Friday, February 6, 2009

Hearts A 'Flutter winner!

Congratulations to all the thoughts shared about romance in today's writing.
It was a hard choice--but the winner is Traveler! Here is the recap of your answer! Please email me your snail mail addy at and I'll send out your LIT prize!!

Traveler wrote:
In a romance it is necessary to have a story that has depth and emotion. The characters have to have a strong relationship which can lead to an HEA. The strength of their relationship has to be resolved with a real romance. I prefer depth and heavy duty meaning in my romance novels which means a connection between the two individuals eventually leading up to a meeting of the minds, bodies and souls.

Congrats from all of us here at the Manor!



Kristi Cook said...

Congrats, Traveler!

traveler said...

Thanks so much for this honor. What an enjoyable and unique blog. Best wishes on your anniversary.

Genella deGrey said...

Congrats, Traveler!!

They give away the COOLEST goodies here . . . I'm soooo into Karin Tabke's "Master of Surrender" (a book I won here on LIT.)

Ooooo, girl can write!!


Fedora said...

Congrats, Traveler! Thanks again for the fun, LiT ladies!