Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More inspiration~

Reginald Arthur Brett, an American soldier

Amanda : I am curious Victoria, what resources did you use to find these photos? And what other forms of inspiration do you use to write? Do you consider yourself a "visual" writer? Also, you seem well versed in WWI history, is that era of particular interest to you? Should we expect to see more work from you in that era?

Victoria: World War One was truly a world war. Because of the colonial empires of England, France, and Germany, there were many soldiers from Africa serving on the Western Front, i.e., in the trenches, as well as in Africa itself, and Indian troops were deployed by the British very early on; they, too, served on all fronts.

Here are some Sikh soldiers in France

Amanda: These are phenomenal pictures and you are right, you have to wonder as you look at them, what they were thinking that day, what was happening in their lives. In particular the pictures that are more journalistic, do you know who the photographer was? Was he a famous WWI journalist?


Victoria Janssen said...

Amanda, I have a decent-sized library of research, and also have used university libraries, especially for microfilmed newspapers. There's a link to my research books on LibraryThing from my website, on the front page. ( I would link directly, but LibraryThing was down a moment ago.

For pictures, I often use the internet, as it's easier to have a file of pics on my computer and carry them around with me than to dig them out of individual volumes. There are lots of lovely WWI archives available. I've bookmarked a number of sites here:

Periodically, I search using google images and go through various sites; I often find useful things while looking for something else.

Genella deGrey said...

Totally amazing pix, Victoria.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Victoria, these pictures were so interesting!
I've just finished up my novella for Winter's Desire, and my hero is a soldier who served in the Crimean War. They considered the Crimean the first 'modern' war, even though it took place in the 1850's. They had trenches, and telegraph, and morse code. No machine guns, and it was the first war to have live action journalists and front line field nurses.
It was fascinating to research, and I devoted a chapter to it, just because I found the inspiration so muse inspiring!
thanks for sharing.

Victoria Janssen said...

I've just finished up my novella for Winter's Desire, and my hero is a soldier who served in the Crimean War.

Ooh, I will have to check that out. I've collected 2 or 3 books about the Crimean War, but haven't read any of them yet.