Monday, December 29, 2008

Timely movie review-"Seven Pounds" by Genella deGrey

Word from the LIT Ladies:
We are pleased to welcome Genella deGrey's special review of this thought-provoking new movie, staring Will Smith. With the New Year upon us, perhaps the release of this movie is not as happen chance as it seems...enjoy.

Working at a major motion picture studio has its benefits. As such, I feel privileged to have attended an advanced screening of "Seven Pounds" staring Will Smith, written by Grant Nieporte and directed by Gabriele Muccino.

"Seven Pounds" was very well acted (but I wouldn't expect less of Mr. Smith, whom I admire both as a person and as an actor.) The direction was wonderful and the writing (plot, dialog) just tore me up in places. Thank you, Mr. Nieporte for delivering a heart-wrenching original screenplay - May there be many, many more in your future and ours!

I was very impressed with the makeup - and you know I'm not easily impressed with that. ;) It was believable so much so that I didn’t even blink at faces or the SFX makeup. (SFX means Special Effects.) While I'd love to give you the name of the designer of the makeup for "Seven Pounds," the Internet Movie Data Base didn't provide a makeup Department Head name. And, OK, I was too occupied with tissuing away my tears during the credits to remember the name.

There was one small detail that had me turning away from the screen every so often, bringing me out of the movie and back to reality: The use of the not-so-Steady Cam .

Seriously, I implore cinematographers everywhere: USE A TRIPOD! I was getting motion sickness while trying to enjoy a very good movie. Is this the result Hollywood is looking for? Making the audience seasick? Come on now. This floating, shaky camera, armaturistic trend is over. Let's get back to professional movie making, M’kay?

End trendy lack of tripod use rant

“Seven Pounds” is not a movie I would normally go see, but I have to tell you, I really loved it. And I wish every person wishing to improve the way in which they live their lives and the way they treat others would go see this film.

The subject matter was heavy (as in human terminal issues) – bring lots of tissue – bitter-sweet ending.

In the sea of not a-heck-of-a lot out there as far as movies go, I hope you all go see “Seven Pounds.” It will really make you think about the way in which you interact with other humans.

Genella deGrey
Heating-up History


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Genella, thanks for the review!
I'm definitely seeing this movie, but I will wait for it to come out on DVD because I'd like to sob in the privacy of my own living room. I get teary eyed watching the trailer...I'm a sap that way. The scene where Will Smith is kissing his lady and that tear trickles down his cheek...yeah, that's when I knew this movie would be powerful and sad.
Again, thanks for coming by!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Oh, I cannot wait to see this movie. I adore Will Smith and zero in instantly with just about anything he is in.
The story itself intrigues me, but I love movies that make you think, that pull you in and refuse to just let you sit there emotionless.
Good stuff. Thanks Genella, you've added to my desire to see this even more!

I'm curious, if there are other movies with so powerful and moving with their message--that stand out in your mind?

Do you think the timing of this movie at a time when life is really hard on people has something to do with its release?
or is it just serendipity?


Kristina Cook said...

I can't wait to see it! I'm a big fan of Will Smith myself. I love that, rather than just cashing in on his "comedian/action hero" fame, he also does meaningful movies like this, and Pursuit of Happyness (I LOVED that movie).

Caffey said...

I sob so uncontrollable at those movies! I do have to wait until its out in DVD for the captioning, but If I'm watching movies lately, they too are HEA's. But I do watch love emotional ones now and then and my hubby says 'oh no' because he'll have to calm me during the tears!

Thanks for the info and review on the movie! I did think it was an emotional one when I heard about it. I love Will Smith!

Amanda McIntyre said...

I went to see this movie (yes took a break New Years day to go with friends to dinner and a movie !*GASP Rare occassion with a Qwest guy and a family doc., their schedules are bloody hell to work around!

I cried. No way can you walk from that movie and not be affected. Will Smith is brilliant as is the love interest.

It delves so deep into his psyche and I found the whole journey fascinating and bittersweet.

The theater was absolutely quiet as the credits rolled. no one moved and no one spoke as they left. Very powerful.


Genella deGrey said...

Amanda - I'm so glad you were moved by "Seven Pounds." Did you bring tissue like I told you to? ;)

To answer your questions from before - - Like I said, I don't usually see these kinds of films.
One movie that stands out in my mind as one through which I wept like a baby was "City of Angels" (with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage.)

I had a huge, huge, HUGE crush on the guy I went to see that one with. When the credits rolled, I stumbled into the ladies room without a word to the poor guy. Needless to say, I was still a total wreck when I emerged fifteen minutes later.

I have it on DVD now, and have only attempted to watch it once. Still cried like a baby.

As far as "Seven Pounds" being timely - I just think Will Smith is a genius and once he gets his hands on a brilliantly written script he jumps on it.

Good for him & lucky for us!