Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Club and Black Silk Giveaway With Sharon Page!

This is our last day with Sharon here at LIT (pout), well until the next release anyway! lol! Enjoy a bit more about Sharon, and return later this evening when we reveal the lucky two winners of The Club and Black Silk. Thanks to Sharon for taking the time to Blog with us! To Sharon, a hearty LIT Huzzah!
Charlotte suggested I tell you a little bit about me and my writing, which I thought sounded like a fun idea.

Right now, I’m in the middle of revisions (which are due in about a month), and (as usual) my hair is on fire . Honestly, at my last Romance Writers of America meeting, my critique partner was trying to blow my hair out (in fun, of course). Right now, sneaking out of the house to the corner store for five minutes is an exciting escape from the computer. I’m the mother of two small children, and I’m a classic example of the sandwich generation as my parents are getting older.

Erotic romance was just becoming popular when I sold my very first novel. The timing was perfect for me. Originally, I was inspired to write by reading sexy women’s fiction such as Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying and Gael Greene’s Blue Skies, No Candy. As a teenager, I devoured Agatha Christie mysteries. And in romance, I was captivated by historical authors like Jo Beverley, Liz Carlyle, and Amanda Quick. Also, Stephanie Laurens—as with Liz Carlyle, I love the lush, authenticity to her stories. Madeline Hunter is another favorite of mine. So my plan when I began my first long historical (100,000 words) was to combine hot sex, mystery, and historical romance in one book. Yay! This became Sin. It was so much fun to turn an Agatha Christie style country house party into an orgy.

I am a lover of lushly written, very detailed historicals. I think that’s why sex scenes and historical romances work so well together (like chocolate and peanut butter). I love taking my time with a love scene and trying to capture the sensual details—scents, the feel of sheets, the excitement of the first caresses.

A book on Victorian erotic prints has inspired many of my books. This book is called “Romantique”. My friend, author Kathryn Smith had a copy, and she let me peruse through it (eventually I got my own online). The opening scene in my very first book (with Ellora’s Cave), A Gentleman Seduced, was based on a picture of a naked gentleman playing a naughty game of blind man’s bluff with a group of ladies. In Sin (my second book, mentioned above), my impoverished heroine Venetia draws erotic art to support her mother and sisters. And The Club, with its scandalous sex club for Regency couples, was inspired by the settings from some of the pictures. Another place for information for me is the Pornokrates website (www.pornokrates.com) or Historic Smut for the Discerning Voyeur.

For other writers out there, what are your inspirations for your stories? And for readers, are you interested in glimpses of writers’ lives? What aspects intrigue you?
Also, my Regency erotic romance Black Silk is nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice award. I’ll randomly pick a winner of a copy from the comments posted.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Great post Sharon, and thanks for mentioning Romantique, I'm going to have to track that one down. I love adding research books to my shelf!

What inspires me as a writer? I think, in general, the human condition. I've seen a lot in my 17yrs as a nurse, and many times, when something happens, I always wonder about how it would have been handled back in the day. That usually gets me thinking. Also, I've had quite a bit happen to me in my life in my 38yrs. These things have changed me as a person and have made me look at things differently. But it always has me going back to that human journey.

I think that's why historicals are such a good fit for me. Although, I have used my Scottish heritage as a way to connect with my contemporary paranormals, by incorporating the stories my grandparents would tell me about fairies and midges and such. So, I guess in my own way, the same path has lead me to writing as Sophie Renwick as well.

I'm interested, too in learning if readers are interested in writer's lives, and if so, what aspects. It kind of makes me smile, because we're just so normal and everyday, and nothing glamorous. I mean, I'm sitting downstairs with a cup of coffee wearing a pair of pj's and a major case of bedhead (I can see it's reflection in the computer screen!)The visual of me is hardly Barbara Cartland material! lol!

sarabelle said...

Excellent Post. I have been looking over your blog and all of your books and they all look fabulous. I think I have added them all to my TBR list.
I think 1 of the main reasons I love following these blogs is because of the inside dish on the authors. I love reading about them because then they all seem like real down to earth people to me. It makes reading their books alittle more personal I think.

Congrats on The Club, cant wait to get a copy of it.

Barbara said...

Great post! Inspiration? It can come from so many things, but usually for me it will come from music. A certain phrase in a song, the tone of the singer's voice.

There are really so many things that can inspire on any given day. I think that is what makes writing fun! You never know when or where that next story will hit you :)

Oh and Charlotte, I didn't know you were Scottish!! Me too!! My dad was from Scotland :) I've never been there, though. One day. One day.

Love me some Gerard Butler ;)

Oh and being interested in writer's lives...My main question or thought is HOW DO THEY DO IT? How do they find the time to manage their everyday lives and still find the time to write?! It's got to be a difficult balance especially when a deadline is looming.

BTW, I'm sitting in my PJ's, drinking coffee and rockin' some bed head, too, lol.

sarabelle said...

Me to Barbara. PJ's Coffee and Bed Head. lol. Gotta love it. Maybe I will stay in them all day. :)

ranearia said...

I love learning about scandalous history, it makes you smile that times haven't changed "that" much! *laughs*

But spaking on scandalous history you should check out A Treasury of Royal Scandals by Michael Farquhar a great and sometime shocking read! One tidbit I still remember is Catherine the Great's stable of horses and one for men! *rawr*

I guess what intrigues me about authors is they're ideas. How they're able to create such wonderful stories much like a painting, but through words. Plus they're everyday women and men who you may see on the street or your firend. Not some glamorous or grand diva, someone you can sit down and talk to over coffee.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Sarabelle, I think you'll love Sharon's work.

Barbara, yep, both parents are Scottish. My two brothers have beautiful Gaelic names and my real name is...well...so 1970's. Bummer. Anyway, I've used all those old tales and stories, and many of my memories visiting family in Scotland to use in the Annwyn Chronicles.

As for music being inspiring, what does it say for me that my current song obsession is Nickleback's 'Something In Your Mouth'. I've been listening to it while writing Velvet Haven! Bad Me!

And how do we authors do it. I'm not want to ask, because I'm not super disciplined to get my butt in the chair and write everyday. I'm very good at coming up with excuses, however! Mostly, I think you need an incredibly supportive spouse, which I fortunately have, and the willingness to let go of the housework, and you serve your family really horrible dinners like take away and hot dogs and kraft dinners. It's really said when you put a meatloaf on the table and the kidlet and husband get all excited about a home cooked meal! sigh....writing really can be an entire family sacrifice. But that's part of being a family, making sacrifices and helping others' dreams come to fruition.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Congrats Sharon on your Reviewers Choice! And thanks for the research info! Will have to check them out ;)

Inspiration can come for me in two ways-by whimsy, serendipitously..a word, a look or song, maybe a painting or photo. I love looking at peoples faces, their eyes, in photos. The second is commitment-if I agree to a project, have a vision of it, IE, really believe in it, then I am inspired to follow through bacome like the little Pac Man guy chomping my way through everything I can to learn about the topic.

As a mom of four, two still in High school and two out on their own--we are a close knit family and both my husband and I have aging mothers and thathas a great deal to do with putting priorites in check real quick.

No, the life of an author is less than glamorous, at least this author--would I want it any other way? Not for all the gold in the world. In many ways, my familys support of my writing career is also my inspiration.

so now, my real curiosity is this...how do MALE authors juggle writing and life?

with definte bedhead do going on

Barbara said...

Sarabelle--I wish! Unfortunately, I have the tow truck coming to get my car and I have to run to the post office and pick up my daughter from school! Yeesh, it's a good thing I have things to do! If I was single I'd probably be such a house hermit, lol!

Charlotte--believe me I know all about Kraft dinners and hotdogs, lol. My hubby is great, he just used to get concerned when I would be functioning on like two hours of sleep because I would be up all night writing. Listen, if I was on a roll nothing was going to make me stop, not even the fact I had to get up at 7am to get my daughter ready for school. But it was on those days when I'd be standing in the hair salon--tired as hell--with a client on their way that I wondered if it's worth it? Is it worth it to scarifice so much just to have your story rejected by the editor?

Apparently so...my kids still get their Kraft dinners, my laundry is overflowing and as of this moment I'm functioning on three hours of sleep, lol.

I think I need some sort of balance. A time schedule of sorts. But with two kids, life is so unpredictable. I'll find a balance--eventually.

Speaking of which--I need to get dressed before the tow truck guy rings my bell, takes one look and runs for the hills, lol!!

RachieG said...

I love reading about author's lives! Whenever I get to meet a favorite, I always ask what their inspiration was for this or that. It greatly interests me! I got to see Laurell K. Hamilton (never read any of her books) but when I met her and heard her speak, the very next day I was out buying a book to see what they were like.

I enjoyed your interview Sharon. Super neat that some of your ideas come from another book. :)

Sharon Page said...

Hi Charlotte,
Thanks--Romantique is a verrry inspiring book for erotic romance, and proves that when it comes to sex, we've always been pretty inventive :-)

I didn't know you are a nurse--certainly, you must have seen a lot of things, good stories and sad ones.

My hubby is Scottish and I have some Scots in my background. It's true that it's the stories your parents or grandparents tell that stay with you.

Even since I've started revisions, I've barely managed to brush my hair! It is nice, though, not to have to worry about dressing up when going to work. I think that's something that makes conferences fun--the chance to put on real clothes.

Sharon Page said...

Hi Sarabelle,

I find I'm really intrigued to read a book when I know more about the author's process of writing it. Was it hard? Was this a book that had been in the author's head for years? It gives me a connection, just as you said.

sarabelle said...

I love reading books located in Scotland. Just something about a man a big, possessive, strong sexy man in a KILT.

Do you think Lord CM will pose in a kilt for us. *pant*pant*pant*

Sharon Page said...

I find songs very inspirational. For me they mainly give me an emotional tone to work with. If I'm writing the ending, I'll have a song running through my head that gives that poignant feeling of being happy, but on the edge of tears.
For Black Silk, I was inspired by some of George Thoroughgood's songs (not sure on the spelling there). They suited my hero's state of mind at the start of the story :-)

Sharon Page said...

I'm definitely going to find A Treasury of Royal Scandals--that sounds great.

I love finding out where authors get their ideas. One of my books came from a story I read in National Enquirer as a teenager--it was a horrific one, about a father trying to do away with his son. But it merged into a story about an uncle determined to kill his nephew for the title.

Romance authors are so terrific for being friendly and approachable. When I was going to some of the romance writers conferences as a newbie, authors would invite me to sit with them because I looked a little lost. I got to know some wonderful women that way.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

This is just an out there thought, but I wonder if our astrological sign has any influence on what inspires us, and how we write? I'm a moody, emotional Cancer, and I fit the cancer profile perfectly. I should take note of the moon and see if it inspires me,or saps me of inspiration during its different phases.

See, this is how ideas get sparked, and books get written. It all begins with 'hmmm, I wonder'...

Sharon Page said...

Oh, I do know what you mean about take away dinners, etc. Right now, I keep thinking, "A few more weeks and I'll have a more normal life"...but I've been thinking that for months :-)

But the kids are surviving, and they are young enough that they turn their noses up at a home-cooked meal.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Raneara,thanks for the next research book suggestions! Now that's two this morning! Yesterday it was sex, today it's research! lol!

And definitely,we'll get Craven-Moore in a kilt. I'm sure there's any number of us willing to hold him down and wrap one around him! Oh, the devil just might like that!

Sharon Page said...

Rachie G,
I met Lisa Kleypas at a conference--I was waiting in line for her to sign, I'd gotten up to her, and she smiled at me. I was struck speechless. My goodness, she has the most dazzling smile. And she was so nice, lovely, and well, normal. I also had the chance to meet Jayne Ann Krentz and Stephanie Laurens. It was true how meeting the author, made reading their books more personal, and it prompted me to go out and buy a lot of their backlist.

Sharon Page said...

You do an amazing job of juggling a lot. I think we all do :-). I've never had so many family issues come up at once as in the last few months. When I step out of the house now, I look up at the sky in case there's a falling piano.

But it's true--I love writing, and couldn't imagine doing anything else.

That's an excellent question--how do male writers handle it? Are their issues different?

sarabelle said...

I love Stephanie Laurens's books. Her Cynster's books are what got me hooked on historicals.

Charlotte, I recieved my copy of Addicted in the mail and cant wait to jump in. It was placed at the top of my TBR pile.

Amanda McIntyre said...

I put together a book once upton a time in a galaxay far , far away...called "Crumbs in the Keyboard" that was a compliation of somewhere in the vicinity of 78 authors of various levels and life situations. in a nutshell, how they juggle life and writing. Maybe I should consider taking on teh male POV next time? LOL Though I think there is something to be said for our male partners in life-be it hubby, boyfriend , even sons...how is it viewed from their POV?

BTW, may I say how very lusciously dark this cover is??

and Lord CM ins a kilt? Wait until you see the man trying on the ripped blue jeans we picked up for him the other day!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Oooh, enjoy it Sarabell. Might want to keep some kleenex handy. don't know...just sayin'!

sarabelle said...

OHHH now I am totally intrigued by the Kleenexes.

Using one as we speak to mop my brow from the image of the great Lord CM in some tight blue jeans.
Umm could you pass me some ice water please. :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Yes Sarabelle, I admit it was hard to steady the camera at the keyhole..

what did Rane say, "rawr" LOL
I love it! ;))

Speaking of...do you have any voyeristic scenes in any of your books? The pin the tail game sounds interesting!


Amanda McIntyre said...

sorry Sarabelle that last question was technically for Sharon, however, feel free to answer the question as well ;))


sarabelle said...

heheheee No Problem Amanda. I dont write only read and I love to read books with voyeristic scenes in them. :)

My Blog 2.0 said...

Hi Sharon, stopping by from Barbara's site.

Hmm, what inspires me is usually a picture or a quick line heard or said, and then suddenly a thought pops in my head. I love hearing how authors come up with their ideas, I follow many authors and different genres. I may always amazed at the creativity that authors achieve for their readers! I love to read and have the authors thought create such beautiful pictures for my eyes to see with their words. To me, that's the beauty in writing, you allow others to see a new world, a peek into a world created with words, and the words bring meaning and feelings with them. The world can be funny, sexy, or magical (maybe all three). True beauty in the written word.

Sharon Page said...

My astrological sign is Sagittarius, but I can't remember what attributes I'm supposed to have (hopefully, one is not a good memory).

My daughter is a Cancer, and she's fairly emotional. She's only seven and already has the foot-stomping disdain of parents down perfectly. My son is a Taurus and he's quite bull-like--the type who runs into a wall harder if it won't get out of the way.

Sharon Page said...

Perhaps a book on partners of romance writers--or did someone already do that? I wouldn't survive without my husband there to make meals, do laundry, clean, etc. And take the kids out when necessary so I can write.

Sharon Page said...

I'm all for seeing Lord CM in his jeans or a kilt. My hubby is scottish but I've never gotten him into a kilt.

Sharon Page said...

Hi Myblog2.0,
It is amazing that writers do create complete worlds--with visuals and smells, sounds, etc., that readers can relate to, with words. I find I'm always crying when I write the last chapter of my book, because I'm so emotionally involved. I always have to read over carefully to make sure I actually chose words that would evoke emotion, and it's not just me caught up with what is in my head.

Jane said...

The curiosity factor makes me want to know a little about a writer's life. I don't need to know the private details of their lives, but it's interesting to know where they get their ideas for books from and their writing process.

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Wow, look at all the fun you all had today without me, LOL! It was one of *those* days--a sick kid at home who needed help finishing a project that's due tomorrow...and the day just got away from me.

Sharon, big congrats on the RT nomination! I'll be there to cheer you on!

it's been such a blast having you here at the manor!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

hope the little one if feeling better Kristina! And here I thought when I could find Craven-Moore that he was with you. Which makes me wonder, where in blazes is that man!

Sharon Page said...

Hi Krista,
Sorry to hear about the sick little one--it's that time of year. Hope your little one feels better soon. And thanks--I've really enjoyed it.

Sharon Page said...

Hi Everyone,
A big thank you to the LIT ladies for inviting me to blog. With deadlines, I've been finding it tough to get online, so I loved having the chance to chat.

sarabelle said...

So glad you could be here the last 2 days. It was great getting to know you and I cant wait to read your books.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

keep checking back, Sharon is going to pick two winners!