Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wicked Wednesay.....Well, hellooooo there!

I just discovered a new hottie yesterday! I caught the last hour or so of the movie P.S. I Love You on cable--and my jaw hit the floor when this guy came onscreen (yeah, imagine that--someone who looked good enough to distract me from Gerard Butler!). Had to do some quick internet first I thought he was Javier Bardem, but the Irish accent was throwing me. So, a quick trip to , and voila, the hottie had a name! Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Hellooooo, there. Turns out he's American, not even Irish. Huh.

But the best part?! I think I *finally* found the inspiration pic for the hero of my NASCAR romance, Damon Tieri, a hedge fund manager who falls hard for a (female!) racecar driver. I might have to go back and give my clean-shaven Damon a beard--or heavy stubble, at least.

Anyway, thought I'd share! And now I have catch the beginning of P.S. I Love You at some point, because it seemed like a really sweet movie.

Oh, and feel free to caption the pics, if you're so inclined. Who knows, I might decide to part with more prizes!


Fedora said...

Hello! Thanks for the Wednesday hottie! Congrats on finding some inspiration!


1. So, have you been a naughty or nice?

2. Where's that room service I ordered?

Unknown said...

Hello ladies, OMG its Denny off of Grey's Anatomy. he is so so hot.
Pic#1: "Yes even though I am clearly sitting in my living room I can still give you my bedroom eyes"

Pic #2: "Man how does that Lord CM get all the girls" :)

Kristi Cook said...

LOL!! I knew you ladies would have some great ones!!

Maybe I better start watching Grey's Anatomy!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Well, hello Handsome!!!

I might have to begin watching Grey's after all!
I like him. He's very masculine.

Unknown said...

Greys is an excellent show except this year they are doing some weird stuff Denny "aka hot guy in pic" is actually dead but is coming back to talk to Izzy another character, but the weirdest thing is that the 2 of them have sex and yada yada. This would all be okay if it was a supernatural show but its not, so Im not sure that the writers are doing, but if I get to see him with his shirt off alls good for the night. :)

Kristi Cook said...

You get to see his nekkid butt in P.S. I Love You!