Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wicked Wednesday: Can you guess?

We've talked briefs, we've talked tatts...have we talked about hair? Oh, probably..Charlotte likes her bad boys with long hair...Kristi, likes those English boys and me...ecletic, as always, in my tastes ;) But we all like (or shouuld) keep out options open, right? You never know what character you might find as you surf the net, watch a movie, or walk through a museum. Your quintessential heroe--be it brooding, intellectual, tender, brazen, alpha, beta, or any combination thereof...may suddenly meet your eyes across the miles, and in an are smitten! It happens to me all of the time!! Doesn't it you?
Intellectual & Groomed?

Shoulder-length Brooding?

Ooozing with refined style?

Does it matter?

The English gent?

Scruffy vamp?


Classic warrior?

Sexy Shakespearian?

Biker dude?

Full on ARRRGH?

Aging well?

Wandering locks?

Now for some fun...lets see how many of you can guess the picture that I have chosen to inspire the hero of my next book from Spice (after The Master & the Muses) The character's name is Randoph Mansfield -"Rand" for short.(no thats not a clue) and he is a detective in the Whitechapel district of London.

The name of the book (first named in public right here is...THE DARK SEDUCTION OF MISS JANE.

To the first one who guesses correctly, I'm going to ship off a copy of my debut novel from Spice -Diary of Cozette and a few yummy goodies! A great gift idea if you already have the book!
(and my humble thanks if you do;)

Let's see how well you think you know me!  Enjoy the hunk hunt!
(*Kristi and Charlotte are disqualified)



Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

LOL, no guess from me....but I'll take one scruffy vamp and one English gent, please. To go.

Thank you for starting my day on such a visually pleasant note, Amanda. :o)

Cecile said...

Oh damn... Okay.. Let's see... I am going to go with the Wandering Locks. Cuz he is a detective in London... and when I think detective I think of that guy... A couple of the other ones are shoving me to pick them... But I will stand by Wandering man....

However... I will take One Intellectual/Groomed, Scruffy Vamp, Shaved, Biker Dude, and Wandering Locks to go please... I think this combo deal will make a delightfully delicious man!!!

And FYI... I am so loving the name of the book!!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

okay, Ms. C, if men were calories, you'd be having to hit the gym, girl! Isn't it loverly that it doesnt cost us an ounce to drool?

Nothing like a strapping multi-hunk sandwich to start off the day!

Congrats Ms. C, this morning--you are the WINNER!!

Indeed, this hunky carpenter makes his living as the builder on a home improvement show--his real name is Carter Osterhouse--but her really looks more like a "Rand" , don't you think?

He could almost be TORIN as well, really, if his hair was longer and he dressed like a Roman warrior--

Have a good day all!


Cecile said...

OH yayayay!!!! I won!!!! Oh man Ms. A! You sure do know how to make a woman drool... I had to clean the mess up on my desk!!! Man sandwich here I come... Kinda like a triple quarter pounder, lmao!!!!
**oh thinking of hitting the gym.. all that sweat... all those bodies... okay... we will gladly go work off these calories, evil laughter**

Oh he so could be Torin... Will be googling him later this afternoon!!

Portia Da Costa said...

What a lot of tasty geezers! Including two of my utter darlings at the moment... The Divine Patrick and the mysterious Eisenheim.

Both with fab hair that I've lovingly described in stories... ;)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Isnt that amazing that we would find not one but two of your characters!

Who else have you found Portia? Can you share links?


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Long haired and brooding, and biker dude do it for me...Mmmmm, get my motor running.... (what a living cliche I am, but hey there has to be one of those in our little threesome, right!!!! ;) )

Cecile, congrats!

Ok, who is else is feeling long haired and brooding and biker dude....

Cecile said...

I went peek on over at Ms. Portia's site... and man her covers left me drool. Those are some hot covers!

Thanks Ms. Charlotte!

I am just not into long hair. I don't know why... now give me wandering locks... yea... but longer than mine... and I have a hard time with that. I guess because besides Bran... ***fanning myself*** I have never found the imagine to provoke any feelings from within. But now biker dude... Girl... I was having a five some earlier!!! Yea... we know who the hussy is around here now... You and VampFanGirl raised me right... Right into the Queen's position, lmao!!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I concur, on some men , long hair is fabulous--almost jealousy-worthy.

But just enough to fun the fingers through is fine for me, too;) there a better image than a cowboy or a medieval warrior, standing waist deep in a pond, the water lapping at his firm abs, his torso glistening in the sun, his face turned upward as if summoning all of Mother Earth's sensuality to shine down on him and his long dark locks spilling over those broad shoulders?



Cecile said...

Amanda, I think you love giving me visuals that I have to go home and write about...!!! You wicked woman!! LOL!!!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I like long hair on Josh Holloway! (Sawyer from LOST). I can't even *imagine* him with short hair.

Jane said...

Late to the game again. I like the name of the book, too, Amanda.

Congrats, Cecile.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Jane! And dont worry,you never know when one of the LIT ladies may get a yen for giving away her it were.

Meant for dreaming and swooning, Ms. C ;)) Sleep well, my pretty!

Thanks Jane, it took a while for that one to gel, but I am very happy with it--it describes this book perfectly!

Oh and Swayer....yeah , I cant imagine him with short hair either.
Now I think I've even seen that guy waist deep in water...tiny rivltes skittering over his muscled chest, captured in that fine line of hair disappearing beneath the water....

Maybe its the incessent pounding on my house since 7:30 and nice enough gents, but, sorry it'd be great if these guys looked like Carter, alas, they do not.

In the words of Steven Tyler..."dream on.."


flchen1 said...

Congrats, Cecile! And thanks for the lovely visuals, Amanda!

elaing8 said...

Does it matter? He was in playgirl :D
congrats Cecile.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Dotti! Good to know and what issue was that? Did you check your secret stash?????? ;))


Cecile said...

Elaing... are you holding out on me again... Damnit!!! That woman is a vast knowledge of the sexiest men!!!!!

Genella deGrey said...

Just FYI - Intellectual & Groomed looks sexier in period clothing. Just sayin'. (See the collection of men on my myspace for a pic of him in 1700's attire. ;) )

You've set up a virtual Smörgåsbord of men here, Amanda!

My fork is ready . . .


Janet Kay Gallagher said...

I am late, but I would choose the last one "Wandering locks."
Have not read the choices the others have thought about.So will post and read them.

Amanda McIntyre said...

Good guess Janet! Carter is JUST the lookl I am thinking of for my tortured london detective!

This book has now been given the title of the Dark Seduction of miss Jane. My inspiration for Miss Jane is Charlene Therzon(sp?)

A wickedly dark and suspensful erotic romance this one!