from Mrs. Farrington.

I stood at the washroom door, uncertain whether to offer my help or return to my work.
My heart stood still, for he was most certainly a breathtaking man. He was handsome, tall, with broad shoulders and a supremely wicked smile. His dark, wavy hair, groomed before, now fell over his shoulders in rebellious disarray. It appeared he’d tossed his shirt on in haste as it hung loose from his breeches
His unbuttoned shirt framed a muscular chest, sprinkled with a few dark curls that gave way to the washboard plane of his lean waist. I would not permit my gaze to travel lower for I did not want him to think me a loose woman.

He did not speak, only glanced up at me briefly and offered a subtle nod affirming my presence. That is the way of things and though I know it is not socially acceptable to speaker to those of lower classes, I find the behavior rude, if not all together ridiculous.

He rummaged through the bowls left from evening meal and tore off a hunk of bread, chewing slow, savoring its taste. My breasts tightened in speculation of what his lips would taste like as my gaze clung to his mouth.

I stepped back into the small washroom and returned to my task, ignoring his midnight feast as I scrubbed the linens against the washboard.
A moment later, a small sound caused my gaze to snap up and there he stood at the washroom door, his arm braced on the doorframe, all but undressing me with his eyes. Though it made me blush crimson then, now it gives me only pleasure to remember his gentle care and attentions.

Outside the rain tapped against the small windowpane of the room. It was secluded, private from the world outside by a hedge and the scent of wet grass clung to the humid air. The dusky illumination of a single candle flickered enough to spark the imagination of our secret tryst.

I was not naive to the evidence of this man's desire. I'd seen how he looked at me while I served his meal,(edited)...

For what reason I chose him to be my first, I cannot say. Perhaps it was a matter of timing, two strangers in need of comfort. Nothing more than a few stolen moments when nothing else but pleasure matters. Or per chance I was drawn to the glint of challenge in his eye, his stallion-like tendencies waiting to be tamed at my hand.
(edited content)....

To my young and fertile imagination, he was, my notorious pirate and I his lusty wench. My suspicions tell me that I am quite sure Mr. Deavereux is fully aware of his handsome features and dos not waste a moment in using them to his advantage.
I could not speak for I was both fearful and aroused at the same time. If what I sensed was true, there was hope that this night could change my life forever.

With that thought in mind, my breathing nearly stopped when he appeared. I turned back to my duties, focusing on the wash.
Without a word, he approached me from behind and pressed his body against my back.
"I saw how you looked at me, the desire in your eyes. Tell me now to stop and I will be crushed."
He pressed his thighs against mine, pinning my legs between him and the wooden washtub.
My breath caught, a small whimper escaped my lips as his arms came around my waist, his chin resting on the sensitive curve of my shoulder.
“Do not be afraid, I would sooner die than hurt you.”
He nuzzled the corkscrew curls at my temple, his hands gentle on the slope of my neck, easing my inhibitions, releasing me from my fear.
His skin, warm from the sudden humidity of the rain, intensified his musky, male scent, further arousing my state of desire. In my solitude of laundering, my imagination had already gathered a bounty of fruitful musings about the handsome Lord.
I wanted something, something wickedly decadent, and yet with a man of his stature, and the thought of my position at the manor, I was reticent to continue, though my body yearned with an ache that I did not completely understand. But oh, how I wanted to.
He cupped his hands, lowering them into the tepid, sudsy water and lifted the shimmering pool in his palms to the level of our collective gaze. With sweet, sensuality he tipped his hands, deliberately allowing the water to trickle slow over the bare flesh of my chest and disappear past the smocking of my dress. I closed my eyes to the exquisite sensation of the water cool against the heat of my skin.

His breath hot against my neck filled me with wonder that I could have such a powerful affect on a man. He seemed rather to enjoy the game, taking his time, wanting to please me as much as himself...

So to read the edited parts you must, I fear, buy the book *evil grin* or wrangle it free of Lord Craven's hands...the man has not put it down since the messenger delivered his personalized copy this morning!

Dare I tell him that he is my inspiration?? Nay, let him wonder instead...*grin*