Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Two: Welcome Jimmy Thomas

At the LIT manor today we welcome "Ren Man" (short for Renaissance) Jimmy Thomas. Yesterday we learned a bit about the man and his life. Today we're going to find out about a couple of new projects that Jimmy has going on.

The first is a "Private Photo Shoot" this is designed for the reader track at RT. Here is the description as stated best with detail on the convention site.

On Saturday, April 25; 2:15-3:15 Jimmy Thomas & a female cover model will bring something new, fun, creative and original to the Romantic Times BOOKlovers convention, by having a sensual, romance novel cover photo shoot together in a fully staged professional studio setting.

Those who attend this photo shoot will receive their own free autographed 8x10 image, giveaways, and the ability to see first hand how a romance novel photo shoot is actually done, experience the atmosphere, passion and inspiration put into each pose and expression during a romance novel photo shoot, and then see how the poses & images are transformed into novel cover art.

There will be various settings at the shoot; backdrops, chairs, an actual bed and more, as well as various props, indoor lighting, hair fans, posing music, and food & drinks. And to enhance the seductive mood, outfit changes will be done behind two paper-thin, tri-fold d├ęcor screens in the corner of the room with their silhouette shadows reflected on the paper screens.

Attendees will be allowed to take their own photographs (no flashes) of the 1-hour photo shoot (behind the scene style). After the photo shoot, Jimmy Thomas & a female cover model will be available to answer your questions and take photos.

Amanda: I don't think there has ever been an event like this at RT that I can remember(at least done publicly) in the last ten years that I've been attending. This I assume is to help launch your new business? Can you tell us more?

Jimmy: This is one of my new business ventures. Since I know what it takes to put together a romance novel cover shoot; finding the photographer, the models, location, setting, theme, props, make-up artist, hair stylist, wardrobe, wardrobe stylist, etc, the time that all takes and the expense, I figure since I shoot romantic and sensual images for my modeling portfolio anyway, I might as well sell them as stock for novel covers on a stock website.

Amanda: What is your this new stock photo website called?

Jimmy: www.RomanceNovelCovers.com

Amanda: Catchy title!! It sounds like a unique idea. Already you must own several hundred photos over the years. It sounds like you've thought a lot about this.

Jimmy: I've been on many online stock websites, especially the most popular ones, and I do searches for romantic, sensual, couples, hunks, men, sexy, etc. and I barely see anything that resembles a romance novel cover. So publishers have to go through modeling agencies to get all the talent needed to pull off the shot they need, and they pay WAY more than what I charge per image. So what better than to provide a huge library full of strictly romance novel cover type images for the publishers and/or authors to purchase directly and immediately :)

Amanda: I've surfed for similar photos for my website and I would have to agree with you. Will you only replace those that sell and keep the others available all the time, or how do you plan to keep it fresh and timely ?

Jimmy: I plan to take it a step further and arrange novel cover style photo shoots on a regular basis to keep feeding my stock website with newer and hotter images, of all genres and looks, of various female models,(hair color, etc.,) even take requests for what kind of shot is needed and what the female needs to look like. I have any look of female at the press of a 'send email' button, and same for photographers.

Amanda:Curious, you've posed for small press publishers , as well as established publishers, how is the process the same? different?

Jimmy:Actually, I don't see a difference on my end. I've been published with 'Doherty', 'Tom Associates', 'Redburn Press', 'Red Sage' and hmmmm, 'Kensington.' I don't see a process difference, other than some publishers just use the raw image, while others use graphic art along with the image.

Amanda: Certainly it is a unique premise and we wish you all the best with this new venture! Now I hear you have a pretty special CONTEST planned for those attending RT? Spill!

Jimmy: It's my Breakfast in Bed with Jimmy Thomas Raffle

Amanda: Well now , that's just too tempting! Tell us more!!!

Jimmy: On Saturday, April 25, at 8:30am. Breakfast (the winners choice) will be prepared by the resort and I will bring it to the winner's room (in my pajama's) I'll then sit on the bed and have personal one on one... conversation, eat, drink and ask as many questions as they would like. The whole thing will be videotaped for a keepsake. There will be 2nd & 3rd prizes and maybe more as well; gift baskets, autographed 8x10's, etc.

Amanda: You do come up with some interesting ideas, I have to say ;) That will most certanily be a keepsake for one lucky person!

Amanda: Now about this "Easter " thing....

Jimmy: Lol, this is a Hallmark Easter Card in stores now. You know how you see birthday cards of hunky guys, etc., well those guys are actually real people ;) They used one of my stock images I shot a few years back.

Amanda: What a hoot! is it available at Hallmark online?

Jimmy: Unfortunately, no, but I will be giving away a few signed cards at RT.

Amanda: Darn, well then we'll have to "hop" down to our local Hallmark stores to check it out!! LOL

I want to thank Jimmy for taking time from his many ventures to visit with us here at the Manor. My apologies that Lord C. M. played the recluse. The man sometimes is unpredicatable as they come. However, he does often serve we Lit ladies breakfast in bed. We have no complaints.;)

You'll have today to ask your questions and leave comments for Jimmy.

Coming up, our own Kristi Astor has some exciting news to share with us tomorrow here at the LIT Manor!! And Jimmy will be choosing the lucky winner of his photo giveaway!



Cecile said...

I feel like the word "WOW" is just to simple to describe all what you do. I said yesterday that my hat goes off to you for all that you and I truly mean that.
You are a man of many talents. It is nice to see that you choose to "give back" to world, so to speak.

Okay... cooking, laundry and feisty **biting** on top of everything else you do... now you are not only a "DROP DEAD GORGEOUS" guy, you have now elevated yourself to "MY DREAM DROP DEAD GORGEOUS GUY" okay! **my grin can only get so BIG**

I truly love your outlook on life. I believe we have two choices in life: to be happy and all we can be or be unhappy and just be. It is what you make it.

Okay, since you doooo so much... what would love to do (IF) you have spare time? What makes you happy? And what is something that most people would find surprising about you?

Hope you have enjoyed the LIT Manor!
Thanks girls for having such a hottie in the house!!!

Lea said...

Wonderful unique interview!

I'm accustomed to reading interviews with the many wonderful authors out there, however this is a first with a male model!

As Cecile indicates you are indeed talented and I wish you every success in the future.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

I enjoy 'man candy' as much as any other woman. That might sound a little demeaning, but hey, the guys have the pin up girl thing going for decades now, and it's our turn! lol! But what I really like, is that beyond the face and body is person of substance and interest, and that's what we readers need to know about the cover model, that there's more to him than beauty and muscles!
Good luck with your new business, which, btw, is very unique!

Anonymous said...

Cecile, your comment had me smiling as I read it! You're such the charmer ;) You're are officially my go-to gal when I'm having a gloomy day from now on :)

Jimmy, I can't make it to RT this year *pouting*, but I think it's a great idea to give the readers a first hand view of how a cover shoot is done!

And of course, I bow down to the lucky gal who will be having her breakfast delivered to her.

Love the card. I've gotta get my hands on it, lol, too cute.

Great interview again! Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

LOL, okay, how many of us will be heading down to our local Hallmark store soon?! Yes, I'm raising my hand. That's just too cute. And I had NO idea that card companies used stock art.

The RT stuff sounds amazing--the photo shoot and breakfast in bed raffle. I have a feeling they'll both be VERY popular!

And what a great idea to launch a romance novel cover stock art company. Makes total sense!

And I totally agree with Cecile--I love your outlook on life. Something to strive for.

Thanks again for joining us here at the LIT manor!

Jimmy Thomas said...

Dearest Cecile,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're too kind :)

Well I do love all the things I do and all of my projects I work on, otherwise I wouldn't be doing them. Each and every idea, concept, invention, etc., are all backed by the desire to help others with them, so each product/concept does just that. If it's successful and makes me some money along the way... GREAT! :)

But when I do need that bit of a break, I LOVE action-thriller movies! And of course kissing and cuddling :)

Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

Thank you so much Lea! I appreciate that :)

Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

Thanks Charlotte!!!

I'm glad to be viewed more than just 'man candy' ;) even though I don't see myself the way others do. I also don't try to do what I do to be a good person, it's just in me, it's what I was created to do :)

Thanks again :)
Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

Lol! Thanks Barbara, glad you like my ideas :)

Too bad you can't make it to RT :( Maybe next year...

Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

You are VERY welcome Kristina! And thank YOU! for all your wonderful comments :)

I love that I make an impact in positive ways on people :)

Thanks again,
Jimmy Thomas

Amanda McIntyre said...

My thanks joins the others Jimmy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us here at the manor. Please feel free to stop back by from time to time and let us know how things are going.

Its refreshing to get a glimpse of the other side of what you see on a cover. Gives a new appreciation for the man and greater imagination as to what the the "hero" might be like!

Congratulations on all your achievements, past, present and future.

We'll see you in Orlando!


Amy C said...

Wow, that Photo Shoot at RT this year sounds like something that would be really fun and interesting to see! Something new and exciting for the RT attendees :).

And good luck with your new business!

Lisa Logan said...

The photo shoot is a brilliant idea and sounds like fun for all! Hope to see a follow up post afterward telling all us vicarious con-goers how it went!


Amy C said...

I gotta say, image 55 on your website is very nice...very nice indeed.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey Lisa and any others interested in knowing whats happening at RT, I'll try to blog periodically what's going on and maybe Kristi can also if her schedule permits.

Now if I can figure out my web cam....


Amanda McIntyre said...

There are a number of pics there that are mighty fine, aren't there, Amy?? *Le sigh*

Its easy to understand why covers are so critical in luring the reader to open the book or look at the blurb !


Jimmy Thomas said...

You're welcome Amanda, and thank you ladies for all your nice comments and compliments! :) I hope to see many of you at RT in a few weeks. Don't be shy to stop and say hi :)

Which reminds me, I forogt to answer Cecile's last question of "what is something that most people would find surprising about you?"

Well believe it or not I am VERY shy on approaching women! Once the conversation has started, however it did, then I'm completly comfortable, but that first approach is so intimidating for me, lol.

I'll be back to visit soon and I'll have plenty of photos from RT that I'll be sharing :)

Thanks again!
Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

Thanks Amy! And yes, it's going to be tons of fun! :)

Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

Thanks Lisa :)

And yes, I'm also looking forward to hearing what the on-goers have to say afterwars ;)

Jimmy Thomas

Tara Maya said...

I was just wishing to find a site like this. Where do you indicate your price range?

Jimmy Thomas said...

Thanks Amy, #55 is one of my all time favorites! And it was fun doing as well! ;)

Jimmy Thomas

Jimmy Thomas said...

Hi Tara :)

Are you refering to my stock images on www.RomanceNovelCovers.com?

The price of the images are under each image.

Thanks :)
Jimmy Thomas

Amanda McIntyre said...

While we all take a peek at Jimmy's portfolio and the RomanceNovelCovers.com, I'll slide in here and announce the TWO (yes, he couldn't pick just one! ) winners of a collage of Jimmy's book covers!

Drum roll...the winners are...
Cecile and Kristi!!!!

If you guys would send me your snail mail addies, we'll get your prize out straight away! Congrats!


Amanda McIntyre said...


send me your info at :

really...I'll be fine...


Cecile said...

OH YAY!!! Congrats Kristi!! Thank you!

Thank you Amanda, for having Jimmy here. It was a treat to see the "other side" of my book cover! Very Nice!

Genella deGrey said...

Jimmy - Do you already have a makeup artist for Saturday, April 25?

- Have professional kit, will travel.

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

WOO-HOO!! And congrats, Cecile!

Caffey said...

I'm off to visit the site! Congrats to the winner! It was great to read about Jimmy and this process!
I won't be at RT but hope to someday!