Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gotta Craving....

Well, our most persuasive Lord Craven-Moore somehow prevailed upon Karin to give us a first glimpse of sexy Stefan's book (book 3 of the Blood Swords) entitled Master of Craving. I wonder what the uber talented and highly skilled Lord did to make her cough up the goods? lol!

Without further ado, an un-copy-edited excerpt. It's fabuuuuuulous! When you're done reading, let Karin know what you think. I think she's got another winner on her hands! And I for one, would like to say for the record, that Stefan is allll mine! lol!

Having survived the great battle of Hereford, Stefan lies naked in the wood at a pond’s edge where he has bathed away the battle stench, tended his grave wounds and ponders his next move. For the Normans were slaughtered by the combined forces of the mad Saxon Earl Edric and his Welsh allies King Rhiwallon and Bleddyn. His brother Blood Swords have been captured by the Welsh kings and, Stefan will do anything to see to their safe release. Anything.

Stefan grabbed his sword and rolled over prepared to do battle but instead found nothing. Had he dreamt the low sensual laugh?
He heard it again, closer now. His blood warmed as he conjured up a face and body to go with such an exotic sound. He hurried as fast as his damaged leg would allow to Apollo and pushed the huge horse back further into the thick wood. He warned him to silence. Knowing the horse would stand still until given the command to move, Stefan turned and moved to the edge of the thick copse of foliage he hid behind. For long moments he stood, wondering for the second time if he had dreamt the voice. The light sound of footsteps crunching along the rocky path to the secluded pond announced a visitor. He crouched wincing at the pull of skin and muscle on his damaged thigh and rethought his position. As he made to adjust, he stopped all movement.
“Jane, hurry, I must get out of these mud caked rags!” A melodic female voice called in Welsh.
Stefan crouched lower. Not moving a single muscle, he watched as a wood nymph pranced into view. His eyes widened. She was tall, slender, and as his gaze raked her body, buxom. He smiled. She was undressing in a most uninhibited manner as she hurried toward the inviting pool. And, he could see why. Her emerald colored gown was covered in mud on one side as was her long sunburst colored hair.
When she yanked the kirtle from her body, he held his breath. The soft linen of her chemise beneath, molded against her full curves in the soft breeze. “I cannot believe I fell from my horse!”
“You have become too arrogant, milady,” an old woman said hobbling into the clearing holding a cloth bundle. “‘Tis time someone brought you down a peg.”
A noblewoman? A Welsh noblewoman? He grinned wider, and silently thanked Rhys and Wulfson for their tutelage of the language. He would repay them handsomely when next they met.
The eager lady did not wait for her maid to help her undress further. She sat upon the stone he had just himself laid upon and unlaced her soft leather boots, untied her garters, then rolled down short white chauses. His body tightened when she stood and pulled the chemise from her body. Heat filled him as he slowly stood, unable to turn away, indeed, could he have. Transfixed, he took in every sensual inch of her body. She was tall for a woman and majestically golden. Golden hair, golden skin. Her breasts were full and rose high upon her chest. His hands opened and closed, wanting to feel the soft firmness of them beneath his fingertips.
He envisioned his large calloused fingers gently brushing across a pink nipple, feeling it come alive beneath his touch. His cock filled as his eyes traveled down her flat belly to her rounded hips and to the blush colored triangle between her thighs. He hissed out a low breath. She was breathtaking, and at that moment, Stefan knew what it meant to want something so badly he would give his right arm to possess it. His cock lengthened at the spectacular sight and had she been alone, he would have been so bold as to show himself. Like Adam to her Eve. He wanted to join with her, and mate.
“You are shameful!” Jane scolded. “What if there are bandits in the wood?”
“Keep watch, Jane, I will be but a few minutes. We have been riding hard for days, the dirt of the road clings to me and you know I have not bathed since we departed Dinefrw.”
Dinefrw? ‘Twas where Prince Hyclon resided. This he knew, for the Dinefwr-Castile blood line was amongst the finest not only in all of Christendom, but even the Saracens in the Holy Land traveled to Dinefrw to bred their mares to Hyclon’s stallions.
Intrigued, he watched the lady gingerly stick a toe into the cool water. She gasped in a breath at the coolness, when she did her breasts rose higher, as did he. He smiled despite the pain it caused him as she slowly glided into the pool. Her golden skin puckered and her blush colored nipples tightened.
“Go, Jane and leave me. Go down the path and make sure that letch Dag keeps his distance.”
The errant lady slid the rest of her long body into the cool, clear water, gasping at the coolness. Stefan squirmed where he stood, the tension between his thighs overriding the tension of his wounds.
The servant set her bundle down on the rock and untied it, then spread out clothes and a long linen towel. “Here are your clothes, you will have to dry yourself. I cannot guard the path and dress you at the same time. Do not dally, milady, we must be back on the road.”
The lady splashed water at her maid and scoffed, “Dag has lost his way and because of it we have lost time. I fear we will never get to Yorkshire.”
“He is not the most intelligent of men,” Jane confessed, then reluctantly, the old woman moved back down the path they had come.
Stefan knelt on the soft loamy ground and watched as Arian swam in the small pool, and as he had done, she grabbed a hunk of springy moss from beneath a fern. When she stood and the clear water sluiced down her breasts to her belly, glistening like pearls under the sunlight Stefan stifled a groan.
She reached over to the bundle and grabbed a bar of soap and when she lathered it, he held his breath. Her slender hands smeared it across her breasts and down her belly to her thighs. She tilted her head back, her back arched, and those luscious breasts pointed to the sun. Her hands slid across her body with brazen familiarity. He wanted to touch her so. She had no modesty and he could tell just from the way she touched herself she would be an adventurous lover.
She sunk deeper into the pool allowing the water to carry the lather away. When she completely submerged and shot up, her body glistening in the sun Stefan slowly stood and took a step closer. She put the soap to her hair and vigorously washed it. She went under again and this time when she erupted from the water like Venus herself, the erotic image was too much for Stefan. He groaned. She gasped and turned crossing her arms over her chest. “Who goes there?”
Stefan grinned ignoring the pain it cost him. How badly he wanted to show himself and how badly he wanted to lose himself in all of that gold and honey, he could not measure, but even had he the time for a dalliance, he doubted he possessed the strength. ‘Twas a shame, for it had been months since his last woman, and none could he recall as comely as this one frolicking in the water before him. He was just about to move deeper into the wood when he heard another voice. A man’s voice.
“Would you like some company, Princess?”
Princess? Stefan’s interest suddenly went from his cock to his head. A Welsh princess? Mayhap Hyclon’s daughter?
“Dag! How dare you trespass! Turn your back and return to the others!” she commanded.
Stefan eyed the intruder as he emerged from the path into the clearing. Nearly as tall as Thorin, bald, but sporting a full blond beard, hard narrowed eyes, and dressed in the manner of a Norsemen complete with battle ax. A Viking. What was a Viking doing with a Welsh princess in the middle of battle-fatigued Mercia? She had mentioned Yorkshire. An area, despite Hardrada’s defeat last year, still heavily populated with Norse.
“I cannot do as you command, Princess Arianrhod. As you have so thoroughly done to my uncle, so too you haunt my every waking thought.” He continued stalking her as a fox would a plump hen.
“Stop now, Dag! Stop before you do something we will both regret,” she warned and, though she tried to keep her voice strong and sure, Stefan heard the fear in it.
Dag laughed as if everyday he plucked an unwilling maid from the water, and continued his slow deliberate pursuit. “I will have no regrets. I want you as I have never wanted anything in my life. I will have you.”
The princess backed up to the rock she had undressed on and grabbed the linen from where the maid had set it. She started to stand, to wrap it around her but thought better of exposing herself to the unwanted intruder. Instead, she drug it into the water soaking it, then wrapped it around her body. Stefan shook his head, ‘twould only weigh her down and show off every curve.
She drug herself from the water on the side of the pond closest to where he hid. He swallowed hard at the display. As forethought, she was a vision to be sure in the thin wet cloth. It clung to her full curves and despite the position she found herself in, the princess’s royal nipples were hard and strained mightily against the cloth. Slowly, Stefan moved closer to the edge of foliage that shielded him. And, as was his instinct when trouble brewed, he reached for his sword where it lay on the ground beside him.
The Viking nimbly hopped from the shore to one rock, then another, then to the one the princess stood upon. She opened her mouth to scream but the Viking was quick. He grasped her, slapping his hand across her mouth. The little hellion bit him and punched him with her fists. The damp linen clung to her between them but now it covered less then it had a moment ago.
Stefan’s impulse was to defend the lady’s honor, but too much was at stake for him to show himself.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Titalating !!! When is this one due out, Karin?


Jane said...

Thanks for the excerpt, Karin. How did Lord Craven-Moore convince you to give up this excerpt?

Karin Tabke said...

May '09 Amanda!

I don't usually kiss and tell, Jane, but let me just say, his lordship can be *very* persuasive...

and fyi to all: that excerpt has not seen the hand of a copy editor, that's all me, so don't cringe too hard at my grammatical faux pas.

Edie said...

Wow! That scene is riveting, Karin! I want to find out what happens next!

Karin Tabke said...

thanks, edie! but if i told you now, i'd have to, yanno...silence you.

flchen1 said...

Wow--that was terrific! Must. Have. More! Talk about a craving! ;)

Pam P said...

Ooh, I can see I'm going to love this series, Karen. I have to hurry now and start reading the first one as soon as it shows up in my mailbox so I can catch up and be ready to read more about Stefan.

Anonymous said...

Great excerpt thanks for sharing Karin. It sounds like a must read!
Laurie K

magolla said...

Dammit, Karin! You are such a freakin' tease! Love the story. Love you!