Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day!

It's Veterans' Day here in the U.S., so I just wanted to thank everyone out there who has served our country!

Also, to everyone who won water bottles from our WINTER'S DESIRE launch party, sorry it's taking me so long to get them mailed out to you, but it's been a little tricky finding *something* in which to mail the bottles so that you don't received a package full of cracked, broken plastic. I promise, they're coming soon!

In the meantime, I hope those of you who've read WINTER'S DESIRE have enjoyed it! We're really looking forward to our next Celtic Spice anthology, BELTANE FIRES, coming April 2011!

And lastly, if you're into audio books, WINTER'S DESIRE in now available through, Amazon, and iTunes! I've listened to it already, and the actresses reading the novellas are fabulous! To me, it was about the next best thing to seeing one of my books made into a movie. I loved it!

And just as a teaser, if you read my novella in WINTER' DESIRE, "Lover's Dawn," you might remember Aisling's brother, Jack Wainscott. Jack, home from fighting in the Great War, is the "hero" of my BELTANE FIRES novella!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

It's Remembrance Day here in Canada. Do you guys wear poppies?

Both sides of my family served, and I lost a few uncles in WWII. Both grandmothers also did as well. My grandmothers had very memorable stories to tell!

Kids here do alot for Remembrance Day at school, and my daughter actually just arrived home with a second place ribbon for her artwork depectiing WWII. So, she's thrilled!

Lest We Forget

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Nope, we don't wear poppies here--but I wish we did; it's such a nice tradition!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Next year, I'll send you some for you and the family! ;)