Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Gifts!

Happy 2009, everyone! Had to share the picture above--it's my Christmas present from my husband (a beautiful tapestry!). I can't tell you how much I love it--it's perfect, right down to the rod. Definitely a nice surprise! We finally got it hung today, and I can't stop walking by to admire it. Just goes to show how well my hubby knows me!

On another topic, I'm looking forward to a far more productive 2009 than 2008--my number one resolution this year is to write more, every day. I really need to force myself to 'go to work' every day once my kids leave for school, stay off the 'net, and write regularly during 'school hours.' My number two resolution is to get back to exercising. I joined a gym last summer and have been exactly once since. Not good.

I was actually diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis this past fall, and it's been a struggle. Most days, all I wanted to do was climb back into bed and sleep the day away. And that's pretty much exactly what I did. But I've been on medication to treat the RA for a little over a month now, and I think I'm finally starting to feel the effects--my joints definitely hurt less (though my fingers remain clumsy--drives me nuts!), and I think the overwhelming exhaustion is beginning to lessen.

Thus making it possible for me to work toward those resolutions. Hopefully.

How about you? Any resolutions this year?

Even the dog likes to check out the new tapestry!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

The tapestry is GOREGOUS, I love it!
Hubby found me a perfect gift, too, a leather journal with an embossed Celtic Cross with a Dragon twinging around it. It's to put all those new ideas down for my my contemp paranormal series for NAL. I'm so looking forward to writing it, and I had mentioned all the world building I'd need to do and that I'd have to keep the facts straight, so he thought it might come in handy.
I love those thoughtful gifts from the husband!

As to resolutions, I have a few mostly more with the spirtual outlook.
I'm planning on eating better and losing some pounds. I'd like to be more positive, and definitely have to be more organized and on ball with the writing.

Fedora said...

Wow--that is just beautiful! I'd be finding excuses to parade by it constantly, too! As for resolutions, mainly to try to streamline and declutter--that may or may not include the TBR, but if I could get a handle on the rest of it, the TBR ought to look manageable in comparison! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the tapestry, Kristina! I have a similar one hanging in my stairway. I love looking up at it each time I come in the front door! So sorry to hear you have RA. Glad to know the meds are working out for you.

For me this year I'm going to take it a little slower. I don't have back to back deadlines, so I'm going to smell a few roses I missed sniffing last year!

Caffey said...

That is awesome!! So beautiful Kristina! Gosh, it just so blends in with your personality I read through your books too. Hang on to him!!!

Kristina, I do understand the pain and how much it takes over so much. I don't have RA but I deal with chronic pain and its not just the pain but how much it takes into our family, our daily life, etc. I'm glad that the medication is giving you more comfort now. I take treasure in those good days as you will too, and it will be worth it all! Hugs.

I don't have any resolutions really! Most of the things I'm doing, I've already started them when I knew I needed to, and more of ways to handle the pain, adding more fun to my reading (I got some various goals like reading a new to me author and reading another book in a series I started each month, etc).

Amanda McIntyre said...

I concur with the rest, it is breathtaking! I am so impressed with your hubbys selection! And it could not possible match your decor any better, (which looks gorgeous as well!)
Wonderful inspiration!

Happy Christmas!

Genella deGrey said...

Ooooh, what a lovely gift!

I haven't been diagnosed (because I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible) but my knees are totally shot. Bad knees in the family *and* I was a gymnast.

So it will be you and I waiting for the elevator and avoiding stairs at RT.


Jane said...

What a lovely tapestry. My resolution is to eat healthier and exercise more regularly, but I haven't started yet.

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Hey Kristina! That Tapestry is incredible! What a cool gift!

Sorry to hear about the RA, I struggle with mild carpel-tunnel, so I can only imagine what you've been dealing with! I can't bear to have anything else slow down my writing, I slow myself down enough as is!

Yep. My resolution is very similar; write more! Daily! How is it that something I love SO much can be so difficult to find time and energy to do? Well?

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and checking out the video, let's be sure to meet up at RT!

This blog is gor-ge-ous!