Thursday, April 2, 2009

Better late than Never...

Introducing Helen, Grace, and Sarah Jane, my "muses" for my upcoming Spice historical. More on them as we progress with writing...but wanted you to meet my inspiration for each.

I awoke with every good and noble intent today to announce the title decided upon by my editor, her boss, and the marketing persons at Harlequin Spice.

Then the day went to heck in a hand here I am,the afternoon sun waning in my office window and I'm wondering where did this day go and thinking how many miles I have yet before I sleep!;)

But first things first...all your entries were wonderful and for any author reading through them, surely should have picked up some great ideas for stories! As Genella pointed out, if she had a book written for every title, she'd have shelves full! I'm the opposite--titles throw me, hence the reason for your help!;)

Long story short...the editors carefully looked through the list and decided frankly that they saw great cover art ideas with the title, simply stated-"The Muses."

I was not sure at first I agreed, given all the titles that I really liked, but their conceptual ideas for the cover art and the fact that this is about the women and their experience with bad boy, rebel artist, Thomas Everett Rodin, I began to see their vision.

Simple in this case, is better.

Which one came up with that title. Pish posh*

On the up side, Harlequin Spice has never made a bad cover yet that I've seen and I have full confidence that this one will be just as incredible as the rest!

However, as promised..I am going to award a conciliatory prize. Each of the ten (11 if I count Sophie) bloggers that participated are going to receive a full-color , glossy cover flat of our upcoming Winter's Desire anthology;) That is Lisa, Caffey, Amy, Genella, Sarabelle, Raneria, Cecile, Lea, Jane, Ms. Moonlight!

email to give me your contact info.

My sincere thanks to all who participated, I hope you had fun and and trust that you all got to experience what it is like sometimes to rack your brain coming up with a catchy title! LOL Not my forte'! But you all are pretty darn good at it and I bow to your expertise!

I am giving special thanks in my acknowledgements to the blog support crew of Lust in Time--you guys are the best!

Much love and heartfelt thanks,


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Our Lust In Time readers rock, and we truly appreciate you guys putting up with us!

congrats on The Muses, Amanda, can't wait for the cover art!!!

Genella deGrey said...

You are the bestest!

Lea said...

That is a beautiful title Amanda and very appropriate. :)


Best Regards

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I agree with Charlotte--you guys rock!!

I love the title THE MUSES--can't wait to see what Spice's fab cover artists come up with!

Barbara said...

Congrats, ladies! And I love the title and your inspirations, Amanda!

ranearia said...

Aww Thanks Amanda
Gald to hear your feeling better *hugs*

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hands down agree on the voracious readers and talented authors that frequent this blog, you guys are super!

I was serious though, send me your snail mail info and I will send out a brand spanking new Winters Desire cover flat--I'll sign it and maybe Charlotte and Kristi can send a small signed bookplate for the back side?

That would be kind of cool!

So, I know you are used to hunky guys on this blog--have to tell you that posting these Muses did manage to turn Lord CM's head from his nightly read after dinner...

You have already seen my inspiration for Mr Rodin-the hunkalicious Henry Cavill *Le Sigh

Speaking of...third season of the Tudors begins this Sunday!!! Squeee! I have to get through my final galley edits first! Much incentive there!

But I digress...Cavill, as Rodin--and frankly Cavill I find is inspiration for many of my men-go figure.

New announcement: BBC has just announced its upcoming show based on the PRB (PreRaphalite Brotherhood)in a BBC serires called "Desperate Romantics" the cast looks wonderful! I can't wait!

The Muses is based loosely on three of the many models the boys used for their famous paintings. Only this time, the stories are told from their side!;)

Whats that? Excuse me, Lord CM wishes to chat with me more about my inspirational pictures...


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Barb! Its growing on me;)
I really loved Portrait of Desire and Master Stroke...interestingly it was a bit "too" suggestive LOL

While I honestly don't "think" about it, apparently I write in a very poetic style in my historicals. The idea for this is a simple, classy erotic historical-it is a very complex and emotional and ultimately romantic tale of three and my dear Mr Rodin will have his say as well--

Yet another unique format and premise that I am giddy that Harlequin Spice has encouraged and supported! Im sure my Lit roomies would agree on that score!


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Raneria! I am feeling better finally. Amazing what a round of steroids can do! Still have a fearful cough, but its "productive" ugh*

Glad you like the title! YOu had the most titles with the word "muse" in them! LOL


Victoria Janssen said...

That's a great title!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks Victoria;) I agree. What I find interesting about these women in my research is that only one of them held any sort of "status" socially and she wasn't from London, but I want to say Greece, maybe? The rest were very low on te totem pole of teh London social life...what is it do you suppose that I find so damn interesting about women in the seedier side of life?

I am fascinated with the "Soiled Dove" stories of the old American West and the legalized prostitutes of the Bellocq's women in Storyville, New Orleans--thats another story I'm working on in my head.

Currently, I'm detailing finalizations to my second book for Spice, set in 1888-89 backstreets of London (ala Jack the Ripper) about an American women journalist who comes over to London to make her mark on the journalistic world.

I think what I find appealing is how these women had to handle all types of men in their profession--and sometimes that was not by choice, but necessity/survival.

There is always a choice most of us might say, but then again we're not living in those times, under those circumstances either.

There are tons of wonderful upstanding young women characters to choose from in history-tons of them. But I thihk that there are just as many women in history , lesser known, less affluent perhaps, that helped change history.

What do you think? Did you know that many new western towns in the old west had their very structures built on the foundation of money provided under the table by its brothels?

Not that Im glorifying the profession here, but throughout history, its interesting to see how we view these women through society's eyes.

Fascinating topic, IMHO.


Cecile said...

Thanks Amanda! No, it is you guys that ROCK!!! Without, we would have nothing to read!!!

I do love the title Amanda! Can't wait to see everything put together! And it will be on my TBB list!!!

Genella deGrey said...

Amanda - In my book, "Come the Rain" (set in 1879 in Tombstone - before AZ was an official state) one of my secondary characters is Kate Elder - infamous 'soiled dove'/Doc Holliday's woman.

The manuscript has been at a publishing house for 10 weeks now - at least I didn't get a super-quick rejection! LOL

I hope it gets published - You'd love that story!


Amanda McIntyre said...

keeping fingers and toes crossed Genella! I would love that story!

Come the Rain is an absolutely fantastic title, btw...that alone would have me buy the book!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Genella ssending you positive energy for sale!!! Good luck!

Lisa Logan said...

Great title!! And thanks for your generous offer. Emailing you now...


Jane said...

Looking forward to reading ""The Muses." Thanks for the prize.

Genella deGrey said...

Thanks, girlies!
:) :) :)

MsMoonlight said...

Wow thanks Amanda!