Friday, March 27, 2009


Hi everyone! I apologize for not being around the blog much this week. I finished the first draft of Sinful a few days ago and have started my Highlander Christmas novella which is due April 1. I'll admit to having a difficult time starting it. The novella is an introduction into the Annwyn world. Howevever, it wasn't the world that was holding me back, but the time of year. Christmas means winter. Winter in the Highlands of Scotland. Brrrrrrr. I'm dying over in my corner for the world for spring. I want to feel the sunshine on my face, the wind, softly scented, blowing through an open window. I want to clean my house (before it's condemned!)I want to walk barefoot in the grass. All in all, my mind is on spring, not winter. So, I wasn't into writing the novella.

However, the time has come. It can no longer be put off. Writing is my job, not a hobby. I can't just say 'oh, I'll write that when I feel like it'. That has been the most difficult transition for me as a published author~managing deadlines. I have issues with discipline, not imagination. I really have to find a way to change that. Thankfully, though, the muse has come and saved my fanny!

So, when I looked at the calendar and realized how many days I have left till the end of the month, and did my quick word count calculation, I knew it could no longer be put off. So, I began thinking of my novella. I knew where I wanted to go, knew what had to be in there.

The hero is a prince of the Sidhe. The heroine stumbles into a forest which happens to be the entrance into the Celtic Otherworld Annwyn. So, the introduction into Annwyn is there. However, in the Annwyn Chronicles, all the heroes are shapeshifters of Celtic origins. I knew that my prince Daegan should be, too. That's when I began researching my hefty book on Celtic Mythology and Folklore and came across a wonderful creature who would look mystical and regal in the snow, not to mention the wilds of Scotland.

That animal is the White Hart. Really, a hart is a deer, or stag. He's pure white. Very rare. He's been revered since pagan times as a the king of the forest. He presents to humans as a sign the Otherworld is near, or when there has been a great trespass against Otherworld inhabitants by humans. The great hart also figured into Aruthurian tales, and medieval beliefs. The Christians incorporated the White Hart as a means of drawing pagans into their religion. In early Christianity, the White Hart represented Christ. The whiteness meaning pure, and the rareity of the animal parralleling the uniqueness of Jesus.

This year, in the New Forest in England, a white hart has been spotted. The locals have named him snowy, and the people are fiercely protective of him. He's just a youngling, the locals estimate about two years old.

The White Hart must have been an awe inspiring site to the early pagans. Imagine, a pure white deer standing out amongst dozens of fawn colored fallows. No wonder they worshipped this guy.

So, naturally, I made Daegan a White Hart. A majestic beast who is king of the forest and ruler of the Sidhe. I found the picture above and fell in love with the sweet face of this animal.

I'm not quite certain, that if I had the ability to shift into any shape that I would pick a deer. I'd definitely pick something that could be pampered and adored and sleep for twenty hours of the day! lol! I'd also like to be hand fed, not kill my own food. Ewwww!
If you had that ability, what animal whould you shift into?

Best wishes for a spring-like weekend in your neck of the woods!


Lea said...

Wonderful post Charlotte!

There was a time that I devoured Celtic literature, enjoying stories set in Ireland particularly. Magic, brave knights, faries, druids and fair damsels - oh my.

Have you read any of Morgan Llywelyn's books?

Anyway, to your question. I've always been partial to wolves myself. I think it's the whole love of any canine. So, if I had my choice I'd be a wolf shifter.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Charlotte.

Best Regards

Charlotte Featherstone said...

A wolf, hmmm! Sounds found, and I bet finding a mate would be fun too! lol!

I still haven't decided what I'd be.

I haven't read any Morgan Llywelyn's books. Do they have romance in them? I don't necessarily have to have romance, but I find it a nice perk. I love the romance, and hot love scenes!

Which book would you recommended for a newbie?

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

This was truly an enlighting post Ms. Charlotte! It's always a bonus to learn something new!

What I would shift into if I could... humm... I would want to be a pampered white tiger! Hear me roar ~ hee! Notice I said pampered too! I have had a love for these animals all my life. When I was a child, my parents would ask me what I wanted for a pet: I would tell them I wanted a white tiger. Never got to own one **sniff sniff** but I do own a stuffed one, if that counts for anything!!!

Where I live, we just went through a bout of horrible weather last night that put a few of the school districts out of school for the day with tornados and twisters. So, hopefully today and this weekend will be much better! Hope you all have a wondeful weekend!

Anonymous said...

If I could change into any animal it have to be a Feline. I've been around cats all my life.
I love all animals, but cats hold a special place in my heart.
I love to shift into a Snow Leopard, as I hate the warmer weather and they're thick coat is like a warm blanket :D

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Cecile and Ranearia, white tiger and snow leopard...both amazingly beautiful animals, and very sensual, too, the way they stalk and slink. Good choices. Although the eating aspect we won't get into! lol!

Cecile, hope the weather is better for the weekend and that the damage from the storm was minimal.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Well, the eating aspect of being a tiger... of course I would have my meals cooked and feed to me! I am pampered remember! And since I shift, the people around me would know to cook my food the way I want it! But I would still hunt... it would just be the opposite sex I would be hunting to possibly mate with lol!! Imagination is such much fun!

I haven't watched the news or anything, but from what people are saying in my office it was pretty bad for those that were hit. Thanks for the concern. I am hoping that the weekend offers some beautiful weather!

VampFanGirl said...

Hey Charlotte,

I seem to learn something new everytime I read your posts here at 'Lust in Time'. :) The great hart sounds like the perfect animal for your king to shapeshift into. Very unique.

Hmmmm...if I could shift into any animal I think it would be a leopard or tiger, any large feline actually. They are just so magestic and beautiful. Plus I love the feline shapeshifters in paranormals created by Nalini Singh or Christine Feehan.

Awesome post!

:) VFG

Amanda McIntyre said...

I think a panther. I just think they are beautiful graceful creatures, seemingly comfortable in their own skin.
they always seem to have this sense of calm precision. Mesmerizing creatures to watch


Anonymous said...

Hey, Charlotte! I know all about discipline issues. I'm the queen of them.

Great post! If I could shift into any animal it would definitely be a bird--perhaps an American blad eagle. I would just fly and fly. I imagine the sounds of the wind whipping, and the feeling of weightlessness as I soared through the skies with my eyes closed. Ahh, so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

and that's BALD EAGLE, lol, btw ;) Sigh...okay, I'm going to be late for the dentist if I don't get my butt in gear...

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Barbara, interesting animal choice. Imagine the freedome and the views!

Amanda, another feline lover. I have to admit, I love dogs, and have never been a cat lover, but there is something about a large cat that draws the imagination.

VFG, I love one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's books, and I'm totally zoning on the heroes name right now. But his heroine is Bride. GAWD, I hate that!!! But you know which I mean, I luuuved him! Prrrrr

Genella deGrey said...

I'm with Barbara - It's all about the flying. :)

The first bird that popped into my head was a hawk.

Charlotte - You have an amazing imagination! I wish you tons of good writing energy!


Charlotte Featherstone said...


My daughter inherited my imagination, too. I love watching her play and looking at her art. She likes to design clothes.

I wish I had the discipline to keep up with all my ideas, but I do have a notebook and I jot down all my thoughts, weird or not. You never know when they'll come in handy!

I had this weird dream last night, and it started out with 'the first time I met death it was at a ball, and we danced, and he moved as graceful as any lord or duke'.

So, I wrote it down, and I'm now I'm trying to figure out how in the world I can approach my editor about writing a book about a woman who has a love affair with Lord Death.

I imagine a half dozen drinks could convince her!

Lisa Logan said...

Sounds great! And yes, the pagan god of Yule--the Holly King, etc., was often represented as a stag or wearing a stag's antlers.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Lisa!
yeah, that man with antlers thing. I read a cool story about him, in this one he was named Cerunnos. I liked it and have be thinking how to introduce that sort of creature! lol!

Thanks for stopping by

VampFanGirl said...

Ah, you're thinking of Vane, that hunk of yummy goodness. :) I love that he was head over heels for a plump heroine. 'Night Play' is one of my favorites of Kenyon. Good choice!

:) VFG

Anonymous said...

Ah, Vane & Bride's story was my fav too! Night Play was the name of it. I loved that the heroine wasn't this perfect little Barbie doll.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

See, I know you'd come through VFG!!!!! Vane!!! Grrrrr...prrrrr! lol!

Love that dude. I might just have to dig up that book on my keeper shelf and do a little re-read tonight.

my daughter has a friend sleeping over tonight, and it's kind of hard to go into my study and write while other kids are over, you know, owing to all the man candy on the walls, and the questionable literature scattered on tables. I do not need anyone going home asking 'what's dark sex magic' mean. YIKES!!!!!

Lea said...

Hi Charlotte:

Here is a complete list of Morgan Llywelyn's books:

I looked through it, as I remember I liked "Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish", and "Red Branch", which was the pre-equal to "Brian Boru: Emperor of the Irish" - an excellent book - but it looks like it may be out of print, I don't know.

I also liked "Druids".

Her books are historical in nature but also steeped in Celtic lore. There is light romance but not erotic at all.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Have a great weekend.

VampFanGirl said...

YIKES! Yeah that would make for uncomfortable conversation that would probably earn you a phone call from a parent. LOL!

Have fun with Vane. :)

Happy Steamy Reading,

Amanda McIntyre said...

Speaking of inspiration--

thank you for all the well wishes to get better and I am, slowly but surely.;) Boy, I cannot wait for spring, so I can throw open my windows and let teh wind sweep away the dredge of winter !!

I'll post here the reminder that Monday and Tuesday (30/31) Cover Model /entrepenuer Jimmy Thomas will be visiting the LIT manor.

He has an interesting new venture in the publishing industry and a fun contest coming up at this years Romantic Times Convention that you may all wish to hear about! Those planning to attend will want to pay special attention to this!

Have a good weekend everyone and hope you stop in Monday and Tuesday to make Jimmy feel at home here at the Manor.

Have a good one~

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Amanda, I'm working both Monday and Tuesday, but will try hard to access the blog from work. Sometimes IS blocks these sort of sites, but I'll try!