Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to all of you who are observing! While it's a worthwhile day of awareness it's rather sad that we even need it!

Since last October, I've been doing a lot of research into Druid/Celtic history and life. The research has been for the Celtic anthologies that Kristina, Amanda and myself are writing. Also, it's been for the Annwyn Chronicles which I'm writing under the name Sophie Renwick. I've learned so much and it's actually changed the way I view a things~the Crown Forest which lies not more than 75 feet from my backyard, for starters! lol!

The research has been fascinating and really rather eye opening. We've come so far, yet we've regressed as well from that time when our ancestors knew nothing more than to work with the Earth.

The Celts and Druids lived their lives by the whims and power of nature. They revered it and lived alongside the earth, working it, taking from it, but also giving back as thanks for the bounty it gave to not only feed their people but heal them as well.

The Druids most especially worshipped trees, even giving male and female assignment. Their history was not a written one, but they did leave the Ogham which is a series of lines, somewhat resembling the Nordic Runes. Each tree had a set of magical properties that were used to decorate their homes, flavor their foods, and as magical amulets used in their rituals. There was Rowan for healing and empowerment, birch for protection of children and purification. Holly for prophecy and sex magic, elder for exorcism. Oak for male virility and sexuality. Each tree has a corresponding set of Ogham that must have been painstaking to write since each line represents a letter of the alphabet. But the writing was never important to the Druids, it was the story telling and the interpreation of the world around them which they called the 'life force' that was most important in their lives.

We've lost that connection to the earth, I think. We don't know what a life force is anymore. Not that I want to give up indoor plumbing and the internet, but their simple way of life sometimes calls to me. To be able to spend a few hours out in nature and not worry about the time or what I've got to do at home would truly be liberating.

The Celts also worshipped the moon. It held a place of importance even over the sun. A day to the Celts was calculated from sundown to sundown. As a Cancer and a moonchild myself, I can see how the lure of the moon, and the mystique of moonbeams awed our early ancestors. I've also read that the more creative types are drawn more by the moon than the sun. This is true for me. I seem to come alive at night and my creativity definitely does!

One thing for sure is, whoever or whatever created this place we call home was truly the ultimate magician. We won't get religious here. We'll be spiritual. Whatever your beliefs we can't deny the magic of the earth and the awe inspiring power of Mother Nature. I hope we haven't ruined that magic with our ways!

So, are you a child of the moon, or a daughter of the sun? Which has more pull over you? And if you're really wanting to connect with nature and the earth in its most base form, please visit our very own Vampire Fan Girl's blog later today and for the rest of the week for some very 'earthy' delights.

Peace, and be well!


Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing how many different beliefs there are. Yet each one is astounding to hear. I'm an aquarius, I have no clue if I'm a moon child or a daughter of the sun.

Amy C said...

It is kinda sad that we need it, but it does bring communities together, making it a better place for the future of our kids, and teaching our kids how to make it a better place. My sons school participates and gets the students active. They have a courtyard they clean up and plant in. If anything I hope this day slows people down from their busy lives to look at the beauty that surrounds them.

I am definitely a daughter of the sun. Without the sun there would be no life, no brilliant moon shining in the sky. No trees, no plants.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Great responses, guys! So thoughtful and well written. I love that about our visitors, they're thinkers! lol!

Barbara, what drives you? What do you feel the power of the most, the sun or the moon?

AmyC, my daugher and I are planting herbs when she gets home from school this afternoon. We do it every year, but I was thinking that Earth Day would be a good day to do it!

Amy C said...

Ooo, an herb garden. I don't have one of them, but I do have the perfect spot for one. I fixed up this small area for Devin to plant some berry bushes two summers ago but they didn't make it. It was empty last summer, but I think an herb garden would be perfect there! And Devin loves to shop for plants with me. He tried to talk me into buying some last year, but I didn't know where I would put them. Never thought to use that small place I had cleared away.

I hope you and your daughter have fun planting :).

Cecile said...

My daughter is very big about trying to do things to better the world we live in. Which I am very proud of her, because like I tell her... when I am gone, this is her home.
I would have to say that I am daughter of the sun. The minute my body knows that the sun is up, it wants to be out of bed and doing something. I love having my blinds open to let the sunlight in! I love the feel of the sun on my face when I am outside or driving in my car. Besides, the sun provides our bodies with much needed Vitiam D. Yea, not the worlds best speller am I!!! LOL!! It is almost like you need to both though... because if you are a moon child, then you batteries can charge... and the daughter of the sun can come out to play!!
Get post Charlotte!!!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Well, thanks Cecile!

I do like the sun on my face and see it shining through the window. I love to open my windows and smell fresh air. But there's just something about the moon. I've always been drawn to it!

The dark side in me, I guess! lol!

VampFanGirl said...

((((hugs)))) Thanks so much for the pimpage Charlotte!!

As for your question, I'm definitely a daughter of the sun. My creativity level at night is zero. I need sleep! I wish I could run on only a few hours but really if I don't get at least eight hours of sleep, I'm as good as dead the next day.

But I like the night especially now that it's getting warmer. I love warm nights. I open up all the windows, turn on the fan and sit on my comfy couch with my lap top and a good book. That's heaven right there. :)

Happy Earth Day!

:) VFG

Sophie Renwick said...

NP, VFG! I'm having waaay too much fun over at yoru place!

So...all you guys are sun girls huh? I'm kind of surprised. It just must be us weirdo authors that are lured by the moon?

So, ah, wondering if Kristina and Pam are to busy rubbing oil over the cover models to come and hang with us? Good thing I've got Lord Craven-Moore all to myself or I might just have a fit of the sulks....

Cecile said...

Let me put it another way... If Lucien was in my bed... Then I would a Moon Child for sure... because I would never see the outside of my bedroom!!! LOL!!!

VampFanGirl said...

OMG Cecile! Nothing could be farther from the truth! LOL!!

I'm sure my husband would have something to say about it but I'd be a moon child for Rehv!

Anonymous said...

It's just amazing to see the connection and history between beliefs in our world.
Our world is such an amazing place and she's taken care of us it's about time we take care of her! Everyday should be Earth Day!

I myself am a child of the moon, I get all my ideas and do all my work mostly at night.