Monday, March 23, 2009

Title Amanda's next book contest

So here's the deal...
My current WIP has too long of a title and hence my editor would like to see it shortened. I admit, I'm having a devil of a time, so I'm turning to your creative minds in hope that you can come up with a sensual, sexy, steamy word--a single word --or no more than three--that best describes this picture and premise(see below)

* I also figure you all helped name Lord Craven-Moore, how much more difficult can it be to name a book?

You all saw a few days back, that gorgeous pic I'm using for inspiration of my charismatic hero/artist in this story. Henry Cavill is MOST inspiring indeed. I won't post the collage of pics I've gathered together, but here is the best of the bunch in my humble opinion;) So, here it is again, as a refresher of Mr Thomas Everett Rodin-bad boy artist and lover-extraordinaire..Le' sigh*

My current WIP features my Pre-Raphaelite artist, Mr. Thomas Everett Rodin, from Diary of Cozette. This is a book comprised of three novellas, three ordinary women selected personally by Mr. Rodin to be his muses for his famous artwork. Catapuletd to celebrtity status and yet looked upon as trollopes by some, each novella is told from their perspectives as they recap the first time they meet Mr Rodin, their affairs both personal and business with him and what becomes of each woman.

What I need from you is your offering of " TITLES" for this Victorian-set book about a master artist and his muses. ONE WORD DESCRIPTIVE TITLES PREFERRED, BUT ALL TITLES ACCEPTED.


You have until Thursday at noon and I will gather all the entries together.In the event that none of the entries are chosen, (aside from being entirely surprised,) I will still offer one concillatory prize selected from all that offer an entry.

Just post your "Title Amanda's Book" here at the LIT blog

Good luck and get those creative juices flowing!



Cecile said...

Wow!! What an honor! **bowing to your majesty**

I have a few things I would love to say about that picture **grinning from ear to ear - oh for sure**; but not sure they would be good for a title.
But I will get my creative jucies flowing and see what I can come up with and will let you know!

Lea said...

Amanda's Book Title:

A couple of ideas that come to mind would be:




Thank you for the contest Amanda. What a wonderful way to glean ideas.

All the best to you.

Amanda McIntyre said...

LOL Cecile, oh many thing come to mind when I look at that picture;)

yu can see why its been such good inspiration, yes? I have faith in the LIT blog followers!

Lea , those are great titles! Inspired was one of the ones I had thought of as well ;)

Scandalous, Forbidden Fruit, Seduction....

any others come to mind? Gee where is that swarthy rake of the manor when you need him? Im sure he might have a few choice ideas...but perhaps not printable in a public forum...


Sophie Renwick said...

good luck guys! Get those thinking caps on!

Amy C said...

Oh, Mr. Rodin! He's not the hero? are the three novellas romance with an HEA? I like Mr. Rodin.

Canvas of Seduction?

Amanda McIntyre said...

Oh yes Amy! Mr Rodin is the wayweard, main character in this compilation.
Each woman will have her own ending, not all will wind up with Mr. Rodin. These four are not the only subjects in the book-there are secondary characters that factor in as well.

But it is their stories, what influence Rodin has in their lives, their lives in his, the affairs that insue and how these women grow from their bleak ordinary stations in life to more than they ever could have been.

Each womans story will have its own conclusion as does Mr Rodin--but I wont tell you who winds up with whom ;)

originally this was entitled, "The Master and the Muses"

Canvas od Seduction is very cool, Amy!


It is the stories ofhe three women are the muses he selects as his models over a period of about 10 years.

Tyhere are more

Amanda McIntyre said...

Here are a few words I came up with yesterday:

Obsession (already used on another Spice book)

In this book, we find Mr Rodin, young, passionate, virile, driven to be famous and yet scorning the staunch protocols of the very society that could make or break him.

a rebel,believing that passion was akin to creativity-his obession with women drove him into many affairs with his models.

But only one would understand him for who he was....

hope that helps! Come on guys!! you can do this!


Cecile said...

Okay, I have a few one words and with them I have included the def. because I wanted you to know why I thought of these:

Liaison - love affair.
That is what he is having with the women as well as his artwork. He loves both.

Enticement - something that attracts, especially with the promise of pleasure.
Okay, enough said **just look at picture**

Masterstorke - An achievement demostrating great skill or mastery.
Now, I am sure he is a great lover and his art is above great...

But I do love Canvas of Seduction.
I will be back... *smoke coming out of ears** lol!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I like those, Cecile!

Keep them coming people! My editor is looking forward to these answers!

I told her who better but avid readers to come up with a smokin' title!


Jane said...


Lea said...

I'm not sure about this one Amanda. But I thought I'd toss it out there anyway. lol


(You can toss it right back at me with the


Amanda McIntyre said...

Jane, Illumination! what a lovely word!
reminds me a bit of Phantom of the Opera!

Actually , Lea, "Quintessential" is one of my favorite words! I keep a post it note with its definition on it taped near my desk! ;)

You guys are quiyte good at this really ;) I'm glad I asked!

Any others?


Amanda McIntyre said...

I was trying to think too of artistic terms...

stroke(good one Cecile)
and then pair it with steamy terms:


Amanda McIntyre said...

Oh and if it helps?

you already know that Herny Cavill is my male lead in this story.
the muses in my head are played by:

Scarlett Johansen (a prostitute)
Kate Winslet(millinars apprentice)
Sarah Brightman (stable mans niece)


Cecile said...

Thanks Amanda! Everyone has come up with some really good ideas!

I got it... Palatte of affairs!
I shall be back for more...

Sophie Renwick said...

Portraits of Pleasure
Brushstrokes of Passion
Pleasure Strokes
Lust, Pleasure and Portraits

Okay...I'll go away now! lol!

Cecile said...

Brush of Hunger...

Carnal Muse...

The Art of Enticement...

Color of Desire...

Amy C said...

Stroke of Passion
Passionate Stroke
Palette of Desire

This is kinda fun!

Cecile said...

Fun... And addictive!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Wow, this is fantastic! I knew you guys would come through! Woohoo!
and Sophie, your input is so very welcome as well! I know how busy my blog pards are with their deadlines and vacay, so please chime in.
Palette of Desire
Color of Desire
and soem Ive gotten in private email are primo(you ought to post G.dG;)) or you wont be technically eligible!!

Gosh I may have to up the ante here and maybe include your name as a bit part character?
Promise it won't be a street, sorry I can't do that.
but I'll make you a nice person;)

Amy, Im glad you think its fun! It's supposed to be!
Iknew if a sent out a plea that your wicked minds would rally!! LOL

wicked...hum..Wicked Master?
Wicked Muse?

I love the Portrait names also! very clever;) Portrait of Desire, Portrait of Passion,

all good stuff!! you all have til noon on Thursday!

Btw, if any of you are up for talking to fae folk, there will be some faeries from the 2009 Romantic Times Book lovers convention chatting it up over at Writerspace tonight.(9 pm EST/8 PM CST) stop on over;)

Amanda McIntyre said...


indeed Addictive...
and btw, Charlotte has the corner on that title;))


Genella deGrey said...

I've been fooling around with:

The Canvas's edge

Master's Stroke

Oil on Silk - or if there is a color predominately in each portrait: Lapis on Silk (Lapis is blue) Crimson on Silk or Earth on Silk - something like that.

Scandalous Pose

Pose in Sin

Sin on Canvas

Flesh Pose

Sorry if I repeated what someone else has said - I had to shut everything out and let me brain run amuck!


sarabelle said...

Well my brain is working overtime and my computer is not playing fair GRRRRRRRRR.

Majestic Muses
Carnal Canvases

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I suck with titles. Hmmm...I have to say that Cecile's sounded great!!

Good luck, Amanda!!

Caffey said...

Hi Amanda, getting catch up but I just bought your book Diary of Cozette! I so can't wait to read! If you cut out parts of the book, do you save the scenes and maybe have on your site for readers to have the deleted scenes to read? I love them long!

I'm not good at this, but I'll try!:

Artist's Way
Portraits Of Desire
Different Strokes
Poses of Rodin
Brushing His Muse

Anonymous said...

There is so many great ideas! Here's a few ideas to throw in the mixing pot!

Muse's Touch
Muse Affair

Amanda McIntyre said...

Sarabelle, those are great offerings! The Muses are delighted! LOL

Barb ;) You're too funny--but I agree there have been some fine titles appear! Im so impressed!

Cathy! Who says you're not good at this? Though I love Artists Way ( covers many levels LOL) I think thats a book on archtypes, isn't it ;)

Great offerings!! Thank you everyone!!!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Oh I like those too Ranearia;))
Nicely done!!

this may porove much more difficult than I'd planned ;) LOL

You guys are fantastic!!


Anonymous said...

oops cut off my own post! *laughs*

Muse Allure
Caress of a Brush

Anonymous said...

What fun!

"Affluent Indulgences"
"Majestic Splendor"

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thank you Ms Moonlight!(love the name, btw;)
These are very exotic titles!

I have added them to the rich "Spice Rack " of fragrant offerings!

Why is it I can small cinnamon? LOL

Til noon tomorrow, if you've submitted already and think you have another goodie, don't be shy!

This has been great fule for the imagination to be sure!!!

My humble thanks ** bowing**


Cecile said...

No, thank you Ms. Amanda for allowing up to input out thoughts! I say, this has been fun! I am still thinking.. it is a new day... heck, even if there is nothing to win.. this sure has been fun! Thanks! I shall be back lol!!

Jane said...


Lisa Logan said...

How about "Model Subjects"


Amanda McIntyre said...

Resplendence is wonderful, Jane! and so too, Model Subjects, Lisa!

I have been battling influenza the last 24 hours and wound up dozing in front of a movie I bought about artists- Thye GIrl With the Peral Earring (one of my fav paintings anyway) and Scarlett Johansen and Colin Firth play the leads. Very slow film, or it could have been my meds, LOL but filled with passion and he never consummates his feelings for her. YOu just feel it growing and seething--great era, a Liitle earlier than the book I'm writing, but the dedication and passion to his artistry, Firth plays with great skill.

Worth a quiet night at home to rent;)


Cecile said...

Aww... Amanda, I hope you feel better! That is one of my favorite paintings as well. Never watched the movie though. Sounds like a good snug, stay indoor, cup of mocha kinda of movie.

The Art of Seduction
Paintings of Desires
The Stroke of a Master

Genella deGrey said...

Pose for Me

Pose in Silk

I don't know why I'm stuck on the word "Pose."

BTW - Mmmmmm . . . Colin Firth . . .


Genella deGrey said...

Bouquet of Poses

Master's Hand