Thursday, November 13, 2008

Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."~Elizabeth Lawrence

If you've sensed a pull to the lethargic side of life, if you've craved solitude, are prone to daydreaming--in short having a lack of motivation, blame it on tonight's full moon.

Given different names by various cultures,This full moon comes with its own following of a star cluster known as the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) that the naked eye can see in a dark night sky. They sparkle bright like hoarfrost at the lower edge of the full moon and of course, midnight is when the brilliance can be most readily seen on a cloudless night. But I digress...

In ancient times, there was no distinction between astrology and religion. They were considered one in the same. Celts worshipped the earth and sky, giving homage to the gods and goddesses who gave them the seasons, the harvest, and new life. November 1 is the beginning of the Celtic Year and with that came the belief the Dark moon or Oak moon was to be celebrated two-fold--for the end of life, the death of the earth--is the passage by which new life comes.

The physical power of the "frost" moon(English Medieval) is manifest by our desire to be still, take a break, cocoon in a blanket,have a few moments of solitude to let your mind wander, or reflect on what has happened in your life. Not such a bad thing in the fast paced life that we live in. It's important we take that space, to allow the spirit to prepare for new life (which begins with the new crescent moon)

This odd sense of dormancy is perfectly normal, compared to a seed beneath the snow in winter, awaiting the warmth of the sun to bring it to life.

Outside my window I see the last few bronze and russet leaves clinging to the giant oak in my backyard, the stripped branches of other trees beyond stretch their naked arms toward the cold, gray gunmetal sky. Another cold blast is forecast and I find that I crave comfort food and have need to stock in plenty of soup for the winter.

Whether you adhere to the power of the moon and earth, or simply find it interesting, I like to think that nothing is given to us by coincidence. All things have a purpose in the grand scheme of things. Give thought to that as you take a moment to "be still and watch the leaves turn."



Kristina Cook said...

Well, I'm a Cancer and, I think, very prone to the pull of the moon! And I'm glad to know there's a logical explanation for my recent lethargy--I swear, I couldn't get out of bed this morning!

LOVE that photo, by the way. So gorgeous!!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Its a relief to be able to blame something other than age, isnt it? ;)

Ive decided to embrace my lethargy...yep ;) and look at it as the darkness before the dawn of exhuberence and amazing, unlimited creativity!

Am I asking too much from the universe?? LOL

Charlotte Featherstone said...

I'm a Cancer, too and I'm definitely in tune with the cycles of the moon. I love a full moon in Nov, they're so magical looking up in the sky. I think last year, on the Winter Solstice we either had a full moon, or were close to one.

Lovely post. Gorgeous picture. I'm heading out to the deck right now to have a gander at the moon, which is right above the Dark Wood which lies in the field behind us.
Should be good for inspiration for writing my novella!

Genella deGrey said...

OK. I must be the odd girl out.

When the moon is full, everything is more intense for me. My energy is up, my motivation is more focused and my . . . appetites (ahem) are enhanced. The earth feels like a living, breathing thing to me, even more so than it already is.

I become reclusive and quiet when the moon wanes.


Amanda McIntyre said...

Thats interesting Genella! I dont need the moon wqaxing or waneing to affect my appetite, sadly.

I discovered in researching this that in the Celtic scheme of things, the 13th day of Nov traditionally considered a "dark day" In medieval times, it was considered a day of evil, misfortune, when sorcerers would summon forth demons to practice the black arts. Hence when the 13th happens to fall on Friday of Nov.--the whole Friday the 13th comes into play.

Personally, I find that it is the weather(perhaps thee moon) but the season itself--the stripping bare of the leaves, everything going into a state of dormancy-perpoaring for a ong winters nap so to speak , that precipitates that cocooning feeling, that craving solitude to pause and reflect or just get in touch with your inner muse again ;))