Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday pick-me-up Vid....

What better way to start your week than with a room full of *hot* guys?!

Oh, and leave a comment telling me which part was your favorite, and I'll randomly pick someone to win some stuff. What stuff, you ask?! Well, I'll surprise you.

Enjoy.... (unfortunately, you'll have to follow the link below to YouTube because the video is too big to embed).



Anonymous said...

yes very funny
love the guys
jimmy is handsome to me and lovable

loved ben and jen an b jim in bed
sting is very hilours who knew lol


Kristi Cook said...

I LOVED John Krasinski "filling the quote for cute," LOL! I simply *adore* him!! Other highlights for me: McDreamy's "Oh, well aware of that" (re: the People's Sexiest Men issue), Lenny Kravitz with his tie tied like a cravat, and McConnaughey's "F&#$-in Spanx."

Kristi Cook said...

Oh, and how could I fail to mention "topless" Gilles Marini?!?!

s7anna said...

OMG! I've never seen this before...What a hoot!!! I loved Lenny saying to Jimmy..."I had your a$$ b*tch!" HILARIOUS!!! Not to mention Jimmy's comment to Sting saying that beauty fades..(lol)

Happy Reading

Amanda McIntyre said...

what a hoot! Im not sure whast I loved best, but I'm a huge Lenny K fan!
Very fun to have today! Thanks for sharing this!


traveler said...

Jimmy is the funniest. Although all of it is hilarious. Especially when Lenny calls Jimmy A punked etc.

Jane said...

Loved when Matt Damon shut the door in Jimmy's face and then started laughing manically.

Judie said...

Watched it at work and laughed out loud, will definitely be sharing this with friends. Loved Jimmy, Lenny K's cravat, Matt D's laughing, John K's sweet support of Jimmy, all the guys tongue-in-cheek acting was just great.

Genella deGrey said...

Love Sting.
Love brilliant, romantic men.
So, Sting.
Mm. Yes.

Sophie Renwick said...

OMG! I SO needed this today. What a laugh. I can't stop laughing!!!!

Sting...'sorry, I got lost in my own eyes...' priceless!!

Kristi Cook said...

Winner: s7anna!

Send me your snail mail info at kchwriter @ aol. com, and I'll send you your surprise stuff!

s7anna said...

WOOHOO!!! Thank you so much for the goodies! I can't wait to find out what the surprises will be...

stepstoenglish said...

omg! i've never seen this before ....!!!!
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