Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wicked Wednesday!

Anyone follow the BBC's Robin Hood series? If you do, you'll know that Guy of Gisbourne is one bad dude, and wicked sexy!!! He's played by the ultra yummy Richard Armitage! I'm a huge fan of RA...those eyes...that deep voice...oh, yeah, LOVE him!

What is it about Guy? He truly is bad, and not just one of those fake 'rake' type characters. I mean, he's mean, he's done bad things, we've seen this, not just been told, 'he's bad'. And yet, I'm still totally mooning over him. Maybe it's the subtle vulnerability of him? Maybe it's the way he looks longingly at Marian when she isn't looking? Maybe it's his complex nature? I don't know what it is, but Guy of Gisbourne totally does it for me. Who the heck would want Robin Hood when you've got Guy panting after you?

I'll admit, I got a thing for men like this. Would I want one in real life...probably not. I see a lot of horn locking, and grumbling. But in the fantasy realm? I'm totally on board with a guy like that. Wallingford, the hero in my Spice release Sinful, is one of those bad boys. He's got a waspish tongue that he uses to flay people--mostly women-- with. He's very callous and jaded, and his actions most definitely reinforce that. (No fake rakes for Wallingford!) Yet, on the inside, once you peel all those layers, you can see that he's got a sensitive side, and that all those mean things he's said is a protective casing he uses.I think Guy is a lot like that, too. And it does really weird things to my insides....just sayin'!

So, let's be wicked. What truly bad boy does it for you? And Lord Craven-Moore DOES NOT count!...ouch....he just swatted my bottom!!!! He is such a rake! lol!


Genella deGrey said...

Hi Charlotte!

We will be picking this one up for sure when it comes out on DVD. :)

Side note: Beginning today at 3 PM, PST, I will be off-line until Monday.

Thanksgiving blessings to all!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
And do enjoy the series. Season two should be out any time now....
Love that bad Guy!!!

Kristina Cook said...

Oh, I'm totally into Guy of Gisbourne, too!

I've mostly been watching episodes in parts on YouTube--my friend Nancy has the first season DVD--I need to borrow it from her! But yeah, I *like* that he's really bad, not just fake bad.

Other bad boys that turn me on?? Anakin Skywalker. Rhett Butler--he's a pretty bad boy. I'm sure there's more, but I'm too brain-dead to come up with more!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanksgiving blessings to all who celebrate the holiday!

I'll have to check this out. There is another version out of Robin Hood, but this one looks darker.

Fav bad guys would have to include Henry VIII (granted played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers)