Monday, February 23, 2009

Hugh Jackman at the Oscars!

In case you missed the Oscars opening song and dance number with Hugh Jackman last night, here, have a watch! I must say.....Hugh is pretty remarkable. Not only is he the "Sexiest Man Alive," but the dude can sing and dance like no one's business!

Did anyone else watch the Academy Awards last night? I think it was one of the best Oscars telecasts *ever*--everything about it seemed particularly well done. The opening act was definitely my favorite moment--but I also really liked the way they presented all the Best Acting (and Supporting) categories, bringing out winners from the past to 'pay tribute' to the current nominees.

I was SO happy for Kate Winslet, and for Sean Penn, too (I haven't seen Milk yet, but he's such a brilliant actor that I wouldn't be surprised if he was terribly deserving!). Rob Pattison presented an award, which tickled me pink--even better, he was sitting just behind Mickey Rourke, so he got a lot of camera time. And I was generally delighted to see Slumdog Millionaire take home so many awards.

But yeah, my favorite moment--definitely Hugh's opening number. How about you? And if you didn't watch....well, let's just show Hugh Jackman the LIT Love....


Anonymous said...

I caught like the last half hour, but I must say I was also very happy for Kate Winslet. And as for Hugh Jackman--sigh...what a guy ;) Okay now I'm seriously late for work, lol. My poor clients :O

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Nah, I didn't watch it. I'm not an awards show person. I like looking at the gowns and such, but in a magazine. I'm not sure why I don't care for them, I just don't.
But I definitely like Hugh Jackman! WOW! And have you seen his wife? This is nasty, but hey it's Monday. Let's just say that Hugh Jackman's wife gives average looking gals hope! lol! She wasn't at all what I expected.

Thanks for this. I enjoyed it. He really is very sexy, isn't he????

Amanda McIntyre said...

OMG! thank you Kristi! I missed that opening, but how brilliant the man is! Is there anything sexier than a gorgeous guy who can sing, dance, act and has a sense of humor! I don't think so!

and I have to say that I loved the way they presented awards using previous winners--very personal and in truth, even if you didnt win, who wouldnt feel better having Shirley McClaine praise your performance? Granted even if it might have been teleprompted. still most of them seemed very genuine.

I love the Oscars probably becasue of its longevity more than anything,I was thrilled to see Heath Ledger win for his brilliant performance in D.K.

For some reason I look at the Oscars and the Grammys in the same light as I do authors. In a sense, we're following that creative dream to entertain, to tell someone's story, to bring to life a character and maybe touch another persons life.

Thats how I view this annual celebration, beyond the red carpet media hype. But thats likely just my rose-colored glasses :)

Thanks for sharing this, Kristi!
I loved the Musical is back number as well! Because that is really where my heart is--movie musicals!

Love it!


All’sReads said...

Happy Monday LIT Ladies, and thanks for the clip. Hugh sure seems like a sweetheart, doesn't he. The "Reader" dance sequence was a special favorite, and I loved how he broke into laughter for a bit - what a gentleman and humble too, I bet. Lucky girl, his wife.

Kristi Cook said...

Allison, I agree--The Reader was my favorite part, too, and I LOVE the way he starts laughing! I could kick myself for not going to see Boy from Oz when it was on Broadway. :o(

I'm always in such awe of multi-talented people like that--who can act, sing, AND dance. Oh, and look good, too, LOL!

Anne Hathaway was great, too. We learned she could sing in Ella Enchanted (one of my kids' all-time favorite movies and thus I've seen it ten zillion times!).

And did anyone see Sean Penn's acceptance speech? I though he seemed so humble and I loved it when he said something like, "I know I haven't made it very easy to appreciate me all these years..." (after DeNiro teased him about his paparazzi run-ins!). But I also noticed that he didn't thank his wife, which seemed weird since she was right there! Did I just miss it??

Genella deGrey said...

Thanks for that, Kristi! No, I didn't see the Oscars. I lost faith in them all those years ago when they gave the makeup nod to "Moulin Rouge" and not Rick Baker for 'Apes' (which is sooo wrong on multiple levels.)

I knew Hugh Jackman was what they call a "Tipple Threat." He's amazing isn't he? Wish there were a few Million more like him - got to spread more of that yummieness around, Lord! LOL

In all honesty, it's about bloody time a normal chick snagged a hot man! Hollywood is rife with UGLY men and beautiful women!


PS: Started "Addicted." I'm in love. (((SMOOCHES!)))

Kristi Cook said...

LOL, Genella! Well, technically I lost faith in the Oscars the year they gave Best Picture to Braveheart over The Shawshank Redemption...and then again when Titanic won (I mean, I loved Titanic, but Best Picture??? Puleeeze!). And I never understood HOW they could have not not nominated Viggo Mortensen for Best Actor (or at least Best Supporting Actor!) for Return of the King. Yeah, they sold out years ago. Still, I can't help loving to watch!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Genella, hope you like Addicted!!!

Genella deGrey said...

I know it's probably cliche, but I could say I'm addicted to "Addicted." I can't wait to dive in again tonight!

Oh the yummieness!

Anonymous said...

I've never cared about award shows, I felt to many actors and movies were cheated out of an award that was well deserved.
Plus alot of the drama and hype can be so boring after awhile. It takes the fun outta the show in the end for me.
It's kinda like no one watches the super bowl anymore but always love the funny commercials.

Jane said...

Hugh was amazing. He's got a great voice. I hope he returns to Broadway. One of my favorite moments was when Kate Winslet was looking for her dad in the crowd and asked him to whistle.

Fedora said...

That opening number was pretty brilliant! Hugh is pretty incredible!