Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome Author Genella DeGrey to the Manor!

A little bit about Genella:
By day, Genella deGrey is an executive assistant to a Senior Vice President and a Vice President at a major motion picture studio, by night she is a romance author. She’s had stories rattling around in her head since high school, and has been writing off and on ever since. In her spare time (what spare time?) Genella enjoys reading historical romance, collecting healing crystal and stone jewelry and participating in historical reenactments.

In addition, she is a makeup artist for independent films and does occasional set dressing. Her favorite set dressing gig was with the Resort Enhancement Team where she refurbished,created, and displayed Christmas decorations for the Walt Disney Resort. She has worked for the resort in many capacities, both back stage and on stage, and for her, Disneyland will never lose its magic.

Genella also has a keen interest in the spiritual. She loves wandering around in graveyards and haunted places, the older the better. New Orleans is one of her favorite haunts,as is Tombstone, AZ.

Welcome to the manor, Genella! I have to say, you are one beautiful lady both inside and out!

How you were inspired to write this particular book?
We hear all the time about bad boys and tortured heroes - but there is something innately sexy to me about a man who dedicates his life to honor, goodness and humility. We find these types of men care about the environment and are conscious of every living thing in God's universe. They are good humans, hold manners in high regard and treat all others with a deep respect. And if he's smokin' hot, I'm a gonner and you may as well serve me to him on a platter. LOL

I found this Angel picture so long ago that I don't remember where I got it from - and if anyone knows who the artist is, please let me know. I'm sure they have many other works I'd gladly purchase. After the concept of Dacious fully fleshed himself out in my mind, this picture was one of my inspirations. :)

So, I had in my hand - or rather, head, my perfect man- strong, sensitive, perfection to look upon, humble - I knew he was the type to fall completely in love "come ruin or rapture" (to quote 'Shakespeare in Love.') He was going to need a very special soul mate to complete him. Thus, Gemmah Parker appeared and the rest of REMEMBER ME wound itself around the two.

Hum...I can defintely see why you'd be inspired!! LOL What's the most gratifying part of writing for you?
The most gratifying part of writing for me is creating a character that inspires and stays with readers. I aspire to write characters like Diana Gabaldon's Jamie Fraser from the OUTLANDER series, and Stephenie Meyer's Edward Cullen from TWILIGHT. If your heart went pitter-patter at the mention of these guys, raise your hand. Yup. Me too. ;)
And then there is this Thomas Rodin guy I seem to have developed a crush on lately. (Wink, wink, Amanda!)

Your check is in the mail, Genella,LOL, thanks! ;) What do you have coming up?
I am anticipating hearing from a few publishing houses who have some of my other stories - One in particular is about a client of REMEMBER ME's Gemmah, Valerie Hempstead, and her journey to Paris, France. It's a sexy historical romance entitled, 'The Art of Temptation' and it's about the opening of the Moulin Rouge.

What would you like to write that you haven't tried yet?
As far as writing something I haven't tried yet . . . Fantasy has been calling to me lately. The Fae wish to be heard! ;) I know the industry urges you to find that 'one thing' and stick with it - but I can't stick with one sub-sub-genre within historical romance. I'd get terribly board. If you look at my 'what's in the can' page on my website, you will see that I'm all over the place, historically speaking. They say to write what you know, and I know I have a deep interest in all things historical; when coupled with a yummy hero and a happily ever after, sign me up.

I understand that you have a spectacular review for "REMEMBER ME"? If I may quote a portion here?
"Genella deGrey has a gift for storytelling and I look forward to future tales from her. This is a treasure to anyone who needs a get-away read that has it all, romance with heat burning up the pages, a historical set in polite society, and even an angel or two."~PNR Reviews

Thats' an awesome review! Can you share the link so we can catch the rest of that wonderful review?

Sure, it's Paranormal Reviews

You also have a hauntingly beautiful boooktrailer! Can you tell us a bit about its creator?
I've been blessed in this life with the presence of many a talented person. Artists, actors, writers, singers . . . One of my friends, Jeff Mclane, who covers the gamut of gifts, made this trailer for me. If you wish to inquire about his book trailer services, you can find him on my MySpace page.

He is quite good! We loved that you were able to squeeze in a bit of time in your busy schedule for a visit and hope you'll come back again to the manor! Lord C.M. so loves it when we have guests! (particularly of the female variety) Is there someplace readers can contact you to find out more about your books?

I wish to thank the LIT gals for having me - and for fun, I'd like to give away a PDF of REMEMBER ME. Winner will be chosen by random from list of those leaving a comment. You can find out more about my books at my website! I love hearing from my readers! Genelladegrey.com


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Hi Genella,
first off, what a STUNNING picture! AWESOME! You're gorgeous.

Second, I have MAJOR thing for fallen angles. I have for years now.

your book sounds multi-layered and I like that. I've bought it, and swear that once I turn in Sinful, I'll sit down and read it!

Good luck with it, and thanks for stopping by!

Genella deGrey said...

Thank you, Charlotte!

RM is multi-layered - and if you think about it, multi-sub-genre-ed - LOL


Daena - ISPR - PARAPLEX said...

Hey Genella:

I'm so psyched for you! You deserve all the wonderful things that you set your sights upon!

I'm looking forward to re-opening the new PARAPLEX and re-install your participation in the Psychic Testing Exhibit. The only thing up in the air right now, is will we meet up again first in Los Angeles or New Orleans? LOL

You're awesome!!


Genella deGrey said...

I wanna go to New Orleans again!!
I miss you - thank you so much for stopping by!
I can't wait to see the new PARAPLEX!!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the trailer, gal! And a fun read of this interview here at the Manor!! No need to include me in the drawing for "Remember Me"...already read it. COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN!!! OMG!! I loved it!!

Can't wait for your next book!

That's my two pence...
Arial ;)

Genella deGrey said...

Thanks, Arial!
I love to hear stuff like that!
HUGS to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Genella! I really enjoyed reading your interview. Although I love totured and badboy heroes, I also love the good boys as well.

I'm also a huge fan of Disney! Unfortunately, I haven't been to either Disney World or Disney Land yet. When my girls get a bit bigger.

I've heard of Jamie from Outlander a million times!! Who is he? I need to read the book!

Anonymous said...

Hell Genella!
Wonderful interview!

*raises hand* I to adore Jamie from Outlander and have a thing for those type of males who are not alpha males but are those men you can't but love!

Cecile said...

Wow... what an inspirational picture. You are right, would love to see more works of theirs!
I love my angels; all of them! I will heal or help each one of them personally! I can see that is my duty. I love the story!
And yes... pitter pat... Edward Cullen! Please enter me in... and thank you ladies at LIT for introducing me to another wonderful author!!!
Hope everyone here has a wonderful tomorrow!!

Genella deGrey said...

Barbara - If you get out to California I'd love to go to Disneyland with you! I've got some cool stories about that place and could give you a super-deluxe tour with inside scoops! :D

Look up Diana Gabaldon on Amazon to see all of the books in the Outlander series. They look intimidating at first because of the sheer size of them, but each page flows into the one after, and the next thing you know, it's time to pick up the next one!

Mmmmm, Jamie Frasier. drooling*


Renaria (I love that name, BTW)-There just aren't enough perfect men in this world! LOL I'm right there with ya! I write both Alpha heroes & Beta heroes - but be assured, my Betas know when to turn on the Alpha - Wink, wink. *IF* you know what I mean! :D

Cecile - I have a confession. I didn't want to see the movie Twilight. I purposefully steered clear of anything that had to do with it - and because I work in the industry, it was difficult, let me tell you.

At RT this year, Resplendence Publishing had their Pajama Party on Psychic Sunday (If you go to RT, I highly recommend staying for the Sunday treats!!) Originally, they were going to show Casablanca, but for whatever reason, they had three other films in the queue that we were to vote on. One of them was Twilight. I groaned and glanced down the row at my friends who had attended with me and said something to the effect of, "I love you guys an awful lot to sit through this movie for you!"

OK, OK, OK. I surrendered. The movie turned me into a Twilight (the movie) fan.

I finally understood why women all over the world were swooning over Edward Cullen.

Honestly, if you adore the way Edward was with Bella, I think you are going to love my angel, Dacious.

This was so much fun! We will be choosing the winner later today - Best of luck to everyone!


Dacia said...

Hey G!

I still have the book on my desktop and as soon as I get all moved in and things settle down I am going to diligently read away!

I am so excited for you and I can't wait for our wild weekend in Vegas ;)


Amanda McIntyre said...

hum...okay my post from yesterday never came through, so we'll try this again;)

Genella, someone mentioned the PARAPLEX? Can you elaborate on that and how you're involved?

Amanda M

Genella deGrey said...

Vegas, baby, VEGAS!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
As much as you read, girl, you must be going into withdrawals not having enough reading time!
Hang in there, it'll all be over soon and you will have a wonderful new house all nice and clean and fresh - until the RLH carves his spot on the couch!

Love you guys!

Genella deGrey said...

Sure Amanda! Now, you all know I'm into ghosts and other spiritual/psychic stuff, right?

At the PARAPLEX, you will learn about the 17 different psychic abilities. Not in lecture form - but "hands on!" You will be able to figure out which ones you have so you can enhance those gifts if you so choose.

They've had to move locations - but I'm quite positive the new PARAPLEX will be in another haunted building in New Orleans.

This is no hokey ghost walk, people! This is the real deal set up by Dr. Larry Montz, a thirty-seven year veteran in the parapsychology field. Dr. Montz also heads up the International Society of Paranormal Researchers.

In case you are interested in following the progression of the PARAPLEX (and if you would like to see other goodies written by my friend Daena Smoller) here is the link:


I plan on attending the grand re-opening of the PARAPLEX next year.

I love New Orleans. Its rich history will sweep you away - and the ghosts are fun, too!


Genella deGrey said...

Oh yeah - How I'm involved.

I have an item on display there.

But I can't tell you any more - you'll have to go there to find out!


Amanda McIntyre said...

aha! Now you've tapped into something Ive harbored a lifelong fasciantion about;)

Not only ghostwalks, but New Orleans-its on my top fifty cities to visit! Oh my the cemetaries alone would be amazing!

so you'll have to keep us apprised of this opening! Can just anyone go to this? I mean is it open to the public? Or is it more of an educational facility in training of one's psychic gifts?

Amanda M

Amanda McIntyre said...

tease! ;))

okay twenty questions...do you use this item/ability in your wrtiting?

Amanda M

Real Life Drama Queen said...

G!!! Awesome interview! Your personality really does shine. Remember if you hit Indiana, we have to hook up for a meet. Also don't forget you are going to be my feature author in the magazine, once it is finished LOL

HUGS and best wishes as always.


Genella deGrey said...

Amanda - You will just have to go with me when I go next year! Wouldn't that be FUN??

I'll have to fashion a blog with all the pix I took in one of New Orleans's fascinating cemeteries! Look for that sometime today or tomorrow on my website's blog. :)

As far as my abilities for writing - Several of my own personal experiences were written (and somewhat tailored) for Gemmah throughout "Remember Me."


Genella deGrey said...

Chrys - Yes! I'd love to meet up with you! You should try and make it out to RT in Cleveland, OH next year - you could promote your magazine there, too!

I look forward to doing the article!


Genella deGrey said...

Amanda - Did you mean something I use like . . . a pen?


Charlotte Featherstone said...

Genella, I want to go. I've been dying to get to New Orleans, and ghost and cemetaries are right up my alley!!!!

Genella deGrey said...

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D

Let's do it, Charlotte & Amanda!
You gals are going to love New Orleans as much as I do!


Charlotte Featherstone said...

We should make it like a little mini-author/reader get together. I think that'd be fab!!!!

Genella deGrey said...

Sounds great!

Genella deGrey said...

OK - Just FYI - my pix of New Orleans are up on the blog on my website.

You can get there by going to my website and clicking on the link (by genelladegrey) above the first rose on my home page.

Leave me a message there and let me know how you liked them!

The winner of the PDF of "Remember Me" will be chosen soon - so stay tuned!

Glo said...

G my sisterfriend, I'm so very happy for you. The story is incredible, but I would have expected no less. You are a shining star. The review and the trailer are wonderful. Only the best for you hon. Can't wait to meet for lunch again.

Lots of love!

Genella deGrey said...

Thank you, hon! I'm so glad you like it!

Mmmmm . . . . Chips and salsa -

Let's have lunch together again soon!