Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sharing the fun!

We've just learned that Romantic Times BOOKlovers reviews magazine has given WINTER'S DESIRE, 4 stars!
saying,"This trio of tales is a delight!"
Be sure to hunt down your copy of the RT BOOKreviews for November 2009 and check out the fabulous ad designed by the talented Rae Monet!

ok, back to editland...


VampFanGirl said...

WOOT!!! Congrats LIT Ladies!!!

I can't wait to get my own copy.

(((hugs))) VFG

Kristi Cook said...

I'm so excited! Can't wait till it hits the shelves--hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. :o)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thanks VFG! I'm actually sharing that anticpation with you as I wait for my Arc's to arrive!


Unknown said...

Hi Amanda!

Congrats Ladies!!

This is sooo on my to buy list!

I'm loving that cover!

Dottie :)

Amanda McIntyre said...

Hey Dottie,

Thanks! We're hoping that readers will get into this whole new twist on the Celtic festivals that we actually collaborated on, creating a world from each season. Its got a little bit of everything-including three stories from three eras--
one size fits all! LOL


Kristi Cook said...

And the beautiful Winter's Desire poem?! Written by Amanda! She's an *amazing* poet!

Amanda McIntyre said...

Thank you Kristi, thats a very nice thing to say, and puts absolutely no pressure on me whatsoever for Midsummer, does it? LOL
oh, who am I kidding? I put enough pressure on myself as it is!

Its Kristi's red pen that I pay homage to! Talk about amazing! Sheesh*


Genella deGrey said...

Congrats, girls!!
Hugs -

Jane said...

Congrats on the great review, ladies.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Ladies, I just want to say congrats!!!! ***hats off to you!!!*** You ladies rock and I know that I can not absolutely positively wait to have this baby in my hands!!!
I announced the party at my place!! Can not wait for that either!

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Sorry to be late to this post. Two days of migraine's has made me MIA!!!

I hope everyone enjoys our take on the 'holiday's'. I like how we went seasonal, allowing all faiths and cultures to indulge!!!!

And some steamy lovin during the winter is ALWAYS what the doctor orders!!!

Lila DiPasqua said...

Congrats, ladies! Can't pass on "steamy lovin during the winter". ;) Looking forward to reading WINTER'S DESIRE!


Anonymous said...

Excellent news, and have I said yet that I love that cover?