Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Read! Just in time for Samhain....

A little vampyre story to...um, warm your blood...

Based on a description from BUILD A HERO during my TORTURED blog tour-this story was inspired based on Leontine's R.'s fabulous hero description, using her name as my heroine and the hero's description--this short story is what came to mind...UNFORGETTABLE.

If you missed it the first time--you can read it again this week at her blog of 'hawtness" Leontine's Book Realm.  My thanks to Leontine for her great art work in creating the perfect image of these two!


Kristi Cook said...

Whoa, *great* story!! Okay, where's part 2?! *grin*

Genella deGrey said...


Kira Daniels said...

Terrific story!!

btw-- my spam word was sporm...I'll let you figure out what I read first. LOL

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

OMG, this story is freaking amazing! This woman can write! Just give her a pen... and watch the words just pout out!

Kira... OMG... that is hilarious! I know what word I saw first!

I hope you ladies have a great day!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks guys! That was so nice for Leontine to post it again.

Okay, Im lost withthe whole spam word thing...though beleive it or not m it didnt take much to figure out the word LOL

gosh I wonder how many other emails it went out to that way????