Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Merry Old England

I'm in England today, Somerset to be exact! I'm having a steaming cuppa and admiring the view of Glastonbury Tor.

Yeah, I know. I'm dreaming. However, I am in Somerset, and I am admiring the view, from my just received glossy colored travel brochure of Somerset. Now, I've been to England numerous times, but have not yet had the pleasure of visiting the county of Somerset. The furthest west I've been is Bath and Salisbury.

So, what's the allure of Somerset? Ah...that most mysterious place of Glastonbury Tor. It's been there for millenia. No one knows it's exact purpose. It's been told that the Holy Grail is hidden there, deep in the Tor's labyrinth. It's fabled that Arthur and his knights stayed there, and that Arthur is buried there. It's told by the locals that it's really a fairy mound, and every Beltane and Samhain the faeries come out and walk amongst the mortals. For certain it's a mystical place, brimming with imagination and possibilities, and a certain amount of tranquility.

In my world however, Glastonbury Tor is the site of my Unseelie Court. As soon as I saw pictures of it, I knew that this is where my dark Fey princes would live and carry out their shenanigans! Deep in the labyrinth is the path to Faery. One path leads to the Seelie Court, or the court of light and the other leads to the Unseelie Court--the far more exciting court, if you ask me! lol!

It's a perfect spot for mortals and Fey to blend in, and with the surrounding villages and villagers, it's easy to make the mortals believe in the Fey folk.

So, Lust begins on the Eve Beltane, and the villagers of Glastonbury are all out making merry. The Tor rises like a mythic beast in the back, while in the valley, a Georgian May Day fair is in full swing.

So, now I'm sitting in my chair, with a warm cup of tea, pouring over the colored visuals. It's arm chair travel and it doesn't cost a cent!!! If you're interested in learning more about Glastonbury, click here: Glastonbury Tor

So, if you could travel anywhere, where would it be? What would inspire you in that place?
Happy Hump Day


Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

Oh, right now I can't even *think* of any place else--I'm right with you on that mental journey to Glastonbury Tor! In many ways, I find this spot far more intriguing than Stonehenge--maybe all the Arthurian legend?! I would love to be standing right there on the eve of Beltane or Samhain....I get gooseflesh just thinking about it!

Lila DiPasqua said...

Oh wow! I've got gooseflesh, too. Glastonbury Tor is incredible and definitely an amazing inspiration for the muse! A place I'd love to visit. Great post!

Lila DiPasqua said...

Okay, I was so taken with Glastonbury Tor that I neglected to answer the France gets me every time. 17th century France to be exact. The opulence of the time---think Versailles---the delicious scandals and sexual excesses and of course, the salons of Paris that drew the intellectually elite from around the world---stirs my imagination. I’ve been to France on a few occasions. It’s amazing. And in the 17th century the world’s most famous fairy tales were first written down---Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to name a few. I couldn’t think of a better setting for my steamy historical Fiery Tales Collection---Awakened by a Kiss.

Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hey, Lila!!! Welcome. Your account from France has certainly stirred my imagination. I cannot wait to read Awakened With A Kiss!!!! RAWR!!!

Booklover1335 said...

I'd go to Scotland for sure. For similar, though not exact, reasons you listed about Glastonbury.

Love the history, the myths, the Scottish rebellious though noble characteristics. I virtual vacation every time I get an email from Catriona (a Scottish travel brochure that gets send out several times a year). I know the likelihood of every vacationing there is very small, but getting the emails lets me indulge in the "idea" of going some day.

Amanda McIntyre said...

today, I'd lust to go just about anywhere LOL
Sick of ice and snow.

Wouldloe to tour the castle of England, Scotland and Ireland, stand on the cliffs of Dover-see the Tower of London and Highgate Cemetary, the theaters and museums--Rome, another magnificent place steeped with history, Tuscan Vineyards--monestaries--Bath, for more reasons than I can name...

I better get busy hadn't I? ;)
Inspiration for what? A dark historical fantasy idea I have steeping as well as my upcoming The Dark Seduction of Miss Jane, set in 1878 Whitechapel London.

Be safe out there , people

Genella deGrey said...

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. :)

But I'd like to spend about four to six weeks there - I couldn't do it all in a weekend.

I'd stay only in castles and historical B & B's - the more haunted the better.

waiving to Lila!*

Lila DiPasqua said...

Thanks so much, Charlotte! :) *waving* back at Genella!!

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