Friday, March 13, 2009


At last, we have a cover!! And it's gorgeous, too....Look for it on shelves November 2009!

And don't forget to stop by on Monday, when we'll have guest blogger Jeri Westerson in the house, talking about making the middle ages sexy! She'll also be giving away a signed copy of her sexy historical mystery, VEIL OF LIES, to one lucky commenter. See you then!

*** For those of you interested in an editor's perspective about hot historicals, Charlotte/Sophie's NAL editor, the gracious Tracy Bernstein, has agreed to guest blog here in late May--even sticking around to answer questions/comments from YOU, our loyal LIT readers! We'll let you know the exact date soon, so stay tuned! We're also planning on lining up a few more industry guests in the near future. ***


Anonymous said...

It gorgeous, ladies!!! I can't wait!!

Amy C said...

Oh it is is absolutely beautiful. That's one of those book covers I'd have to have on my shelves no matter what the content :)!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Wait till you guys see the wrap around of this cover! The back is just as gorgeous with the mystical, hauting looking forest! I love it. The cover really represents the premise of the story which is a celebration of the Winter Solstice.

And, can't wait to pick up Jeri's book. I love the premise of a medieval 'detective'. Awesome. I think readers are going to be intrigued by her books.

She has a very cool website if anyone wants to travel over and get a feel for her books.

Happy Friday!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Amy C, I'm telling you, the back is just as lovely as the front!

Maybe we can do some cover flats as prizes!

Amanda McIntyre said...

writing from a hotel room. yep this cover defintely depicts the ethereal sensuality of our Celtic druid princess. The collaboration and creation of these books with these ladies was great fun!

I am looking forward to Jeri's visit here, Reading her excerpt at her site , you will be too! Intriguing premise!

Be good all, Im on the road again...


Amy C said...

Ohhh, coverflats would be fabulous!

Now is this the anthology with the Annywn stories in it?

Amanda McIntyre said...

Sorry Amy, this is not the anthology with the Annwyn stories. This is a set of storties based on the various legends and lore of the Celtic year festivals.
there are two more currently in the works, Beltane Fire(spring) and Dark Pleasures(Samhain)


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Amy!

The Annwyn Chronicles are written under my pseudonym, Sophie Renwick. The introduction of that world will be in A Higlander Christmas antholgy from NAL (Nov 09). My novella, Yuletide Enchantment introduces readers to Prince Daegan who is a Night Sidhe and ruler of Annwyn. Then, the first book of the Annwyn Chronicles, entitled Velvet Haven comes out in March 2010.

Both projects are Celtic and mystical, but using different periods and differing mythology. We've been calling that project 'Celtic Spice' so maybe she should stick that!

It was great fun to brainstorm and pitch. I like to think of our Beltane anthology as a Secret Garden for adults! Have you ever seen or heard of The Green Man? Well, he figures heavily in that anthology, and he's a lusty guy as he heralds in spring. And the Samhain one is a dark paranormal that has roots in a story my gran used to tell me about the magica, and dangerous Nightwoods.

We're devloping a web page about the Celtic Spice books and are looking forward to unveilving it in the coming months!

Amy C said...

Thanks, Amanda and Charlotte. I must write this down so I know and remember which one is which! I love the idea of both the anthologies. It is the two subjects/genres I love to read most. Celtic and fantasy :). So it's really exciting to have something new to look forward to and spicy to boot!

So there will be two more in this series...I can't wait to see what the covers look like for the other two books then.

Amy C said...

Is the Annywn Chronicles written only by Sophie Renwick, or is it by all three of you also? I think that is what's confusing me :). But I'm gettin it sorted out :P. This last question ought to do it!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi there!
Well, we gotta get up the Celtic Spice website for you guys to have a peek at! It's gorgeous. And then you can learn about the Celtic fesitivals we chose to write about.
I'm excited about seeing Beltane's and Samhain's covers, too!

So, just to clarify, 'cause you know, I haven't had enough coffee today, and I might be getting everything jumbled...

Celtic Spice anthologies are written by Amanda, Kristi and myself for Harlequin Spice. They're all historicals, and start off with Winter's Desire.

Annwyn Chronicles are written by that dark side of Charlotte, under the name Sophie Renwick for NAL. You can visit to learn more about the Chronicles and check out some man candy in the character gallery.

Okay, off to the coffee pot!
Hey Amanda and Kristi, that reminds me, we need to find some man candy pics for the Celtic Spice stuff!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling. I need a few more cups myself.

I'm excited to see the new site, and super excited about the historical anthology!!! I've read both yours and Amanda's work. Kristi gets her turn this weekend because I will be starting Lords Of Desire!! Looking forward to it.

With the Anwynn chronicles I'm taking a leap out of what would be my normal reading material. But it's a good leap, I have complete faith they are going to rock, Charlotte!!

Kristi Cook said...

Okay, I edited the post with an exciting announcement about an upcoming guest blogger (an editor!) AND put up the back cover, too! Go look!

VampFanGirl said...

Wow, that cover is stunning! You've certainly been blessed by the cover gods ladies. :)

Anonymous said...

That is such an amazing cover! Not only beautiful but very sensual (wish more covers were as cool as that)

Kristi Cook said...

And here's a little more info on the WINTER'S DESIRE begins with a prologue that sets up the mystical Celtic legend that ties together the three novellas.

The first novella--Amanda's--is a medieval-set story entitled "Winter Awakening."

Next up, Charlotte takes us to the late Victorian period with "Midnight Whispers".

And I close the anthology with my Edwardian-set "Lover's Dawn."

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I think what I like about this cover is that it has that 'fantasy' feel about that ties in the with the Celtic theme so well. The forest is so perfect and almost exactly how I imagined those 'enchanted' woods in my mind as a kid.

I can't wait to see what they do with Beltane and Samhain!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Just back to town and love all the good vibes I'm feeling about this Celtic Spice anthology!

Its beginning is as mystical and serendipitous as the cover , and I think each of the stories is uniques unto themselves and yet are woven by a common thread.

That was our aim in these stories, to take a Celtic legend or lore associated with the festivals and write stories from different eras, breating the ancient legend into the stories.

Thye have been fun to write and discuss! We've had Jens grans input with a story about the woods and we've had input from legends of the Green Man and how he is revered yet today in many places.

I am Scotch -Irish, black Irish so they tell me, and I've alwasy had a fascination with faeries and Celt lore. I currently have Celtic inspired book out now called FAERY SONG, with the talented Isabo Kelly that speaks to the romance and mystery Faeries and legends.

Close to my heart, McIntyre is a family name!
And Im anxious to see what you all think of this new webiste we're prepping to launch!

Very beautiful! thanks to the talented Rae Monet! Who also designed my website and , Charlottes two websites I beleive.

Wait for it....


Charlotte Featherstone said...

What is Black Irish? I've always wondered about that term

Genella deGrey said...


You ladies totally scored!!

Simply sensational!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

You know, I'll be totally upfront here. When we first received the jpeg, we were all like 'ah, who's her plastic surgeon?' I mean, her bosom is know, perfect. ample. everything a man dreams about. We were on the fence about her, but our husbands...well, three thumbs up from the LIT manor guys!

Now, though. We're loving it. And really, the cover is very representative of what is inside on the pages.

Glad you guys are liking it. We hope the different take on a winter tale will be refreshing.

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I heard the term Black Irish, which I always thought was due to the apperence of someone who is Irish (ie: darker skin tone, darker hair color)
I always joke with my Dad who is german (my great great gandmother was irish- dad's side) if he's sure there isn't any more irish in his side due to his red hair (and my red highlights);D
I took after my Mom who is spanish/french

Amanda McIntyre said...

Black Irish is a term that my mom always used.

My grandmother's parents were McIntyre,some had dark hair, dark eyes and fair skin.(Black Irish sometimes are blue eyes and dark hair) I have other relatives on my grandmother's side who were Scotch-Irish.

On my grandfather Stone's side, my great- grandmother was French and English.

I've always used it as an excuse for how pale I am ;))
They call me Casper the friendly ghost! LOL


Amanda McIntyre said...

I admit to requesting who her plastic surgeon was ;)

hey, gravity works! LOL

It does truly remind me of our Druid priestess in this book and like Charlotte said, we are looking forward to seeing how they capture the concept of the other two books ;)


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

More on Black Irish; one theory to the olive skin and darker skin tones is derived from I beleive the wreck or something of a Spanish ship, that brought the darker gene into the mix of life. In the early days of the Celts and Romans and even after that, there was a great mix of cultures. Some agreed to by marriage , others not so much, but resulting in offspring anyway. Marriage was often a bargaining tool used to strengthen the protection from opposing clans and later the English, then after that.

With all the history of blending cultures, I'm thinking the majority of us are pretty much mutts on the face of this planet! LOL

On my fathers side, interestingly I have Cherokee genes. Go figure ;)


Anonymous said...

That's a cool bit of history Amanda!
*gets out history notebook and writes that down*

There's no such thing of
purebred human being on the planet we're all mutts and we should all accept each other because of it~
Instead of hate one each other because of our differnces

Amanda McIntyre said...

From your mouth to the heavens ears, Ranearia;) I couldn't agree with you more.

If you've ever seen the movie "Secret of Roan Inish" (one of my most fav movies of all time) they talk about the "other Irish" (dark Irish I think they call them) but attribute them to the Selkies--sea-sprits,who can change to human form, even marry mortals, but must return to the sea.
Highly recommend that film.