Thursday, November 20, 2008


This is me today (sans the red hair!)I find myself unable to focus, staring off into space, imaginging wonderfully visually rich scenes that I cannot seem to get down onto the computer screen. I'm sure they would be just as wonderful written down as they are in my head. Except...I lack motivation, or energy, or something...

We're having a blizzard here where I live. Everything is white, the wind is howling, the sky such a dark, dark grey and so omnious looking. I have the candles lit in my study and Lorenna McKennit's haunting voice playing on my computer. Everything is conducive to writing that moody wintery tale which was due to my editor weeks ago. So, why then, am I content to sit at my desk and drift off into space, mentally writing my novella, but unable to actually 'write it'?

Amanda mentioned something about the full moon in her last post. I believe it. I have no idea where the moon is its phase, but I do know that it had better soon come to the phase that gives energy and exuberance, or I'm going to be in serious trouble!

This is a rather boring post from the poster known for her 'wicked' pictures of yummy men. I beg of your indulgence for this one day!

So, tell me, what part of the world are you from, and what is your day like?


Lana said...
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Lana said...

Sorry about that, I got my windows mixed up earlier. What I wanted to say was:

I've been having one of those stare-off-into space days myself. I'm living in DC right now and the weather is being kind of schizophrenic. Some days it's bitter cold and sort of snowing and then the next it's sunny and almost warm. So I really wish I could just curl up with hot chocolate and a fun book.

But I have a full plate of work to do, so I'm with you hoping that the energetic phase shows up soon!

Genella deGrey said...

I am in Los Angeles, California & have lived here all my life.

I get up before the sun and get to work just after the sun rises. I do this to beat the traffic. I get home after the sun goes down.

The older I get, the less I like the sun. I prefer night and the moon & stars.

There are times when I can't get my head together to write, but they don't last very long. Sometimes I can start exactly where I left off. Other days I have to go back a few chapters to get me excited about it. This motivates me because I want to share the story with others . . . and I know that won't happen until it gets written.

Charlotte, I think you have the ideal setting in which to write. What I wouldn't give to not have someone bugging me every five minutes and to sit amongst lit candles while the wind howls outside - To be able to meditate with Loreena without the phone ringing . . .

Had I the power, I'd trade with you.


Charlotte Featherstone said...

I should not complain, should I? lol!
Like Genella, I'm a moon and night girl. My best writing is done at night. The trouble is, I can't always maintain that schedule and keep my family happy.

Lana, I just finished a hot chocolate (white chocolate) and thought of you.

Kristina Cook said...

Cold and gray today in NYC--snow flurries this a.m., but they didn't last long.

I honestly think I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder--I hate winter, hate the cold (hey, I grew up in Florida and Georgia!).

Genella, can I trade with you?! LOL! I visited the Los Angeles area for the first time this summer, and I LOVED it. Felt so 'at home.' I longingly look at LA real estate on-line!

flchen1 said...

I'm in California, too, and the weather's cooling off after an unseasonably warm couple days. I'm OK with this since I forgot sunscreen two days ago and lived to regret it.

I've got a messy guest room and living room to tackle, but can't seem to get motivated! Blargh!

Mmm... hot chocolate...

Amanda McIntyre said...

Veronica Veronese-Daniel G. Rosetti! Alexa Wilding is the model.
That bad boy artist and his boys the PBR-are the inspiration of my upcoming "Master & the Muses" book ;))

okay--Here in the midwest USA, it was brilliant sunshine today with a blustry , biting north wind. Snow up north tonight, maybe a wisp or two here by morn.
I am totally envious of you with snow. I am so ready.;)

I have had a Christmas Tree candle burning in my study these last few days and found a lovely free radio station on itunes called "Winterscapes" that has served as inspiration of this medieval winter novella that I'm plugging away on.

I love the traditional fare in holiday music, but I love the new age music and Celtic influences as well. Enya has a lovely new CD out--
as a treat to our family, we're taking them to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in Dec. Love that music!

I play my Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack also whenever Im stressed and little else compliments that like white cocoa!! Yummers!

Believe it or not, have you guys tried the gourmet hot chocolate at McDonald's McCafe?
Not half bad in a pinch!

whose nimble fingers have been busy stitching Lord Craven a new ankle length riding coat for Christmas! Sssshhh---do you think he will like it?

Anonymous said...

Lord Craven Moore will adore it. It's damn cold here....

Amanda McIntyre said...

Inspired by all the talk of hot chocolate I visited my McCafe tonight and snagged one of their gourmet cocoas--slurp!

Lana: Fun book; shameless plug alert: you could give Diary of Cozette a try :))
It will keep you warm ;)


Lord CM, don't pout, you'll get a nasty crease between the brows.
Run out in that lovely Henley that one of your devoted ladies got you last holiday and bring in more wood for the fire!