Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Facebook Phenomena...

Change of topic today...let's talk social networking sites. They're huge in the romance community, especially Facebook and Twitter (but also MySpace, Goodreads, etc.). You can generally find most authors on at least one. These days I try and keep a presence on both Facebook and Twitter, and I also follow many of my own favorite authors, even non-romance ones like Neil Gaiman, and I'm amazed at the way I feel "connected" to both readers and writers alike.

But beyond the whole reader/writer sphere, the whole phenomena of places like Facebook has amazed me. This weekend, I went to a friend's "all girls" dinner party, and the power of Facebook became evident very quickly. Once the wine started flowing, we started gabbing about Facebook, and one person's story led to the next.

For starters, the hostess is now seeing a guy that she went to high school with (20 yrs. ago!). Both single, they reconnected on Facebook last fall. Turns out that he lives in the same town as her parents do, many states away from where they attended high school. They were able to get together over the holidays, and voila! A Facebook love story!

Another party attendee made a Facebook love match, too--through her ex-boyfriend! The guy was her ex's best friend from high school, and he saw something she had posted (a picture, not of herself) and was intrigued, so he commented on it. Next thing you know, they were talking back and forth, getting to know one another, and totally falling for each other. They've since met in person, and things are looking good! The copious amount of wine consumed was getting us all really thoughtful and introspective, and we decided that maybe the entire relationship with the ex--apparently not a good one--was simply fate's way of bringing her together with this new guy, a man she wouldn't have ever met if not for the ex and his Facebook page.

My own experience was less exciting, but meaningful, nonetheless. My high school ex found me on Facebook recently. This was the one past relationship in my life that left scars, that left unresolved issues that have actually weighed on my psyche all these years (and it's been more than 20). Fast forward to now, both of us happily married with kids--and with perspective on everything that happened all those years ago. We've since had several healthy, no-holds-barred conversations where we got it all out there. Heck, I yelled at him. I yelled, he apologized, we talked and talked....and you know what?! I feel like this little black cloud that hovered hidden in my brain all these years is gone now. Poof, just like that. He feels better, too. I didn't realize that I needed to forgive him, but obviously I did. And he didn't realize how much he needed to apologize and BE forgiven. Feat accompli. (Yes, it was ALL his fault, LOL!) And now we move on.

How about you? Any Facebook Phenomena stories (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Goodreads, etc.)? (I know...sigh....the absence of wine makes it a bit harder to share) A person from your past you reconnected with? Someone you met through a mutual Facebook friend? Or even a fun exchange with a favorite author/singer/artist?


Charlotte Featherstone said...

frankly, I'm afraid of Twitter and Facebook. I haven't successfully been pulled in by all of this. I'm lazy. I think most people know this about me. I can't be bothered to do all that updating and such. To me, it's just such a time suck, and I'm not really interested.

I suppose I'm looking at this more as an author and a marketing tool for my books. Maybe I should be looking at this from a personal pov?

However, it makes me nervous, committing to something else. I already feel really pulled in many different areas, and having to constantly update stuff gives me hives!

So, not sure how much will be needed for me to get on that facebook and twitter bandwagon. For thing for sure is, by the time I get around to doing it, it'll be out of vogue! lol!

Kristina Cook/Kristi Astor said...

I will say, there is MUCH less time investment in Facebook and Twitter than a lot of the other social networking sites. Updating Facebook for me means a quick one or two line status update or simply uploading a new book cover to my photos. It's *really* easy, and I've totally enjoyed the connections I've made--both from my 'real life' and 'writing life'!

It's almost voyeuristic, too, peeking in on the lives of people you used to know!

ranearia said...

I've meet so many wonderful people on Goodreads, from your hard working moms to aspiring authors and just talking with them over the joy of romance novels is an Phenomena for me :D

Charlotte Featherstone said...

raneria, I LOVE Goodreads! I've been over there since last spring and have actually made lots of friends, and found a lot of books through recommendations that I might never had read before!

Anonymous said...
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