Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wicked Wednesday....

Some wickedly hot LOST eye-candy for you to enjoy....

Any other LOST devotees besides me?! If so, what did you think about last night's episode, LAX parts 1 and 2?

The scene that makes me cry every time I watch it:


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the eye-candy from another LOST devotee.

Seems like I've waited FOR-EV-ER for LOST to come back. I'm not sure how I survived all those long months without Sawyer and Sayid. :)

I liked this week's episode a lot. It had just the right mix of suspense, emotion and confusion. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

I cry every time I watch that scene too. So heartbreaking and well acted!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I must say, though--I'm going to be pretty upset if it's *not* Sayid in Sayid's body anymore--like Locke isn't Locke anymore. I *heart* Sayid.

Amanda McIntyre said...

I swore I wouldnt get caught up again in the roller casiter ride of LOST. but of course, they show Sawyer in the recap of last season episodes and I'm like "no fair!"

So I watched it. Still confused with whats going on, but well worth it when they pan to Sawyer.

See? I can be shallow.;)
What is it Ms. C says, "Man on a Stick"


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