Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

So, Pink does a cover (a kick ass one, btw) of Led Zeppelin's Woman I'm Gonna Leave You, and all the tweens are suddenly ravenous for all that 70 and 80's rock! My kidlet happened to score brownie points on the school yard because she knew the name of the song, as well as the original artist, because quote 'my parents listen to that old fashioned music'!!! She's right, though. And now my hubby and I making lists of songs that those savvy 'tweens' might like.

Music is big in our house. All three of us adore it, and usually, iPods are plugged into our ears and the TV is off. We all have our own tastes, however. I'm the most ecletic of the threesome. Hubby is a bit of a well...metal head, but I have to give him some credit, because there's been a few songs that he's pointed out that have been awesome for writing some really agnst ridden scenes. The kidlet, well, she's past the High School Musical stuff (thank the Lord) and is developing other tastes--Pink being one of them. Of course, that leaves me listening to Pink so I can screen for appropriateness. When she wanted me to download Pink's version of I'm Gonna Leave You, I nearly fell off my chair because, the night before, she was making fun of my musical choices--and this song was one of them. Of course, perhaps it was Robert Plant's I Can't Breathe In My Too Tight, Give Everything Away, wow... I'm surprised he could move in them, and really was he aware of just his package was from behind that tight denim? Eeek.

Anyhoo, yes. Led Zeppelin is in heavy rotation for my writing. Strangely enough, I'm writing Lust (first of the Sins and Virtues series) to a couple of their songs. Once you get past the hair, the tight jeans really appreciate their lyrics, which sometimes are very mystical, and poetic which does fit into my sexy and opulent Fey court.

Mostly I'm listening to Stairway To Heaven, Woman I'm Gonna Leave You, Kashmir and Whole Lotta Love. I mean, how can one resist lines like this...'shake for me, girl, I wanna be your backdoor man. I'm gonna give you my love....' See, I can totally see Lust saying this to Chastity!

Anyway, it amazes me that these 'youngsters' are enjoying the music that was once the domain of my parents era! But they are. I'm still trying to get the kidlet turned onto New Order, The Cure, The Cult, Depeche Mode (my high school days) but in her words 'yeah, I'm not feeling it'.....but then again, that's what I used to say when mum and dad put on the vinyl LP's of Led Zeppelin!!!

So, what music or bands would like to dig up for a stroll down memory lane?


Heather D said...

I am really feeling you here! My daughter is 14 and listens to an array of music. Have you heard of Kesha? She is by no means along the lines of Pink or Led Zeppelin but she reminds me of the 80's music. My daughter and her friend brought the Ipod out and made my husband and I listen to the song "Dinosaur". OMG it was a riot. A friend of mine calls it the Hugh Heffner song. Anyways it is fun to watch the kids realize that the songs that they are listening to now are remakes from before our time. LOL

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Heather, that's too funny! You know I'm off to google the 'Dinosaur' song. No doubt the kidlet will want that on her iPod next!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I think because of satellite radio, my kids don't really have a clear-cut idea of what's 'new' music and what's not. They like Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga and Pink but they also like Duran Duran and Green Day and Simple Minds.

It's kind of funny, listening to them belt out every single word of Come On Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners or She's a Beauty by the Tubes, and then five minutes later, sing right along to I've Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas or Forever by Chris Brown.

It's all timeless to them. :o)

Heather D said...

I love Satellite radio! however I hate my daughter sitting in the front where she can control it...she is worse than a man with a remote.

I just remembered something, how I could forget I don't know. My husband was big into Metal and Hair bands and has quite a few CDs that he keeps in his car. He would take my son to PreK every morning and the boys had a song... We're Not Going To Take It by Twisted Sister. Cody would ask for that song every time we got in the hubby's truck. At 4 yrs old he was singing the song and they had made a little dance to it that did in the car, so technically just arms and hands. Then it became a song they would listen to before every sports practice, game, or meet. My son is now 7 and still wants to hear that song.

and a more current song would be Dirty Little Secrets... my daughter had it on her Ipod and let him listen to it one day. I about P'd my pants when I heard him sing Dirty Little Seacrabs.

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Anonymous said...

I am an 80's rock junky. Rock, pop...whatever. I love 80's music and always have. I think it's because my mom used to blast her music every time we got in the car or she was cleaning, lol. My mom was very young when she had me so, I guess she knew the "cool" music and it stuck with me.

Oh and Pink is cool as hell. Although, I think she could beat the crap out of me lol!!! :O

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