Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wicked Wednesday

Hi sorry my post is so late, but I think the pic of this hunk will more than make up for it!!! My family and I have been sick these past 24hrs, so you'll have to excuse this short, lazy, and uninspiring post!!!

So, onto the hunk. This is Andre Claude (Mr. Romance) and he's the inspiration for a hero I'm writing under that other name Sophie Renwick The book is entitled A Highlander Christmas and it comes out this November from NAL (alas, no cover art yet. My hero, besides being a Highlander is also a Sidhe prince named Daegan. He's dark, mysterious and dead sexy. I'm having fun writing him, especially with Andre here taped to my computer screen!

So, what do we think of Prince Daegan????? Would you brave the wilds of the Scottish Highlands in winter, and the mysterious woods of Annwyn for a glimpse of this prince?


Amy C said...

Oh my, Miss Charlotte, you are writing a book to steal my heart! Not just a Highlander, but your adding Faery magic as well...a Sidhe Prince. Yes, I'd brave the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.

And his name is Daegon! Oh, that is a nice name :).

Kristi Cook said...

Now *that's* a nice picture of Andrei! Wow!!! Yeah, I like.....

Kristi Cook said...

Hey, I just scrolled down the length of the main blog page, and WHOA do we ever have a satisfying collection of eye-candy in one place!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Amy c
My parents are Scottish, and I've got a wealth of faery stories in me. That's pretty much what started this whole Annwyn thing. Glad you like Daegan. All the shifters in that series have neat Celtic names. That was fun, deciding on names.

You know I love eye candy! You can never have too much of it! If anyone needs a pick me up, they just need to come on over to LIT and get a refreshing glimpse of man candy!

Anonymous said...

Would I walk through some scary woods in winter to see that hottie prince?
With bells on and "Am Yours" across my forehead~

Take care of yourself Charlotte *gives you some nice warm herbal tea*

Anonymous said...

*waggles brows and gives a gentle prrrr* Oh, I dare say, he'll do just fine!!!

I'd brave the coldest of winters, so long as I could have a nice thermos of coffee ;)

I'm so excited about your new series, Charlotte!!!

I'm sorry to hear your family and you weren't feeling well. My youngest and I recently battled a horrible cold. I hope you all make a quick recovery.

Amy C said...

It just came to me, where I now the term Annywn. They are a race of shapeshifters in one of my favorite fantasy series!

I hope you share your wealth of them. I love that stuff! Especially historically set stories or fantasy.

Ahh, Barbara makes a good point, so long as she has a thermos of coffee! That would be a must have for me too :).

Genella deGrey said...

Ready to brave -
Let's leave now!

Anonymous said...

OOOH yes I think I would.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Andre has beefed up since last the last time I saw him! Lookin' migh-T fine!!!